Bye-Bye Aweber – Hello Get Response! Facebook Changes – Make Email Subscribers More Important

Very New Zealand Christmas Scene - Onekaka Beach, Waiheke Island

I’m a hard customer to get – but if I’m happy with your product I’m pretty loyal. Indeed I’ve been an Aweber customer since 2007! But today I cancelled my account with them, and hit “buy” on my new GetResponse account.  Why? Well two things really – price and features.  Price  Aweber pricing is:  $19 – up to 500 subscribers  $29 – up to 2500 subscribers $49 – up to 5,000 subscribers  $69 up to 10,000 subscribers (I wish!)  In […] Read more »

Taking A Big Leap – From Online Income to Online Business

Neither of us had the nerve to take the picture in mid-flight!

Big U-turn ahead! I started this blog in April 2008, actually it was probably a couple of months later and backdated the first few posts. I’d started working full-time online in the previous October. I didn’t have a clue. I was full-time because I didn’t have a job, not because I was making any money! I was going to be a success by Xmas. Maybe this Xmas?  At the time I called this blog “Passive Income” – because that’s what I […] Read more »

BubbleWS Review – Is This Really Easy Money for Writers? Or is it a Scam?

bubblews revoew logo

Yes – I know it’s been a while – life got busy – to great advantage of my bank account, not so much my blogs. Long story short, I got some lucrative freelancing opportunities, which were fun and paid well. Plus I found a brand new online distraction.  Friends on Facebook talked about it, and talked, and talked. I ignored them, for weeks. They said it was more fun than Hubpages in the early days. I ignored them, Hubpages made […] Read more »

Google Authorship – Why It Matters to Freelancer Writers and Authors


So why the hell should you care? You’re a writer, an author or a freelancer, and the question is – where’s your Google Plus profile. The answer is usually like: I have too many effing social media profiles already! Which misses the point. Entirely. But let me backup - What Is Google authorship? This: The little picture in some search results – I’m sure you’ve noticed. Google rolled it out in 2011, although the relevant patent was applied for as […] Read more »

Urgent – RSS Subscribers ONLY – You Need To Read This

If you are not an RSS reader, or have no idea what RSS is, that’s OK, just skip on by, this post is not for you.  If you are reading this via Google Reader you may or may not know, that Google is shutting down the Google Reader platform on the 1st July.  That’s a bummer if you want to stay in contact with my blog – here are a couple of options.  Want to stay with RSS? You need […] Read more »

Why Authors Should Be Using Amazon’s Author Central

Authorcentral page set up correctly

Let’s face it – selling books is hard, but there are some basics that are easy to do, and yet, many authors seem to miss them. So I’m starting with one of the important one – Amazon’s Author Central. There is absolutely no reason at all why every indie author shouldn’t have their author pages set up.  What is Author Central? This is  a website provided by Amazon for anyone who publishes books there, Kindle or  paperback via Createspace. It’s […] Read more »

Why Authors Should Use An Email Marketing Service

See The Figures Having A Converstion? It's Called Marketing

There are exactly two things a self-published authors control on the Internet: your newsletter and your self-hosted blog. Any author who is serious about their business should have both – but today I want to talk newsletter because it’s the least understood. By the way if you want to see a newsletter in action, and you haven’t already, you may wish to sign up for mine at the bottom of the post. (Note sure if you signed up already – try […] Read more »

Self Publishing and Online Business Is Not Magic – But You May Be Missing Something

Broken Hill, NSW, Australia, photo taken about 25 years later but nothing much had changed

I think I have finally figured it out, I have finally understood not just myself, but all those other sad, lost, souls who find this blog by asking questions of Google like is Brett Mcfall a scammer, or is Empower Network a scam or is self publishing a scam. (With apologies to Meatloaf, two out of three ain’t bad). I know what they are missing, and I understand why I have always reacted so badly to the scamming mobsters, and […] Read more »

How To Launch A Service Business Online


Wow it’s been a while, about a month, but finally my newest website is live: (yes I was surprised that such a  grammatical, 2-word dot com was still available to).   The thing is – it’s not just a website, it’s actually a business!   Hanging out on a writers’ forums  I see an awful lot of authors who are not sure that they are, or if they want to be in business.  I have a lot of sympathy for the ones who say […] Read more »

I’m a First Time Author – Should I Self-Publish? – Hell Yes

Don't  Judge My Graphics Skills!

This post was going to be balanced answer to the question by  a first-time author: should I self-publish?  But balanced is not my style.  This post came from a conversation on a  discussion board  a first-time author asked how to approach publishers, after having spent over a year writing her book she wanted to know how to get a traditional publishing deal.  I replied: Why? Why do you want to put all that time and energy into the slim chance […] Read more »

Getting Your US Royalties Tax Back – Non-American Authors – New Zealand Edition

New Zealand Does Some Things Well: Lamb, Scenery, and Simple Tax Codes come to mind

It’s exciting – Amazon sent you a ROYALTY CHECK it’s less exciting when you notice they’ve withheld 30% of the gross amount for taxes The money is not gone forever though – as a non-US resident author the process of getting your money back is not difficult. It involves some phone calls and a some paper work – that’s it. The process has simplified in the last year or so – so if you’ve found a guide which starts talking about needing […] Read more »