Update to LisSowerbutts.com

Gosh – what are you doing here? This site hasn’t been updated for a while!  I’ve just gone through and fixed literally hundreds of links to sites which no longer exist. I guess a lot of people have left the world of Internet Marketing, which is what  this site was mainly about.

The site still get search traffic and still ranks, particularly for some of the on-going scammers who are still making money from the unwary. So I’ll leave it up.

However I’ve moved on – so if you want to catch up with what I’m doing now check out:

http://homebythesea.nz – a new site all about buying a house  in Titahi Bay, and renovating it. I’m going to talk about the process of moving house, why we bought, and the renovations we plan to do. Might even reach into the dreaded retirement living side of things!

I’ve also started a business helping authors self-publish their book: check out http://DIYPublishing.co.nz