Passive Income Hub Challenge After 2 Weeks

OK  another week and I now have a total of 23  hub published on one ID plus seven on my lissie account.  The search traffic for the other ID is now up to 423 views (73% from search engines – mainly Google).

What I wanted to talk about are the “public” hubs I did as lissie. Most of these are are a number of earthquake related topics. This was the “hubmob of the week” – why you might ask? Well there have been several earthquakes in California this week – and not much is guaranteed in life – but earthquakes in California are one of them!

What’s a hubmob?

Its a question asked in the forums – which is then open for a week. Every answer to the question is supposed to include the RSS feed of the other hubs answering that question. You are encouraged to add your hub to the original hubmob forum thread – self-promotion is encouraged, and the hubmob coordinator also gives you a backlink in the “official hub of hubs“.

So you get a free backlink from the forums, you get a free backlink from the hub of the hubmob and you show up in the RSS feed on every other hub on the topic – depending on how high up the voting you are on this page: that was a hint BTW 🙂 You also get a fair number of comments from other viewers because of the visibility of the thread at the top of the forum – I have a lot of comments from people who have never commented on my stuff before.  And HubPages gain authority on what is hopefully a topical subject – and in this case also an ever-green topic with random demand! So far I am getting traffic from some very long-tail keywords (7-plus) which was probably helped by the second shakes in California and Mexico which happened after I published several hubs

Earthquakes happen every where; even Australia!
Earthquakes happen every where; even Australia!

So just in case you missed it here are my earthquake hubs:

Earthquake Insurance varies between countries and I think the Californian model is deeply flawed – though the increasing costs of infrastructure in earthquake prone countries are always going to be an issue. Specifically earthquake insurance California is the biggest problem of all!  Earthquake insurance is of course just one type of disaster insurance which has been around for years but maybe earthquake preparedness from the historic Napier earthquake may teach us a few lessons on earthquake survival.

If a hubmob fits your niches then its an excellent way to get some hubs ranked quickly – this week’s topic is 4th July.


A Perfect Passive Income Opportunity?

This is absolutely brilliant as a way to make passive income – in my opinion anyways. There are already websites up and running which will tell your online friends if you die – a worthwhile service in my view and very much in its infancy.
addressesmatter This site takes it one step further though. Some Christians  believe in the imminant arrive of the so called the “rapture” – which is the end of the world when

the signs described in the Bible that foreshadow the return of Jesus Christ are becoming all too clear. Not all who live during coming Great Tribulation will be spirited away to be with God. The Bible tells us that only those who repent of their sins and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ may enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

The problem is of course is that the saved won’ t have much notice of this event so they may not be able to make arrangements for canceling day care for little Jonnie and adopting out the dog.

That’s where Post-Rapture post comes in. They offer the service to deliver letters for the saved. You write the letter now – they deliver after the rapture – you see they are atheists so are confident they will be able to deliver – really,  honestly truely.

I personally thought the “I told you so card” at $7.99 was a little unchristian – but the class 3 message of up to 30,000 characters on patchement paper and handtied with ribbon for $799 is just perfect.

Just perfect for making passive income that is,  payable now via paypal  – as they clearly state no items will be delivered until after the rapture!


Passive Income Hubchallenge After 1 Week

Well its been a week I have published 15 hubs which have had a grand total of 210 views 66% of which are from search engines (mainly  Income earned – 0.28c from Adsense.  Several of them went straight to page 1 in the SERPS though and then dropped off so guess which ones I will be building backlinks to!

I personally think that Court got a bit lucky with his earnings of some $8 in his first week   – that or he was building links to his hubs from day one – which I definitly am not at the moment.

Oh and yes I know I behind schedule – but that’s only because cyberhub has a tone of outstanding articles which they are later delivering.  Over at infobarrel I have published Affordable Small Business Websites: Domain Names and am just 2 articles off hitting the magic number to get 90% Adsense income there – mind you I haven’t actually had any Adsense income from them yet …



Passive Income Day 3 HubChallenge

Just a quick update – I have 12 hubs up now and still only an author score of 71 – ie no-follow. A commentator gave me an idea on how to up it so I am trying that out today!

One suggestion was to make really long hubs – but I don’t think that does it cause I notice that Hup Challenge (hubpages own marketing manager with a new ID) has published five really long hubs and has 24 fans and still has an author score of  41.

There are 791 hubchallenge hubs this morning.


Passive Income Hub Challenge Hubbers Reactions

Yeah not sure I can be creative on the titles on hubchallenge-buttonthis hubpages challenge series people! I might stick with the same nice graphic for consistency and see what I can do with the titles tag.

Over at Infobarrel I finally got my 3 long articles about online business models published and now have 19 of the required points for May.


Passive Income Goes Daily – Maybe?

OK so this whole 100 hubs in 30 days game  has been on for a whole day and I thought I might actually go daily on Passive Income just to keep you all up to speed! And to persuade Google that this blog really is about earning passive income online too.

Back Links HubPages

Hubpage Challenge 100 Hubs in 30 Days

OK so not a day after I write about diversifying to other Web 2.0 article sites and review  InfoBarrel the great Hubpage challenge blows up all over the Internet. If you have been asleep under a rock and not paying attention it went like the: Court decided to have a new money making experiment: 100 hubs in 30 days. Well Hubpage’s marketing guy Ryan Hupfer noticed this (btw if you are wondering how this sort of thing happens – I have 2 words for you “google alerts” a great way to know what people are saying about you!). Long story short we now have The Great Hub Challenge:

100 hubs in 30 days

Back Links HubPages Passive Income

What is InfoBarrel? Passive Income Reviews

Infobarrel for Online Income?

InfoBarrel is yet another site which offers writers a way to make passive income or residue income online. Its a site where you post your content and then you make money based on a percentage of the advertising revenue.  Authors are free to write on almost any topic, there is no up-front payment for writers and no editorial control over content submitted to Infobarrel. 


Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway!

This post is about how to feel the fear and do it anyway – and how it relates to passive income. You’ve heard all the catch phrases right? Feel the fear and do it anyway, if you find what you love to do you will never work a day in your life, the wind beneath your winds etc.

Online Business Passive Income

End of Month Update on Progress and a Business Plan

OK we are third  of the way through the year – lets see where Lis Sowerbutts is doing , original goals in italic  from January for the first half of 2009:

Progress Against Original Goals

Get more organised and focused on the important stuff so that I can achieve the following: