Earning Passive Income Online

So why didn’t I give up on internet marketing and my dream to earn passive income online?

Well¬†¬† basically because the concept of being paid while I am not working is too darn attractive – I’m not one of those sad people who are bored when they are not working!

Also I want the option to live where I want to live – not where a employer that will employ me is located. And I want to make sure my partner doens’t have to work either.

Although its certainly possible to lauch a real-world consulting career from an online one, and if you want to write a book I would certainly start with promoting online, that’s not my aim. That evolves being somewhere on time and dresseed and everything – I prefer to take the easier way out. I want tod the work up front and then see the income come in over time with little further effort from me.

So How to Earn Passive Income Online?

Note regarding Hubpages. Although I don’t think hubpages is a scam – I have doubts about them at the moment – focus on your own websites first!

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Hi Lis, couldn’t agree more, never seem to get on with employers (of course it’s always their fault!). How people can say “I wouldn’t know what to do if I retired”. beats me. There’s not enough hours in the day.
Cheers Kev.

I think that most people who are trying to break into Internet Marketing would ideally like to earn a passive income as opposed to one off affiliate type payments for obvious reasons. The secret to all this is finding the right blend of on-line earnings with constant multiple income streams. If anyone has this secret, would they please give me a shout?…

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