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Keyword Academy Case Study 2 Month Update

How was the month – well not very productive – as I have already mentioned.  But I did say I would keep on updating the Keyword Academy Case Study series – so here we go!

Pack me to!

Rankings As of 2 June 2010

Rankings on 2 June ( 30 April ,14 April 2010 in brackets | 8 April 2010)

24 pages indexed in Google (26, 15 |13 pages)

backlink recognized in yahoo 13 (6,1, 0)

domain name exact match long-tail: 12(14, 17 | 17)

main keyword: 21( 17, 34 | 61)

main keyword singular: 19 ( 19 , 31 | 61)

cousin keyword #1 ; 33 (24 ,63 | 47)

cousin keyword #2: 15( 22, 43 | > 100)

cousin keyword #3 90( 82 ,>100 | > 100)

cousin keyword #4  >100 (100, > 100 |>100)

cousin keyword #5:  38, (25 (and 78 double listing),49 | 37)

cousin keyword #6:  50 ( 39, 60 | 71)

cousin keyword #7:  35 (33 , 60 | 71)

Postrunner Articles Live

27 articles are live – and yes I’m slack and haven’t added any more!

So really should go away and right some more articles write now!

How’s the Competition

Alana seems to be the only one left updating her Keyword Academy Experiment

Tiffany has now got her Keyword Academy Case Study update up now!

22 replies on “Keyword Academy Case Study 2 Month Update”

That’s actually not bad stats considering you are in your 2nd month. As disappointing as that may look for some people who are expecting instantaneous results, building and ranking a website is a shlog, right? You just plod right along and 6 months later you find yourself in one of the top 10 positions.

Thanks for commenting Leo – yes I should have pointed out that I am pretty happy with my rankings v. work expended ratio at the moment!

Yep, real life came distractingly in between. I try to catch up with you 😉 BTW, is that your dog? Such a sweetie! SY

Yeah he does cute well doesn’t – no he’s a friend’s – we are house sitting/dog sitting him!

Not sure why my last comment didn’t stick, but I should be getting my month 2 update up soon. Looks like your site is doing pretty good considering you didn’t work very much on it this month. Hopefully things calm down for you this month.

It’s a process. A few months down the road the stats will really jump up. It always looks worse in the beginning, especially when your hopes are so high.

By the way… It’s currently 2010 not 2020. I know you are eager to see what the future holds but let’s not jump ten years at a time! LOL

(see the first line under “Rankings As of 2 June 2010” if you don’t know what I meant by that)

Yeah Trent I totally agree. I just started a new website and I doing all the work I can to make that in 2 or 3 months its getting th elove and recognition its deserves.

Lis you keep up the good work and keep this thing jumping !

LOL got it Trent! Anyway the world is ending in 2012 anyways so we don’t have to worry about 2020!

Hi Lis,

This is my first comment, and not really directed at this post as much as all of you posts to date. I have read most of them over the last month.

Thank you for the refreshingly honest information about how to make money online (and better yet how not to). Before I found your site all I read was crap that amounted to ‘to make money online, you sell people stuff about how to make money online’.

Through your references I then checked out Grizzly’s site, and it’s also full of great stuff. Only 3/4 of the way through those, but I have read the most recent posts which suggest there won’t be any more gems coming from him.

I hope you are planning to keep at it (although I totally understand why he decided to stop, and why you might).

So, yeah, I’m a big fan!

Being new to this, if it is a total faux pas to have mentioned my site please delete it with my apologies.


LOL I hate you for mentioning your site Sean – because it looks warm and sunny and its cold and wet here! Though I am pretty familiar with Australia I am not dead sure where Yorke Peninsular is though – I had to click thru to the supermarket site to figure it out – just a thought – even most New Zealanders don’t know how amazing South Australia is!

You’ll need a long we weekend to read Grizz’s site – you may struggle to get that where you live!

Thanks, and I should mention where it is more prominently. I’m trying to target it at the search ‘black point accommodation’ (500/month) and ‘yorke peninsula accommodation’ (30,000/month). Although those people will know where it is I shouldn’t discount people coming from further afield.

I didn’t even know how (or that you could) find that information on google searches until reading here and Grizz’s site.

As for nice weather, that’s my parents place. I live in Vienna, Austria, where right now it is hot but it gets plenty cold and wet in winter. We are going for a visit next month, but of course its winter in Australia and summer in Austria… doh! (that’s what you get for having a school teacher for a partner, summer holidays are the long ones).

Yeah Trent I totally agree. I just started a new website and I am doing all the work I can to make sure that in the next 2 or 3 months its getting all the love and recognition it deserves.

Lis you keep up the good work and keep this thing jumping ! I just found your blog in bing and this is great ! Its very home-ish
and I intend to revisit.

Reallly bing – I have no idea how to optimize for bing – guess it must be similar to google 🙂 Homeish blog – I like that thanks for the compliment!

Don’t you find that spending so much time per site on back linking to be counter productive? If you put all that time, effort, and content into 1 or 2 large sites, with a few weeks of back linking, the larger sites should create enough gravity to be ranked for many keywords on Google, Yahoo, and Bing and get many return visitors?

I find that spending all your time on back linking small sites doesn’t scale well. Just my thought. Great site, keep up the good work.

– Stede

Large sites don’t create gravity automatically – you need backlinks either from you or from your readers.

I agree, but like and other large sites, it seems to take a lot less effort. Do you agree, or are you convinced about the 5-10 page sites?

– Stede

I disagree re the effort – this site doesn’t get many backlinks from me – but it has lots from others. However a lot of the other niches i have there is no one wanting to right a blog about their sucess with “avoiding baldness” or whatever – most people don’t blog so outside of a few well known niches I think getting organic links its nearly impossible.

Also I don’t want to put all that effort into one site to then find its not successful commerically or that for some reason Google does decide to slap it down

Great points. I just find manufactured link building to be never ending and too time consuming for most small niches. So do well though. I think the key is to find a niche that interest people. This site is one such niche. Maybe you should take this site to a new level.

How does Lizademy sound? LOL!

– Stede

Hi Lissie, I am not regular at keeping up with people’s blog but I came here to check out how your experiment was going. It’s really pretty good considering how easy that type of building is. I probably would not have left a comment if it had not been for that dog. I just had to say how adorable it is, hope he did not suffer too much in the packing!

We’ve nicknamed him “super cute” for reasons which are probably obvious Mireille! – He wasn’t happy about us packing up really – but we are now staying at his place with his mum and he can’t decide whose bed to sleep on!

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