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Keyword Academy Case Study Update – 2 Weeks

This is my 5th post in my Keyword Academy Case Study series.  If you missed the earlier posts you might want to start at the beginning

This is too early to be doing an update – but I thought some of you would find this interesting. BTW I use the excellent rank checker of Market Samurai to check my rankings with a single touch of the button – saves me a lot of time:

Site launched 31 March 2010

Site indexed 1 April 2010

Cape Tribulation, Queensland

Rankings on 8 April 2010 (14 April 2020 in brackets)

15 pages  indexed in Google (13 pages)

1 backlink recognised in yahoo (and its the same directory which got me indexed) (0)

domain name exact match long-tail: 17  (17)

main keyword: 61 (34)

main keyword singular: 61 (31)

cousin keyword #1 ; 47 (63)

cousin keyword #2: > 100(43)

cousin keyword #3 > 100 (>100)

cousin keyword #4 > 100 (>100)

cousin keyword #5: 37 (49)

cousin keyword #6: 71 (60)

cousin keyword #7: 67 (60)

Backlinks Live

Number of postrunner posts live: 7

Number of postrunner posts indexed: 6 one of the most recent ones is not  indexed.

Note all those posts indexed organically i.e. it happened without any effort on my part. Whether the site owners built links to the posts I have no idea – but if you have been around Internet Marketing for more than 5 minutes you should realise that this is a truly awesome result!

So who else has got some results to report? Send me the link to your post and I’ll add here or updated us in the comments!

Loreecee has an update up: Post Runner Case Study

Alana has an update up: Make Money Blogging Keyword Academy Experiment Day 17

19 replies on “Keyword Academy Case Study Update – 2 Weeks”

Just checked my site, which I added to the postrunner system. Yay, quality content at last with no spun rubbish I have to wade through. The indexing thing was interesting. I just published a handful of articles and they were all indexed in google in 10 mins.

But what does this tell us? Does it mean that they are more valuable because they are indexed faster? I don’t really think so. It is just sites with lots of content regularly will get crawled more often. The links would still be of more value from slower to index sites that linked out less I think. So is late indexing a concern?

How is the traffic for this site Lissie? Did you get yourself some god keywords now that you can see the site is ranking somewhere?

Hi Dave, I don’t the speed of indexing is that important for the article writers – though it does give an indication of the strength of the site. I am much more concerned about non-indexing – and once I article falls off the front page it gets harder to get it indexed without adding ilnks to it

RE the traffic Dave – no just a 2 or 3 search hits – most of the traffic is from people checking it out before approving my postrunner posts!

I haven’t tried anything with postrunner and my business isn’t based on affiliate links (it is product based), but within the last month I have been indexed in google, have gotten 34 backlinks and (because of those backlinks) have had visitors from 6 continents, over 20 countries, 102 unique visitors, and almost 1,500 pageviews. All of this was because of those backlinks and simply by posting comments on blogs (I haven’t done any adwords or any other marketing.

Just wanted to write that so that others know how truly important link building can be. It doesn’t take long to get positive results, but you have to be consistent, persistant, and patient.

Great post and keep up the great job with your site! I look forward to reading the updates and hearing about others’ successes. Makes me think that I can do it too!

Good comment Richard – backlinks work at two levels – they will bring actual people – particularly if you post on relevant blogs and they will provide anchored backlinks for SEO purposes – if you are smart you will combine the two 🙂

I have to say that you are kicking my butt in this Keyword Academy case study. I am just tonight uploading my last few posts onto my site. Yes, I am quite behind, but hoping to catch up and start getting my articles for postrunner done as well.

I do have a few questions for you though. Do you have monetize your website the minute that you post your articles on it or do you wait awhile. I have heard it both ways. I usually monetize with Adsense after I am indexed as long as I have least 2-3 posts up. Also, do you outsource your articles for postrunner? I am just having a bit of trouble wrapping my head around 25 articles a month plus writing content on my other sites as well.

Looks like you are doing good with this site so far!

I outsourced all the post runner articles – I didn’t know much about the topic anyways. The actual site is re-written PLR articles that I had – totally original but a quick way to go if the subject is new to you.

I’ve heard it both ways as well – particularly with Adsense. I don’t usually monetise with Adsense until I am on page 1 – and I haven’t with this particular site. I am running another experiment with some sites monetized early some not – to see if it makes any difference.

I put up a two-week progress report tonight. I have five Post Runner articles up and am now at 11 for my primary keyword. I’m not using an exact match domain, so I’m feeling pretty good about it!

As you remember, I’m doing a dual challenge–one for a niche site with Post Runner links, and one for a Post Runner site with conventional links. My Post Runner article site is up and receiving articles, but I haven’t started backlinking it yet. A bit of friendly jeering from the peanut gallery might help me get motivated, so jeer if you will.

There’s been some semi-informed speculation (including from me) on the KWA forum about whether indexing speed is a sign of authority/trust in Google’s eyes. The best comment IMO was “sometimes,” depending on how much search demand there is in that subject area.

A big weakness of article sites is that a lot of them don’t index well (if at all), so if Post Runner sites are indexing quickly, that’s a good sign for the health of the system.

Nice work on the cousins, Lissie!

Peanuts throw to Lorecee starting now! Its worth putting the time in to get the directory site auto indexing – one of mine is now the other still needs more links 🙁

Its extremely good news that people are reporting the same sort of stats that I am with most of their postrunner posts getting indexed. Speaking as someone who has used a number of link building services – this is far from usual and is very good news for Postrunner

Hey Lis, I also use Market Samurai to check my rankings and find it very useful – by far the best rank checking tool I’ve used. I like how you can load multiple sites into each project and see the rankings for numerous urls all at once 🙂

Lis, I found your site via RT Cunningham’s blog at Untwisted Vortex. I’m going to start subscribing to your blog for the sole purpose of reading your KA case study 🙂 I once subscribed to a trial version of KA, but decided to not continue because I couldn’t dedicate the time even though I found their techniques very effective, having tried all the advice Court has given before he started this program. Looking forward to many posts like this; I’ll make sure to read this series from the beginning. All the best to you!

Hi Lorna and welcome – I better get my act together then and keep on righting updates LOL

Wow, Lis. You are making great progress. Good for you!

Would you mind sending me the contact of the writing service you are using for this project? The one I chose did a lousy job. I had such great plans of clobbering you in the race. So much for messing with the mentor.

Best of luck!

I use Shawn’s The Content Authority they normally turn stuff around for me in about 3 days but they seem backlogged at the moment – I’ve had some orders in for 2 days which haven’t started work on yet. I’ve used textbrokers as well – but found I was waiting more than a week sometimes with them .

Either way the articles aren’t always acceptable – but I just reject them and get those rewritten – about 90% I accept first time around.

You have teach textbrokers not to ky stuff – Shawn has a feature for this which is very helpful.

I am still at the stage of writing content, real life got in the way, but I am getting there, SY

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