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Online Income and Work Life Balance

I took the weekend off – I drove 300km and checked out the golf course at Augusta, went whale watching, ate too much, drank too much local red wine.

Golf Course Augusta
Golf Course, Augusta

Did I login? Did I check my email? Did I approve comments? Did I check in with clients that it was OK to take the weekend off – no to all of those above. You see I used to have a J.O.B (Just Over Broke) – I used to have to apply for leave or arrange not to be on-call to go away for the weekend. I don’t do that anymore. Instead, I put an “out of office reply” on my main email account and disconnected.

It wasn’t that hard for me – I must admit taking breaks and travelling is what’s important to me. Yes sure I’d like to make a zillion dollars a week – but only if I can still take off every month or so for a holiday! Although I now have a lot of American friends online, I still don’t understand the need to work 24/7 – if you are desperate to pay the bills sure – but for those who aren’t? To be honest if a client doesn’t want you to go away for a couple of days – do you need the client?

Why is that so hard for some people to just take off and let their online life go on without them?  I think there are two issues: one is cultural and one is about self-confidence. I come from a culture which consider a four-week holiday a bare minimum and two-months a reasonable break. I know many Americans have never taken more than 10 days annual leave.  To me that is a completely incomprehensible concept. It takes me 2 weeks just to forget about the job I hated and then I settled down to being on holiday! I certainly trained several workplaces to get by without me for 6 to 8 week periods – and no I don’t mean call me if you have a problem – I never holiday within cellphone or email range!  I presume its harder if employers are used to having employees around 50 weeks a year.

So when I decided to start making an online living I certainly had no intention of building an income which needed me to  baby-sit it 24/7 like some idiot boss!

The second reason I believe that people have trouble going on holiday and off line is around self confidence. I know people who live the location independent lifestyle – they are sometimes out of contact – does it hurt their business ? Maybe – the clients who want them available 24/7 may not like it that you chose to hop on a 24 flight. Who cares? Do you really need that client? I have lost jobs over the years because I was female, because I was a foreigner, in time I realised I was better off without them. Its the same with an online client who wants you available at their beck and call – its not how it works around here – and because this is my business I make up the rules – and I suggest you do to.

So before you become a slave to your online business I suggest you look at the big picture. Is this a business that is going to need you online 24/7 – how easy will it be for your to delegate and grow the business? Can you develop something that you work on, not in? Make sure you are building a lifestyle that’s better than the one you’ve got!

Oh you don’t recognise Augusta’s golf course? Course details about 5km out of town – at the top of the hill, a great 360 view of the Indian and Southern Oceans. Green fees: $15 on an honour system, golf carts recommended, blacks not greens around the holes, kangaroos a hazard, beware snakes in the bush. And as far as I know Tiger Woods has never played their though its possible that other soon-to-be famous golfer Grizz Brears may want to take a second look at it – you see Augusta is in Western Australia, not just Georgia!

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Very good points here! I find it hard to take a break, but you’re right that we need to remember the reasons why we work online – having more free time is one of them for me! I have clients who want me to be available 24/7 and the truth is it drives me mad. But recently I’ve finally had the confidence to say no. They must understand that we all have a life 🙂 Anyway I hope you had a good weekend!
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I had a lovely weekend WGG – yup tell the clients where to shove it – in the nicest possible professional way of course !

Here, here to that. When I worked for a company the 4 weeks holiday seemed way to short. When I set up a business with my husband, we fell into needing to babysit it all year and had to make sure we had internet access when on holiday, so 4 weeks holiday seemed like bliss! Thankfully we’re now out of that and are definitely trying to build a lifestyle that’s better than the one we had. We’ve relocated to Spain along with numerous others but see most expats working harder than they ever did back in the UK for much less money, then giving up and going home. We’re hanging in there though and will make it work but not by slaving away for 24 hours a day, which was certainly not the dream! Anyway just popped by to find your link to The Keyword Academy as today’s the day for more learning!

Cheers, Chloe
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Its one of the reasons I’ve never had any interest in selling products directly- you never know when you might have to some real – like – work LOL! It must be tough to go back to the UK from Spain – at least if I am working hard I am doing it in a much better climate!

I’m with you there on the climate thing – at least when works over for the day we can jump in the pool! I joined TKA yesterday and have am loving it. It’s just so practical and down to earth not a load of old fluff, but real steps. Not sure why I didn’t do it weeks ago! Your review certainly helped nudge me in the right direction so thanks! Chloe
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Oh Lis you always get me thinking,
What good is an online income if you are tied to it like a regular job. It is much better to structure a passive income online that will work whether you are there watching or not.
I think you are right about the culture thing. It is really a treat up here to get two weeks vacation. That is a big part of a benefit package any more. And now that time is even hard to come by. Plus you are expected to work whenever you are told to. This 24/7 lifestyle really isn’t very healthy from a personal or family perspective.
I’m not sure we let ourselves get into this mess but I hope to extract myself as soon as possible by building an online income that is not location specific.
By the way, that golf course looks great. I don’t mind the kangaroo hazards but I think with the snakes I would just drop another ball. LOL
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Many Australians get 6 weeks annual leave – with a 20% increase on base salary for those weeks – on the basis that they don’t get shift allowances and over time on holiday! Sensible approach in my experience – in New Zealand the minimum requirement is 3 weeks – but after a while I just demanded 4 weeks before I signed on – it worked, twice. Then I went contracting so I could have as many weeks off as I wanted LOL In retrospect its amazing I lasted as an employee as long as I did. I’m sorry no one could offer me enough money to work 50 weeks a year – particularly with your lack of public holidays – thats about another 10 days down under!

Sounds great,
Are you interested in adopting me so I can become a citizen?
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If you are over about 16 I might have to marry you instead – check with your wife and get back to me LOL

Taking time of work to enjoy life — man It’s really been 6 months, maybe a YEAR since I have. I’m making a bit of a trade right now, my life for money. But, I’m going to get things back to normal once I reach a certain wage. I’m a huge traveler and that’s really what I want to do.

But yes, it’s important to just relax sometimes and enjoy life — offline that is.
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Ben Iiked living in Canada because you guys understand the work to live concept just as well as Australians and New Zealanders! Yup I haven’t had more than a few days off since April and probably won’t until the end of the year – but if I can keep this income growing it will be all worth it!

Hey Lis,

Loved reading your stuff. I was kinda shocked when I learned how long Europeans get to holiday. That’s reserved for upper management in the States and not for the little guys.

I’m not sure which is actually better to be honest. I love working so holidays are kind of stressful for me haha. I, like you, can relax after about two weeks.

I guess I’ll see how it goes with making an online income from my shoe blog! D
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Great post Lis (I found your blog via Griz’s site) – I totally agree. That’s why I like affiliate marketing & Adsense so much – it’s so hands off – no customers or clients to deal with! I don’t get the whole workaholic ‘can’t take a break’ mentality either. I’m only just really getting going with making money online, so probably won’t have much in the way of time off for the next year or so, but once I get my income to the level I want I plan to scale back a bit & have plenty of holidays, shorter work days etc. Much as I like the freedom & earning potential of this lifestyle, just working & being super-productive for its own sake doesn’t appeal to me – it’s a means to an end.

You sound a lot like me Cat – if you haven’t done so you yet I highly recommned Tim Ferris’s the 4 hour work week – brilliant book

Thanks – I’m aware of the book, but haven’t read it yet – I’ll check it out. With my current workload, even 4 hours a day sounds good right now, never mind a week lol

“I come from a culture which consider a four-week holiday a bare minimum and two-months a reasonable break.”

I’m from the States and yea, compared to what Europe and Australia get— jesus christ, it’s ridiculous man, you’re lucky to get 1 week off at once here in the US – oh wait, that’s assuming you work a job that gets vacation! Too bad for all the people working retail who by and large get paid crap and don’t accrue vacation or benefits…

I had a job where I got 3 weeks vacation and this was more than almost everyone I know in the same industry. (And more than most people get after being in any industry for their entire life, here in the States). Nevertheless, 3 weeks isn’t sheeit…

I’m the kind of guy who likes to travel for months at a time, and the idea of being locked into a career for my entire life in which I get 2-3 weeks off per year from the job, and only all at once if I’m really lucky… well, that sounds like crap to me. No way to spend a life, that’s for sure!


Thus, the IM efforts. 🙂

Travel is the dream – always has been – always will be – I used to just quit and travel until the money ran out and then get a new job but its a harder with a partner – hence the location independent income – thank you Google! Yeah travelling for months is where its at – we have to organise a world tour/meet up for all us soon!

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