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I'm a WordPress geek that considers a website a  means to an end - rather than just a thing of beauty. I combine my background in SEO and digital marketing with my technical knowledge of WordPress to make websites that actually earn their keep. 

This website has seen it all - so if you dig too deep you'll find some inconsistencies, poor spelling and bad language! It is what it is. 

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Secrets Lies and Manifestations

Self Help Guru Scams Revealed! Really

Are you looking for a way to improve your life, make money, or get your ex-back? Then I really think that you should immediately buy Secrets, Lies and Manifestations The Truth About Self Help by Katharine Kershaw! Seriously I mean it. If you are reading this blog you are possibly looking for the simple answer […]

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Uping My Game on Kindle

Hi – remember me? I used to blog here? Yeah sorry, its been nearly 2 months, but my mother always told me, if you have nothing positive to say keep your mouth shut!  Its been a brutal few months. And yes newsletter subscribers – I’ve not published my income either. Too low to mention. Really.  […]

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Why Do Most Travel Bloggers Suck At Video? And How To Fake A Good Travel Video

OK – so I’m being fighting the video monster for the last few days – with some success – and quite a steep learning curve – but at least now I can create videos!  And I don’t even own a video camera.  Nor am I pretty on video!  If I can do it, anyone can.  […]

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A partnership with designer Kris Locket - we turn manuscripts into print and eBooks.

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I've been travelling for 30+ years. I write non-fiction travel books which emphasize the practical and alternative.

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