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Social Media Scam ? Is Grizz A Social Blogger?

Conversation, communication whatever!
Conversation, communication whatever!

Is this the biggest hoodwink of the entire Internet ? We all know that Grizz is the guy that doesn’t do blogging right – he has an ugly blog, it took him ages to get on twitter, I don’t think he’s even on facebook! You can’t take someone seriously who won’t pay for his own domain and hosting can you – not really!

Well today I watched an absolutly fascinating video from Allyn at Bloggerillustrated titled Social Media, Internet Marketing, Organic Marketing and Digital Fellat…. (yeah if your English is not native you will probably NOT want to Google the final word at work..) Basically Allyn compared the visitors he got from a link from Grizz,  to the traffic Allyn’s friend BloggerLens got when Chris Brogan – Mr Social Media himself – picked up and republished on his blog BloggerLens’s Chris Brogan Trust Agent Spoof Video . The traffic figures may surprise you, a lot – short answer – RSS feed subscribers mean nothing.

Allyn’s figures don’t surprise me at all – Grizz put this blog on the map. Before Grizz picked up on SiteBuildIt! post I had under 10 visitors a day- the day he mentioned my Site Build It post he said around 300 visitors directly from his blog to mine. Now I got a lot of traffic from other sources as well from that post but the single biggest source was Grizz.

I’ve been accused of being a mindless groupie of foul mouthed Puerto Ricans and ocaisionally rude, but usually polite, Grizzly’s – that’s half right – I am a groupy – those guys tell me to do it I’ll do it – why?  Because I am their engaged customer in marketing speak – in plain English they helped me when I needed help. They answered my questions in comments and forums,  they helped me without being asked when I really needed it  they asked their followers to help me – many of which did – even when they disagreed with me. Oh and the stuff they teach works and makes me money – that helps customer loyalty quite a lot really – odd because Grizz has never actually sold me anything …

They are real leaders because they tell it how it is – its not pretty – the language is not G-rated sometimes – but the reason my language is bad on this blog – is a reaction to the smooth, elegant sales talk that A-List products like Teaching Sells –  Allyn makes the point exactly – 28,000 subscribers and Chris Brogan has 20 comments – NOT one of which he responds to – says it all really – I wonder what would happen if I subscribed to his blog, followed him on twitter and then asked him a question on twitter – do you think he’ answer? Do you think he’d link to me? Yeah me neither! I remember when Grizz first linked to me – I couldn’t believe one of the big guys would do that – it was almost like he cared or something – like he was a real person not just a blog about making money online.

BTW if you are keen to increase your feedburner subscriber’s you really should check out Frank’s Earn Online Cash with Social Blogging – it tells you exactly how to fake your social proof – writing 500 of your own comments on a post though is going to take forever (you might want to check out Frank’s Blog Content Wizard to help)

And Grizz with his ugly little butt-ugly, boring, free blogger blog sitting at the top of “make money” in the SERPS – it makes him good money – but oddly enough he still has time for the little guys – now thats what I call the most ironic anti-marketing social media joke – and its not on him!

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79 replies on “Social Media Scam ? Is Grizz A Social Blogger?”

Liz if you go right now to Problogger you will see the post he made today has a total 9 comments for a site with 115k Feedreaders that is laughable. Grizz made a post about two other post really a snippet compared to his Wikipedia type organic targeted post and already has 3 comments and god knows how many waiting for approval. Feedreaders is a great thing to have just to have a way of notifying people about something you have to say but as a gage of a successful site or as an actual marketing tool it is truly fucking laughable. I remember when Mark from 45.5 came out with a table placing the value of feed readers to gage the value of a blog for sale yeah right that math was real good go ask Caroline Middlebrook who has 10,339 feed readers and made a grand total of $960 for July 2009 LMAO!!!! Yeah increased 3 fold her feed count in a year and is making less money now LMAO!!!!! Ohh and never mind the fact that she teaches people how to make money online LMAO!!! Fucking pathetic!!!
.-= Vic´s last blog ..Action Slider WSO =-.

The funny thing is Vic I was thinking that they were all faking their feedburner stats (as per Frank’s excellent ebook) – I didn’t realise that you can that many subscribers and that little comment action – what a dumbfuck I am LOL. Oh well if I decide to sell the blog I will just fake the stats before it goes on the market LMAO Yeah Griz is back from golf and now has 21 comments LMAO – in fact the blog is the utlimate self-writing blog – he starts with a paragraph and the comments get him up the 10k word count!

Lissie dear, are you trying to rank grizzy for “money” ?

Lawl.. I’m gonna die when he beats cnn, msn and wiki!.

I’ve been wondering about the whole social blogging thing. It’s a mystery to me. It’s funny because before I found you all (grizz, vic, you and court/mark), I was learning things that are really just silly to me now. Like becoming a social butterfly. In fact, I remember back in April, after a Darren Idiot Rowse-ing article, telling my husband I was going to make money by posting on facebook, digg and reddit among others. IN fact, iirc, he had a list on his post about where to go. So I proceeded to list my crappy old blog and ofc he didn’t teach the important things, like ranking in google and anchor text etc.

I can never ever ever express my gratitude to Grizz for taking the time to write his blog, and you know what really made the difference, like with you, is that I read his comments.

I suppose he came to your rescue because he saw a kindred spirit. Someone kind and, while out to make a buck, still helpful and insightful.

I really hope more people catch on that social marketing and feeds don’t really mean much at all. Perhaps some smart people will begin reading the comments section of different bloggers and realize that social media really is a scam when explained by most of the so called gurus.
.-= Alex@Make Money Planning A Wedding´s last blog ..Make Money Planning a Wedding =-.

He’s mentioned in passing that “money” is the big one … A blogger blog outranking CNN it couldn’t happen – could it ? LOL

Is it worth anything though ? On the first page Isee every thing from CNN to Microsoft’s Money program to Pink Floyd’s Money – a little untargetted maybe?

Lis, Lis Lis… it’s the authority that matters – funnel it to the right place and I can retire on my own aircraft carrier… parked just offshore of my own country (just a little fixer upper like Panama – nothing extravagant)
.-= Griz´s last blog ..Are you Impressed with RSS Numbers? =-.

And that’s guys why grizz will be bidding on his aircraft carrier while the rest of us will have to contend with some crappy 3-rate tropical island in the South Pacific – no I have no idea WTF you’d want to own an aircraft carrier either – do they have a pool deck?

Pool? Heck no – there is room for nice size Par 3 though – water down both sides. Quite challenging really.
.-= Griz´s last blog ..Are you Impressed with RSS Numbers? =-.

I am so pleased I never went into the golf niche – the game bores me to tears which is why I didn’t but I think I’d be against some tough competition!

I’m sorry? Did you hear me ask for forgiveness? Did I ask you for it? Golf is boring, golf is boring, golf is as excitng as watching grass grow – the 19th hole has its attractions but that is about it LOL And I can say that cause this is my blog 🙂

Uh… sorry… fell asleep… yawn… was watching some people dancing…. thankfully I heard the grass growing and the excitement woke me up… you were saying? 😉
.-= Griz´s last blog ..Are you Impressed with RSS Numbers? =-.

well add another hit from grizz’s blog :p

Funnily enough I went to his blog before hitting your on my lazy monday rounds :p

Though yea Grizz is a social blogger 😉

Lis, you are absolutely right about Griz. He is extremely generous and his generosity breeds loyalty among his fans. Even though he has not ever done anything for me (I never asked) other than give away the vast library of information on his blog for free, I would gladly help him (and have) with anything he asked because of what I have seen him do for you and others, asking nothing in return.

Hope you get a lot of comment action. It looks like you fell a little bit short of the 10K word target in your post content. You know you’ll never be able to “Make A Passive Income Online” like that 😉
.-= James @ Guitar Hero 5 Cheats´s last blog ..Guitar Hero 5 – Whats New? =-.

Hey Lissie! I don’t really have anything to say about this post because I don’t know much about the people you’ve mentioned and I don’t have any opinions. But that’s just why I’m writing.

I didn’t notice a link to Grizz’s blog and it is sort of assumed that people know who he is. Maybe even brief little bios of the people you are talking about would help include readers who aren’t really ‘in the loop’ to better understand what you’re talking about.

Otherwise, as always, a good read!
.-= Kirsty´s last blog ..Exploring the World of Article Submission Sites =-.

Hi Kirsty – we call them the 3 muskerteers – Grizz’s I anchored on “money” because that’s the huge keyword in the field, he also has make money with Adsense and make money online

Vic has left a comment just below yours (sorry I shouldn’t post and then go to bed blame it on the timezone) – he’s at make money vlogging

This is a nice post Lissie.
I told Grizzly that I view him as a true Guru because of exactly what you say about him in this post. He’s not out to take advantage of us uneducated people by hyping the newest piece of drivel for $995 or $1995 or what ever the going price for a A List package is. I learned a lot from him because he knows his stuff. But the reason I really respect him is he is willing to help those in need.
You have heard of people who give some enterprise a bad name? Gizzly gives internet marketing a good name.
.-= Agrande from Internet Business Opportunities´s last blog ..Will Teaching Sells Give You An Online Business =-.

Sheesh, just look at all the comments in the post and you will see how social Griz truly is. Point proven, LOL I wonder how talkative he gets on the golf course with a few beers in him?
The thing is though, that all of us linking to good content amongst ourselves is the most basic definition of “natural” links is it not? (I feel a vid post coming on here…) I mean, isn’t it natural to want to help out your friends by sharing readers with them? lmao
.-= Allyn´s last blog ..Social Media, Internet Marketing, Organic Search And Digital Fellatio =-.

As natural as breathing I’d have thought Allyn 🙂 – not like golf – that’s a very unnatural activiity whichever way you look at it! I think Grizz is filling in time between rounds – that’s the only problem with running commentluv you get an awful lot of one liner “nice post” comments *sigh* !

Oh Come on now! My one liners kick ass compared to those “nice post” noobs.

And I thought we were going to give Golf a break twinkle toes?

Hey Al – would you mind asking Lis where the email subscription box is? I can’t find it and I’m pretty sure she knows how to set one up as she was giving you advice about it the other day. (Insert evil smilie dude who I can’t remember how to do!)
.-= Griz´s last blog ..Are you Impressed with RSS Numbers? =-.

Jeeze Griz – fucking bloody noobies – shouldn’t be on the Internet without training wheels! Click the on the pretty little orange thingy which says “subscribe in a reader” – then chose email as your option – jeeze – obviously surely LMAO!

Yep…That Grizz guy is awesome…
I have been studying his and your site religiously and have leaned 10 times more than Problogger (Site and Book) and Coppyblogger combined… And I still got a lot more to read! (study)

I’m not looking to get rich or anything… Just a little extra pocket money and hopefully exposure for my little lo fi recording projects..

You guys ROCK
.-= Free Music DownLoads´s last blog ..TV Series “The Shield” The Show’s Over =-.

Thanks Free Music – I had to retrieve you from Askimet hell – ask for a reinclusion – sorry if I deleted any early comments inadvertantly I get an awful lot of spam and I don’t always check the spam queue before deletion!

HiYa Thanks for the point to Grizz

I have learned 10 times more from reading Griz’s and your site than I have reading ALL of problogger (book and site) And copyblogger alone. And I got a lot more stuff to read (study)

Not looking to get rich… Just wanna make a little extra cash and and get some exposure to my little lo fi recording projects I have done over the years…
You guys ROCK

OH for crying out loud! hahaha

How the hell am I supposed to know there is an email thingy in the orange thingy when it says “in a reader”???? Damn, that’s like false advertising! Ya’ think ya’ coulda’ put a blurb… “email thingy inside the orange thingy”? Technically challenged people have rights too!

I’m off to subscribe…
.-= Griz´s last blog ..Are you Impressed with RSS Numbers? =-.

I thought you were bloody subscribed – so you just stalk me randomly instead eh? BTW the orange thingy reads “reader or by email” so I don’t know what you are talking about “insert innocent smilie here” Flipping heck I hope you aren’t going to be one of my silent subscribers now!

Hey! You just added the “email” thingy! Oh no you don’t – I can look stupid all by myself, I don’t need your help!

(Does this look silent to you?) lol
.-= Griz´s last blog ..Are you Impressed with RSS Numbers? =-.

Oh it was just a vain hope it might quite you down LOL Well I might have just edited my sidebars – but hey I like having control of my own blog and domain – that’s why I pay for hosting – you really should consider it you know – feel free to use the affilaite link on the pretty little hostgator ad… When you start making some real money from your blogger blog of course …

Just so you know , I am not a fan of Golf. The only problem is I am having an internal conflict going on,

Golf is good, Golf Sucks,

but I think it has a direct effect of my opinion of the Golfer.

Please ad your 2 cents?

Please help me with this dilemma, LOL


Dirk Poulsen
P.S. You know this is really the best post I have truly ever read.
.-= Dirk@make money online´s last blog ..Why I Thought I could Never Make Money Online =-.

Hi Lis,

Power to the girl! You go woman! This is one kick-ass type of post that comes right from the gut – I heart you – and it tells it like it is. Maybe that’s why my blog comments have dried up like a shrivelled prune left too long in the sun. Hahahaha… see, I got tired of the social blog carousel a long time ago…

It’s kind of I scratch your back and then you scratch mine when you leave a comment somewhere. I stopped scratching and lo and behold, my back doesn’t get scratched either.

But then I really don’t give two bobs about it because there are more important things to life than social media and the whole circus surrounding it. I’m sure you know what I mean.

Like you, I heart that foul-mouthed Puerto Rican (even so he has softened a bit, don’t you think)? 😉

Plus, Griz is always considered one of my friends, even if we don’t talk to each other for a lifetime between connecting.

You guys rock (yep you too Lis)!
Monika 🙂
The one who unchecked herself from social media therapy (oh I can feel a post coming on…)
.-= Monika Mundell ´s last blog ..Yours Truly Among The Top 40 Freelance Writing Blogs =-.

Haha you are so out of touch girl – nope Vic hasn’t mellowed at all check out his comments on grizz’s blog a couple of days ago! Actually I don’t do much commenting around – i only keep an eye on a few blogs and comment on even fewer – you just have to chose the right ones to comment on LOL

Things social bloggers can learn from Grizz. How to make money online, how to not judge your online friends, how to build and maintain trust, how to help others, how to teach others to help others, how to make a little fellow from India or anywhere else happy by replying to his comment, how to keep your readers motivated to make money online, how to make money with free blogger blogs, how not to sell anything to your readers and still make money, how not to spam your readers’ emails to sell .

Yeah I yet to see the value of a list – except to brag to JV partners who think that people actually read the spam that gets sent out!

CHILDREN! OMG Do I have to turn this car around?! And Grizz! OMG Never say anything about dance!! I thank gawd everyday for torrents and SYTYCD Canada, AU and US.

I’ll never ever ever get the golf thing.. but one thing I will ask is: Do you have a pair of those pink plaid pants with the polo shirt? The only thing more boring than golf is what people wear onto the fields. Now.. put Tiger Woods in a pair of low-rise 501s and no shirt and I’ll bring the popcorn to watch the US Open (thats golf right? Not tennis? oh who cares).

Lis, if it’s their idea for passive income to be used for playing golf all day, ew. You and me can dance and sing our way across Europe and let our stinky men play on the golf course.

What you say? A year from now, you, me, grizz, C&M in Florence and we’ll send those buggers off to the golf course while we buy all the Italian leather shoes…. omg.. I think I just orgas….
.-= Alex@Make Money Planning A Wedding´s last blog ..Make Money Planning a Wedding =-.

LOL you and your shoes – now lets talk food, Italy, gelator, Italian men/boys, vespas, food, did I mention the men, Chianti, though some of the beer is OK too (in case Allyn comes along) SYTYCD= So You Think You Can Dance for the golf ethusiasts – now this is just unfair you know Alex – you know full well that Grizz is asleep at the moment and he’s no doubt going to be a mad social bear when he wakes up and sees your attitude to golf – hmm Italian men – Lis wanders off with smile on face

While Italian boys are nice, have you seen my husband? =D I have my eye candy and he’s 10 years younger than me.
I’ll take shoes over men any day *dreamy look*

Oh and about Grizz bein all grumpybear.. I said they could go golfing all day! In fact they can golf all night. I been dyin to see some Italian nightclubs.

And yeah after shoe shopping (warning this might take all day) I’m all good for the food.. and food and more food.

Hey, I hear Italian men like to grab women’s asses! (just to get your heart set on going).

See earning all this passive income online really comes in handy for the boy and shoe gazing.
.-= Alex@Make Money Planning A Wedding´s last blog ..Make Money Planning a Wedding =-.

OK I am convinced can we cover Venice as well I loved Venice – yeah shoe shopping all day no problem. Actually we will need to pop over to Spain cause Terry is there- its gonna be a grand IM tour of Europe

haha Lis golf isn’t that bad…. well not the kind I normally end up playing … its good for anger management 😉
.-= Donace´s last blog ..Mafia Wars Collections and Items =-.

I played crazy golf once that was quite fun after the 3rd beer – though it was tricky to hold the beer and the club at the same time!

OO I’m good with Spain.. Hello Manolo and Tenza. I’m so looking up flight prices!

Might there be a Paris stop off for a little Chanel? *bats her lashes*
.-= Alex@Make Money Planning A Wedding´s last blog ..Make Money Planning a Wedding =-.

What the heck is a Manalo and Tenza??

If it can’t be cooked or driven really fast I don’t want to know…

This is a prime example of why you can make money selling shoes and other girlie stuff online… (guys – they really really buy all that crap!)

Morning Ladies! 😉
.-= Griz´s last blog ..Are you Impressed with RSS Numbers? =-.

Lis you are safe tonight – a 3:00 Tee off today. I will be golfing late and if the beer cart girl is as hot as last week (and as scantily clad) I will be too drunk to spam you later. I would send pictures but I haven’t figured out how to take one with that confounded cell phone thingy! I kid you not!
.-= Griz´s last blog ..Are you Impressed with RSS Numbers? =-.

Morning Grizz – Im touched you woke up and your first thought is to spam my blog LOL – You really don’t want to know about Manalo and Tenza – Alex stop giving away all the good green keywords! Grizz suffice to say they won’t work on a golf course. Of to the golf course today or do I have stay up half the night approving your commentrs?

OMG WHO IS MANOLO??? *sputter* Geez even ~I~ knew who Tiger Woods was! You just asked who the Tiger Woods of shoes was!!!! My gawd! heathen!
THIS is Manolo:

You see someone has built a shrine.. because he is an angel!

Lis! I liek teh Paella! Yummers. Do you think we’ll make money while we’re there?
.-= Alex@Make Money Planning A Wedding´s last blog ..Make Money Planning a Wedding =-.

Hmmmm – Griz – I think you need to grovel a bit to Alex … I’ll give you a hint those shoes cost a little more than $50…. Alex classic photo- the combination of consumerism and Catholicism – deep – I think ?

No Alex we won’t make any money why hits the shops/highlights of Europe – well not unless we stop doing this social blogging crap and go and build more links!

Well of course Alex knew who Tiger Woods is – he is important! 😉

Thanks for the heads up on this Manalo dude though – apparently a brand of shoe my wife hasn’t bought yet. (I did not think that possible?)

I shall be creating a new site shortly – geo-targeted to the Swedish outback of course. Keep your Credit Card handy Alex!

Hmph… Tiger Woods is important only because he’s the only cute guy in golf. That’s the extent of his popularity. Kinda like why women know who David Beckham is. We care nothing about soccer.. it’s not even a sport! But David .. mm mmm mmm.

Now Manolo had a whole movie made about him and his shoes.. And a TV series! Watch a little Sex and the City!

Your stinky little site will pale in comparison to my lovely blog about shoes! And try to beat that theme!

Lis, sounds like we should invite Grizz’s wife instead of Grizz!

Now I’m off to building more of my mini blogs for my money making endeavors! One down today, 4 more to go .. =(
.-= Alex@Make Money Planning A Wedding´s last blog ..Make Money Planning a Wedding =-.

You know I was just reading on another social media advocate’s blog that you really need to make sure that your comments on blogs remain ontopic and don’t get to the level that they could hurt other potential or actual readers. In fact general trouble making is not a good idea in comments (who’d have known – could someone tell Vic?) . So on that basis there will be no more cheap shots at golfing or designer shoes from now on – got it guys ?
And I hereby apologise to any golfing fanatics or shopperholics who have been offended in the reading of these comments and hope your recovery goes well once you realise your mistake and seek professional help!

So, you are breaking all the rules, having fun, and making money at the same time. No wonder I am still reading all these comments! Now I know what to do, and how to do it.

Thanks for the great post and the interesting comments. I’m off to follow more of the links Griz so generously leaves in his posts.
.-= Edie @ Elder Care Cafe´s last blog ..Health Care Reform: Speak Now Says NFCA =-.

“I heard the grass growing”!!! LOL. I nearly dropped my cup of tea over my keyboard. he he he.
Lissie & Grizz – you crazy kids – its like a mini love affair going on between you too. Am loving it.
.-= Tiptopcat´s last blog ..Adsense Earnings For July 09 =-.

Thanks for the mention Lissie.

I have to say that these days I’m not much of a social blogger and I just build niche sites. I realized that for me making money from social blogging was a “long wait for a train don’t come” (to quote my favorite spacecraft captain).
.-= Frank Carr@Earn Cash Online´s last blog ..Earn Cash With Social Bookmarking Money =-.

As soon as you have comments enabled on your blog, and you answer them, you become a social blogger. Grizz, Vic, you and others are social bloggers with you like it or not, social bloggers with their own, self-created, social networks. Nothing wrong with that. SY
.-= hospitalera@Niche Marketing´s last blog ..Do you text and drive? =-.

Hi Lis,

lol, I’m a big fan of irony. While you know I agree with what you wrote in your post, what I loved about it most … immediately after reading a post telling me how useless social media is, I’m offered the opportunity to promote said post to about a dozen Social Media sites, by clicking on one of those cool little icons. 😀


Hurrr Durrrr———Socialist Bloggers, humphhh , I don’t get it ! ..Stoopid I guess

.-= bk´s last blog ..Deep or Wide Online Empires? =-.

I loathe the BS in this business. There’s a lot to be said for championing those who are straight-up about what to do – those you mention, Lis, and your good self as well – and how to do it, without “secret” this, “hidden” that and pages-long sales spiels. KUTGW
.-= Roland@Online Income´s last blog ..How to Make Money on eBay =-.

Uhhmmm what’s this all about?? How come you guys are raking a lot of comments?
.-= Mark´s last blog ..Follow Me and I will Follow You =-.

I didn’t know who griz was until I clicked on his comment here, he seems to have good advice. I support a family of 6 kids with internet income, so I know it can be done. I have social things set up (twitter, facebook) but they run on autopilot, so I don’t have to spend time on them. I really think they’re a distraction that keeps people from making any money. I love getting that adsense check each month. Griz is a smart guy. I have a lot of sites set up to feed into each other, so I’m sure that the process works, and some of them are blogspot blogs, too. The man knows a good thing when he sees it. Sometimes I start with a blogspot when I’m not sure of the niche. I try to start a new site each month.

Hi Lisa and welcome to my little corner of the world – most people find me from Grizz’s blog – so I am happy to return the favour even in a small way – and yes he makes a great deal of money from passive income so I think you might find some useful tips there

Lisa, you need to get to know Griz. He won’t sell you anything. He’ll only convert your time to money as he teaches you how to make money from ugly blogspot blogs 😉 He did that to me.

Griz is the man! He helped me earned my first cheque from Google Adsense after 2years of attempting to become a Social Butterfly. No thanks to all those fake-gurus.

A pity english is not my mother’s tongue. But the little I understand, Griz is the true SOCIAL blogger. You can’t beat his followership. He has made nonsense of all the LIES that folks like Darren etc are selling to newbies.

When I stumbled on his UGLY blog 😉 Beginner Make Money Online, I wasn’t expecting much (cos it was free blogspot). Well it didn’t take 3days before his long posts cured me of my foolish ambition of generating quality traffic from social network sites.

Well, I have something against Griz. He has turned me into a “lazy blogger”. I no longer feel obliged to post daily and visit all the big bloggers to catch-up with happenings in the blogosphere. I would have actually complained about this long ago, but since I’ve been enjoying the sudden increase in my Adsense earnings (yes, even with fewer posts done whenever I feel like it), I decided to postpone it.

Ooops. Forgive me Lis. This is your blog and not Griz. I guess I should go to one of his ugly blog and do this ranting there.

Thanks for your candid advice. I won’t forget them in a hurry. Nice of you to share free tips on how to make money online without being a prey to those fake-gurus. 😉

Griz is great. I made some money listening to him and how he does it. Took me a while to understand what he was saying as I was a noob but I got there.

Thanks for the write up. I’ve read so much about gurus and strategies on-line and know a lot of the big personalities now. But I wonder how much of what they are teaching and more importantly practising and making money from? Sorry for sounding negative, but where is the evidence that any of this blogging makes anyone any money?


Well Steve you blog about conspiracy theories – so I for one aren’t going to try to convince you! I know the reality of my own bank account and no for a fact that I’ve had neither a rich relative or a job for the last 3 years – but to each his own I guess

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