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Some New Year’s Resolutions!

It must be Christmas , I am tired, frazzled, stressed  and I don’t do Christmas and I don’t have kids! Its not a good place to be quite at the moment – and for a least a week I have been trying to get to this blog to update it!

Lis stiding into the future, or at least the end of Busselton's jetty
Lis striding into the future, or at least the end of Busselton's jetty

It is, as usual, my own fault. I forgot the rest of the world doesn’t take a three weeks at Christmas and we just had week away so out of 5 weeks I only have 1 week at home! So I am frantically scheduling posts in advance for the paying blogs! Well to be honest I am lucky to have the paying blogs so thanks Mark Knowles for your faith in me.  Mark is funny writer with an eye for a funny photo: he is a self-confessed atheist and seems to like semi-naked women – check out his blog but you have been warned LOL!

Needless to say I have done very little work on my actual passive income sites and I am definitely going to be doing something about that in the new year. In fact I took Monika’s advice over at The Freelance Writer and bought a (paper) moleskine diary to manage my time.

That’s as far as I have got so far but I am going on our road trip across the Nullarbor with the knowledge that I will have around 3000km of thinking time to work out my to do list for 2009 – if I find a solar-powered, wind-up satellite-phone Internet connection which costs less than $10/minute I might even update this blog sometime in the next few weeks!

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Wow Lis you sure seem to be busy and I completely understand why. I am still convinced that one of the hardest things to do is to fill a blank piece of paper or document with original writing so huge kudos to you and best of luck for 2009!

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