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Its really fun sometimes this blog – I enjoy the fun we have in the comments – and quite often I get an idea for a follow up post on the subject of  passive income and online scams. But rarely do I get an idea from spammer – until today. Now this wasn’t just the usual brainless –  “please write more on this topic” comment spam. This was a real life email sent to me via the contact form – and this is what it read – in its entirety:


email :


Can you please add the spire club to the list of making passive income ?


Hmm – that will be a NO  love. In fact I think I have deleted at least one other of these – obviously I am showing up somewhere in the serps again for “passive income” – cause guess what – the site mentioned above is a passive income opportunity – seriously folks – all you have to do sign up, pay $10 and wait for the dollars to flow in. In fact as they state on the front page:

As a Spire Club member you can even make money doing nothing

Yeah right – I don’t really have to tell you its a classic pyramid scheme do I? I’d suggest you stay a long way away – unless you want to waste $10 and tell the rest of us that you have lost you money – I’m certainly not wasting my cash on it – so this is yet another sloppy, slack review from Lis – who hasn’t even bought the product LMFAO! Nice  graphics though

Oh and they don’t know any SEO either – 4 backlinks for a site registered 9 months ago – way to go guys!

More Scams ForAmusement

Dirk over at his Make Money for Beginners Blog is into a bit of shit fight with those objecting to his Monelis review – this is a classic pyrmid shopping opportunity. Dirk’s also less than complementary in his New SpiderWeb Review which lost him a lot of cash. Be careful out there folks!

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I guess they would not be spamming your e-mail if they had any idea of SEO 🙂 Pyramid schemes can make a decnt buck if you are the first one to join though LOL
.-= Josh@Get Money Now´s last blog ..The Basics Of Getting Money Online =-.

Yeah well you might be near the top – there’s not too many mentions of their scheme in the SERPS yet – perhaps you can risk you $10 and report back for the rest of us? Actually I don’t think Paypal thinks much of pyramid schemes either so you probably could get your $10 back!

But Lis… “it’s not a pyramid… it’s a spire”! I’ve just read their FAQ, what a joke. I’m guessing this was not the kind of publicity they were after. Whoops-a-daisy!
.-= Roland@Online Income´s last blog ..Make Money Online: Three To Watch =-.

Hmm – aren’t spires and pyramids the same family of geometrical shapes – its been a long time since I did geometry … Yeah lesson from this one – read the bloody blog before spamming them LOL

The Pyramid is suppose to be one of the strongest structures known. Too bad it doesn’t work with internet marketing.

This post has In-Spire Club-d me.
LOL, yup, they didn’t do any research on that request, the sad thing is you are going to be out ranking them with this post.

The poor promoters from Mondelis are back again to show me there stuff really works.

Maybe I should hook them up with Brian Clarke.

.-= Dirk@mondelis´s last blog ..Mondelis, Is It A Scam? =-.

Yeah I don’t think the Spire Club is so much fun – maybe I should email back with my review of their product – they don’t seem to have noticed …

Hi Lis
I can see why people would get sucked in. The graphics are cool. Now that i am in the process of trying to make money online, i realise that earning a passive income isn’t so easy but that once it starts happening, it is a great feeling.
.-= Tiptopcat´s last blog ..Earnings For August 2009 =-.

The graphics are very cool – and their FAQ is well written and clearly describes a pyrmaid scheme while trying to sell you on their product LMAO

I get those spams that come through the contact form sometimes also. I figure that they are at least human enough to fill in the fields and the capcha, so I almost always read them. Lately, I have been responding to them with:
“Suck my hip zits”
Usually I get no response, but the other day, one of these spammers actually took me serious and wrote back,
“we do not deal in p*rn, do you have any other web properties you would like us to help you gain links for?”
I thought that was pretty funny.
.-= Allyn´s last blog ..Stop Coming Up With Ideas And Take Action On Them Lazy Ass =-.

I’ve avoided responding because it would reveal my email address to them – but I’m highly tempted to point out this review to them LMAO! You doing good comments after all those beers too – I’m impressed Allyn!

haha yep spammers have more than once filled my post schedule up… though more on how to combat the menace!

@ Allyn ‘suck my hip zits’ ?! That is officially the most random phrase I have ever heard now!
.-= Donace´s last blog ..Free Blog Commenter =-.

LMAO – post schedule???? You mean I am suppposed have a schedule around here? – Don’t worry about Allyn – he’s pissed (drunk, inebriated) – check his latest vid!

Ofc though it can be like mine… post ‘now and again when bored or something really cool or shiny comes out’ (technical term)!
.-= Donace´s last blog ..Free Blog Commenter =-.

Hi Lissie,

Most of the obvious scams such as this already go straight to my spam folder … I never see them.

Like Allyn, I do occasionally still get contact form spam. My favorites are the ones that offer to get me on the first page of google. My first thought is always … hmm, I wonder how they found my site? 😉
.-= Todd’s Tips´s last blog ..Can You Get Rich Blogging About Making Money? =-.


Nothing beats those emails about every other day asking to purchase a link on a few of your posts for a few clam shells or something. I usually don’t even read past the first sentence as their email address doesn’t even belong to a unique domain. First sign things aren’t legit when they are asking for you to do something and don’t have a domain to reference other than yahoo or gmail. Ha.
.-= The Real Josh´s last blog ..Model Successful People to Grow Your Market and Brand =-.

I like the ones where they ask me if they can leave a comment. Actually, that gives me an idea. I’ll write a post on the world’s worst blog smam comments. What do you think?

I LOVE how you were thoughtful enough to make the spammer’s URL not a link, yet make the email one! LOL! Have you got an email from Ruth asking for the emails to stop?

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