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Pinterest For Backlinks, Affiliate Sales, and Recipes

I am liking Pinterest! SY gave me a heads up about why I should use Pinterest ages ago, and sent me an invite. I ignored it. Then she told me I REALLY needed to have a look, and finally I did. I figured it would be a distraction, it was, but what may well be a useful one.  First off the site scared the bejeesus out of me – it is very “pretty” – I am graphically challenged and easily scared by people who can do pretty! Apparently a lot of the users are female – I’m not surprised. 

But even for the non-visual amongst us, and, dare I say it, those of us who don’t have any clues as to “our style”, and no desire to plan a wedding, its kinda cool, and useful. 

Cool Stuff You Can Do On Printerest 

  • Its good for collecting stuff together – I did a bit of baking around Christmas I was forever googling “how to make marizpan” and similar stuff – I found some good recipes – this would have been a good place to keep them all together (maybe next year). 
  • You can upload your photos. Its as close to a good place to share images that I’ve seen. You don’t have huge options as to how to arrange them –  that seems to happen automagically – but its cool. I’d suggest that you watermark them though. 
Pinterest for Image Sharing

 And For the Internet Marketers Among You..

  • Well I’m counting at least two do-follow links here one at the top above the pic and the pic itself. Those links stay when the pic is shared too – OK multiple links from the site doesn’t have as much value sure, but it gets you in front of more eyeballs… 
  • If you sell anything pretty – photos or crafts you should be on this pronto. This is not my area of expertise – but people sharing and being to link through to your pretty cup cake holder – or whatever it is you sell can’t be bad, can it? It also works for non-fiction indie authors. Oh and you can even advertise the price on it too. (I can’t get any html to work in the description though). 
  • Hey, even if you don’t make stuff – or your product is not particularly visual, those links could be your affiliate link you know! 
Now, at the moment, there seems to be more real people on Pinterest than internet marketers, it won’t stay that way for long, as several of the big boys are calling Pinterest as the next big thing in social media. 
Frankly its refreshing – the interface is simple and intutive – after G+ and Facebook its a bloody joy I can assure you! Within minutes of tossing up some pretty pictures I had complete strangers share some of my stuff. That kinda gave me pause, these people did it because they wanted to not because they knew that sharing my book site might make me money. 
Amazing! I want to go to Myanmar this year because I don’t think it will be long before its completely over-run with tour groups, and has a McDonalds on every corner, and nice modern buses and trains.  It will loose its current run-down, worn-out bucolic charm. You might want to check out Pinterest while its still dominated by people sharing their interests, it has a certain bucolic charm too. 

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