Spammers Send Me Post Ideas!

Its really fun sometimes this blog – I enjoy the fun we have in the comments – and quite often I get an idea for a follow up post on the subject of  passive income and online scams. But rarely do I get an idea from spammer – until today. Now this wasn’t just the usual brainless –  “please write more on this topic” comment spam. This was a real life email sent to me via the contact form – and this is what it read – in its entirety:


email :


Can you please add the spire club to the list of making passive income ?


Hmm – that will be a NO  love. In fact I think I have deleted at least one other of these – obviously I am showing up somewhere in the serps again for “passive income” – cause guess what – the site mentioned above is a passive income opportunity – seriously folks – all you have to do sign up, pay $10 and wait for the dollars to flow in. In fact as they state on the front page:

As a Spire Club member you can even make money doing nothing

Yeah right – I don’t really have to tell you its a classic pyramid scheme do I? I’d suggest you stay a long way away – unless you want to waste $10 and tell the rest of us that you have lost you money – I’m certainly not wasting my cash on it – so this is yet another sloppy, slack review from Lis – who hasn’t even bought the product LMFAO! Nice  graphics though

Oh and they don’t know any SEO either – 4 backlinks for a site registered 9 months ago – way to go guys!

More Scams ForAmusement

Dirk over at his Make Money for Beginners Blog is into a bit of shit fight with those objecting to his Monelis review – this is a classic pyrmid shopping opportunity. Dirk’s also less than complementary in his New SpiderWeb Review which lost him a lot of cash. Be careful out there folks!