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I'm a WordPress geek that considers a website a  means to an end - rather than just a thing of beauty. I combine my background in SEO and digital marketing with my technical knowledge of WordPress to make websites that actually earn their keep. 

This website has seen it all - so if you dig too deep you'll find some inconsistencies, poor spelling and bad language! It is what it is. 

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eBook Formatting Mistakes – Or Why Word Acts Weird (and It’s Not Microsoft’s Fault)

My ebook formatting business  is quietly growing, and as I experience how others do their formatting – I cringe – like seriously. I know I started typing on a typewriter, but in 2013 when carbon paper would be unrecognisable to many, and most people don’t know that we had to physically move the typewriter carriage back  to the start of […]

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tablet publishing - ipad apps

Tablet Publishing for Self-Publishers: iPad Edition

Are eBooks so last year? Are eReaders a tech dead-end which are about to be over-written (sic) by tablets? Short answer: I don’t know, neither does anyone else because none of the major players e.g. Amazon, release sales figures on their eReaders or even tell us publishers which devices our books are  downloaded to. I […]

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Sydney Writing Course

Self-Publishing Update – Writing Course Sydney

It’s only recently I’ve started putting “writer” under the profession question on travel cards. It’s a better term to use than web developer because i involves less writing – who wants to waste more effort than required on the useless paperwork of travel. (Note however it’s a very BAD term to use if you happen […]

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I've been travelling for 30+ years. I write non-fiction travel books which emphasize the practical and alternative.

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