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About Lis (short for Elisabeth)

My first career was a geologist, and then  I retrained into IT - I managed to pursue the corporate dream for over 20 years.

Predictably, I burnt myself out and ended up starting my first business  in 2007. Knowing nothing about business, and something about computers,  I developed websites that ranking in the search engines and paid me via the advertising on them.

Along the way I'd  learnt a lot about WordPress and SEO and websites, and also  discovered I could write.

In 2011 I decided to create eBooks for the new-fangled Kindles on my favourite topic - travel. To my surprise no one knew how to format these properly  - so I figured out how to do it myself - and predictably - wrote the book on Kindle formatting.

That started my next business - which eventually morphed into DIY Publishing Ltd a partnership with a graphic designer.

Travelling is still my passion - and my business lives in my laptop so I can always get away - so long as there's WIFI! When I'm not travelling I live in New Zealand with my long-suffering partner.

Paddy Hamlin's Statue, Replica, Kalgoorlie

This Blog

What can you expect to learn by  following this blog? Well it's all about doing digital marketing right - and that's in the broadest sense. I'm not a natural-born marketer, I don't like making sales calls. But I can sell online. And if I can, you can too.

So stick around for the ride - you may well learn something!

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