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I'm a WordPress geek that considers a website a  means to an end - rather than just a thing of beauty. I combine my background in SEO and digital marketing with my technical knowledge of WordPress to make websites that actually earn their keep. 

This website has seen it all - so if you dig too deep you'll find some inconsistencies, poor spelling and bad language! It is what it is. 

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Keyword Selection for Idiots Like Me.

Hubpages.com has a great scheme where you can write a “flagship hub” and be paid $25 for it plus another $10 as a traffic bonus. The amongst the requirements for the hub is that it must be 1500 words and have a number of links to authority sites. Hubpages also tells you the topic they […]

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Great content will make you money NOT!

day in the life: lunch moneyOriginally uploaded by emdot I guess I went through the normal phases of someone starting off online: Start a Free BlogThis is still where I’d tell a lot of people to start: its great fun, its easy to get started especially on blogger and its – well free! My first […]

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What I’m in Business?

Anonymous Flight AttendantOriginally uploaded by laszlo-photo I guess I had to change some of my ways of thinking about what I was attempting online. I was having great fun writing at hubpages.com – but I was making little money with it. My writing had improved and got faster but I didn’t want to be a […]

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DIY Publishing Ltd

A partnership with designer Kris Locket - we turn manuscripts into print and eBooks.

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Dear John NZ

In partnership with Kris we design, host and maintain WordPress websites

Dear John NZ

Travel Books

I've been travelling for 30+ years. I write non-fiction travel books which emphasize the practical and alternative.

Non-Boring Travel Guides

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