1. We’re in competition? Good grief I’m bound to lose then overall, I crumble and hide when challenged. Probably why I never became a sports star. Either that, or I was more interested in watching the boys swim team than actually participating. 😉

    Actually I think you did fantastic! You doubled sales at Amazon which considering you were ‘researching’ last month is a phenomenal increase.

    Maybe I need to do some ‘research’ as well. Except I’m not sure how I can convince the tax man that it will have anything to do with personal finance books. oh well. 😉


    • Hmm retirement abroad to warm places, how to manage your finances while retired to … LOL I am not at all competitive – I actually believed that for many, many years – because I hate most sports – then my dance teacher asked if I wasn’t competitive why did he never hear the end of it when we didn’t win LOL. You’re off the hook unless you beat us in the World Cup OK?

  2. You know you really do have to get your arse into gear to finish those other books – because you have customers waiting 😉

  3. Those are great results Lis. Congrats!

    I’m too ashamed of mine to even write a post on it in my own blog – a paltry 1 sale LOL!

    I sort of remember the Aussie/Kiwi rivalry from when I was at school in Sydney. There was an amazing girl in my class from NZ who could outrun everyone in the school over long distance. That included the boys! A lot of the girls in the class were insanely jealous of her, while all the boys wanted to be her boyfriend (life was tough when I was 11 hahahaha!).

    Ok, I changed the subject… Time to get writing and start pumping out the books I promised myself I would. Maybe I could write a novel and base it on my own childhood… mmm…

  4. PS: One of my friends in that class in Oz was called Michael Jackson – I kid you not! Don’t think he had much of an interest in music though…

  5. Good job you! Your book presents really well. Budget travel is a great category that is sadly lacking on Kindle imho. I’m at approximately 10 sales per day on month 5 (kindle only) and averaging a 95% increase per month. The light at the end of this tunnel is bright. Write more books and they will help sell each other. Those product tags really help. I confirmed yours for you. I’ve seen them in action. People have a herd mentality, so get a few friends and lovers to write a few more glowing reviews for you and watch those “on the fence” buyers turn into sales! Good luck in September.

    • Thanks Connie – yeah I’ve heard lots about product tags – I’m a bit nervous of this whole you tag mine I’ll tag yours thing going around some writer’s forums – obvious gaming of the system tends not to last very long – in my experience anyways!

      • I completely agree with you. Those tags really help readers find you and many authors don’t bother to put them in. Confirming them just means you agree that the tags match the book’s subject.

  6. How did you enjoy doing research as that place looks absolutely gorgeous? How was the weather there? I’ve never been to Thailand but now that I’ve seen this picture I really want to.

    • LOL Rachel – the weather in Thailand – perfect – well sometimes it rains – but who cares when in its still 30C ! There are some better pictures over on my Travel Tips blog