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Build My Rank Review Compared to Postrunner

OK short version – is the best thing since sliced bread –  will make you millions in your sleep without doing anything  – can’t imagine why they are giving it away at the current price – but I am sure it will go up – ACT now to lock in the currently insanely low price, BUY IT now!


You still here? Darn – oh you want a real review ? Sorry I can’t actually give that to you – cause I haven’t been using it long enough to give you months and months of stats. But I’ve used it long enough to be hugely excited by it.

UPDATE: May 2011 – buildmyrank still works well – and I am still using – the price has gone up a little – details below. 

 UPDATE: November 2011 – I’m still using BMR and am happy with it but also check out a Build My Rank alternative that is a new service – SEO Cobra Backlinks


As I wrote recently – I am not 100% happy with Postrunner – mainly because of the percentage of articles which aren’t getting indexed. So when I  was checking out Build My Rank – this – from their FAQ – jumped out at me:

Do you build backlinks to my content? Yes, every time a post is distributed we do two things. First, we create an RSS feed mashup and submit to several feed aggregators. This really helps content get indexed super quick. And next we select a random assortment of social bookmark sites such as Delicious, and web 2.0 properties like Twitter, to submit links to. On average each post receives around 50 backlinks.

Not coincidentally I had been playing with ways of getting my Postrunner articles  indexed –  that involved RSS feeds and automated bookmarking … I knew what I had to do – but I hadn’t managed to automate it entirely and I was deep in the learning curve. And then I’d have to teach my outsourcer to do it… BuildMyRank had got there before me – I was prepared to pay for that!

So rather than doing a straight BuildMyRank review (I haven’t got a hope in hell for ranking for the term basically) – I thought I would do a side-by-side comparison of the two systems: the good the bad the ugly…

Page Rank  of the Network’s Sites: BuildMyRank v. Postrunner

BMR has no PR zero sites. Postrunner has a majority of PR0’s. BMR wins on this one. Here is a screen shot from my BMR dashboard after 29 posts had been published …

Is PR absolutely critical? No – but it helps – high PR sites often get better indexing and authority. Its not enough for me to buy a system though.

Distribution to Sites: BuildMyRank v. Postrunner

With Postrunner the writer has to choose the site that they want their article to appear on. With BMR you chose a frequency (or a schedule) for posts to be published at and move on. The sites are selected randomly. I don’t know how many sites are in the system (I know Postrunner has about 800) – but so far I’ve not seen the same site twice.

With Postrunner – I still get a lot of articles returned after 7 days – for no reason except the owner can’t be arsed approving them. I have to resubmit them – its a pain. BMR is a much smoother workflow as far as distribution is concerned.

Also in Postrunner those with high PR sites – get overwhelmed. The value of the page rank is reduced because your post will fall off the front page  often instantly or within hours. Often too the page rank is from a dropped domain – it will disappear with the next update.

The automated distribution of BMR means that PR5 sites aren’t hammered – they seem to get the same rate of posting as the PR1 sites – that is good for the long term potential. With the rate of posting it looks like most of my articles will stay on the front page for around about a week – which will also help indexing.

Quality” of BuildMyRank Sites v. Postrunner

Oh the “quality” debate. Both sites have the same rules: no duplicate content, no spun content. Both sites have human review of every article published. BMR also reviews every site that you are links to before you can build any links to it. BuildMyRank won’t let me submit with typos.

Postrunner allows 2 links per a 300 word article. BuildMyRank allows a link per every 150 words ie. you can publish a 150 word article for one link, a 450 word article for 3 etc. Because I believe the second link is heavily discounted the BMR model allows me to get more links for the same amount of writing.

Diversity of the sites. I would probably give the edge to BMR on this because they are deliberately spreading out their sites across the world – and not just the US. Almost all Postrunner sites are hosted in the US – because its cheaper, and a great deal of them are hosted on Hostgator – because of the affiliate deal…

SEO quality. In Postrunner the owner of the site can mess with the post: they can change the permalink structure, they can add their links above mine in the post, they can additional links (internal and external). With BMR what I write is what its published – fullstop.  In Postrunner there are a lot of site owners changing my posts and frankly competing with me for my keywords. In BMR its a service – they are making their money by selling BMR not my running Adsense  on the sites (none of the sites have any monetization that I’ve seen) – its therefore in their business interests to make sure that the sites are well looked after from an SEO point of view-  if they lose the quality of their sites the service will go down hill (as many have before).

Oh and before you ask – all the BMR sites that I’ve checked are running privacy protection – so no its not suspicious that the one organization owns them all.

Grammatical quality – we are not even going there. Just to say if you own a Postrunner which requests “native English speakers only please” – you will never knowingly get content or a link from me…

Outsourcing with BuildMyRank v. Postrunner

Both sites allow your writer to login to the site on your behalf.  I’ve used the same writer  on both sites. On Postrunner I have to share my login. With BMR I setup a writer account and give my writer a unique login – I prefer this because if I have more than one writer I can monitor their performance separately.

The economics of using the same writer in both systems:

Postrunner: 8 articles a day, 8 links a day.

  • NB – I know I am the minority here but I seriously think linking twice from the same article greatly reduces the strength of both links – I prefer one link per an article.
  • My worklfow: My writer adds the post , tags, link. I log in – I check the grammar – tidy it up to get past the grammar nazi’s, chose a directory, schedule or submit it. It takes about 45minutes- 1 hour of my time.  Maybe 2 articles a day are rejected because a) 7 days have elapsed or b) an objection to the quality or content of the article – I have to resubmit it – make that an hour a day in total – worth US$100 to me …

BuildMyRank: 12 articles a day: 12 links a day.

  • My workflow: None – no article has been rejected yet – 36  posts to date.  I set up the rate of article distribution once for each site I am building links to, got the site approved – overhead per a site – about 3 minutes – once.

So between the 2 systems I am getting 50% more links and saving an hour a day using BMR …

Monitoring Backlinks with BuildMyRank v. Postrunner

Monitoring Postrunner Backlinks:

  • To do the stats on my previous post – I spent several hours: downloading the links built for one site: manually checking each article to see if it was indexed and recording the results

Monitoring BMR Backlinks:

  • The front page gives you graphs of your most used keywords for the month/year and also the PR distribution diagram I’ve used on this post. The grid of posts will give you where each article is published, its PR and whether its indexed. Effectively its saving me hours and hours of ongoing work with those 2 columns. However I can’t download the details – so I am captured by their system with their great stats…

Quality of Support for BuildMyRank and Postrunner

I have had great level of support from Postrunner for many months.  BMR I have tried out with some “dumb” questions and they responded within hours and very professionally.  I added a number of new sites for approval to BMR – the response was within an hour – on a  weekend (wherever they live in the world!). They appear to approve articles within 12 hours (because of my time zone – they seem to approve overnight for me so they are probably in the US).

Actual Results from BMR v. Postrunner

Well there aren’t any yet from BMR – I’ve only been a member for 5 days!  That said I have 29 articles live – of which nearly half, 13, are indexed. I have another 15 articles queued so will have some real results soon.  What I am seeing is that several people who have been doing this type of business for a while and have an Internet home business plan – like the network too.

So What’s the Bottom Line

Postrunner Costs

  • Postrunner is part of Keyword Academy which costs $33/month but the first month is free. Handy affiliate link here. Upfront costs Postrunner is cheaper – but in terms of ongoing costs of getting and keeping links … jury’s out so far …

BuildMyRank Costs

  • No commitment to join and try it out for 10 free links – which stay up even if you cancel and leave. If you buy within the first 15 days of joining you pay $59/month – if you take longer to decide the price goes up to $129/month. Pricing is now related to how many domains you want to build links 5 domains are $59 and the price goes up from there. Domains can be turned off and on though – so with a bit of planning you can rotate domains in and out of BMR for link building. Handy affiliate link here

In both cases the on-going subscription is via Paypal and to cancel you just cancel the sub in Paypal – no crawling back to the comapanies involved.

Neither system limits the number of sites you can build links to. Both sites limit you to the English language and “Google friendly” topics.

Both system allows you to schedule posts into the future. BMR limits the number of posts for any one of your sites to a maximum of 10 a day.

In both cases these are two of the lowest cost backlink systems out there. I have paid over $120/month for a similar service to BuildMyRank – which offered less in terms of reporting.

Which Am I Going to Use

  • I am using both going forward – for the moment anyway. The hands off outsourcing is just too good to ignore.  There are some sites in Postrunner which are developing authority and I will use them selectively.
  • You can never have enough diversity in your backlink profile – that much is certain …

What Are My Recommendations

You are making

  • Stick with Postrunner and the TKA system and get your income up there.  Get backlinks from a variety of places: HubPages and ezinearticles still work!

If you are using an outsourcer already:

  • The ability to have them use BMR “hands off” from you – priceless in my view;

If you are making $500/month and you are building at least 10 links a day

  • I’d consider buying BMR – but only if I really thought I was going to submit the content – all of these systems require you to actually doing the work.

I will back with some updates on BuildMyRank as the results start to show. I am going to be using it exclusively on quite a competitive term – I’ll be interested to see what it comes up with in a couple of months

51 replies on “Build My Rank Review Compared to Postrunner”

HI Lis and thanks again.

I was thinking all the way through the post that BMR would be better but I don’t earn any money online yet.

The break down at the end did it for me. I will be sticking with postrunner until I start earning then rethink. It would be nice though if Mark and Court were both seeing reviews like these and possibly acting on them.

Being very new to IM I don’t liek writing content for other sites but have come to terms with that however I don’t like the idea of writing content and it not getting indexed. You say you have a way to do this, if its not too much of a secret can you tell me how pretty please?

I don’t want to take up the 10 free links offer just now if it means I may miss out on the cheaper monthly rate by not signing up in the 1st 15 days so I will just wait and see how things pan out.


LOL – see I will never make millions – because that’s why I put that paragraph in! Its really easy to keep buying stuff when you are making no money – not quite sure on the psyc of it but its something like the shopping I used to do at lunch time when I hated my day job LOL! Do me a favour and come back when you start making some money!

Heh, hopefully it won’t be long.

I am working on the TKA focus badge just now using my first supersite. Using all the vids on TKA have been great to fingers crossed.

I knew you would do a more professional review than me 😉

I have to say I am loving BMR, got good serps results already and the speed is incredible. No tags to add, no finding the correct site etc, but I would stick with Postrunner too for some great diversity, and they have given great results as well.

But every article so far has been indexed after a week or so, with nothing done to help them on their way so that is a good sign of a worthwhile network.

Yeah I am gutted about the tags – NOT! Nah I liked your writeup too! Reviews I used to do for a living – easy stuff!

I too am seeing real results from BMR in terms of advancing up the SERPs after only a week. And I agree with Dave about the posting speed that’s possible with their interface. I load in my links and anchors when I start a project and then it’s zip, zip, zip.

Many of these types of products start out with a bang and then go downhill after they’re discovered by the masses, so I’m going to use the heck out of it while it’s still good.

I was just considering BMR. Your post was perfect timing. I think that when I get paid my money this month, I am going to invest in BMR and at least try it out for a couple months. I was considering a few othter services like this but I have only heard good things about BMR so I will be trying them out first.

Damn Lis! Now you broke it! There will be a 1000 users through your aff link and each one of the sites in their network will get 1500 posts a day, the system will lag and the links will be worth nothing.

Seriously… It does look good so far.. I haven’t been using it too long either and I can’t say much more than you. Where’s my affiliate link in this post?! I believe I pointed you at BMR? 😀

Yeah might be OK on that – not really seeing the signup in the thousands yet LOL. BTW I used your affiliate link you affiliate link – so if you didn’t get that there is something wrong …

Hmm… Don’t see it yet… I’ll contact their support and ask about it – I’ll maybe need some of your account details for that so can you shoot me an e-mail?

What are your thoughts long term. I have never used other link networks like linkvana and underground network (I think that is what two of them are called) but the comments always seem to be: “It was good while it lasted.” Does that mean that google eventually finds a pattern and discounts the links? Or that they weakened the network with spammy sites? Will privacy protection really work long term?

I like the idea that Postrunner sites are owned by hundreds of different people, some of whom are probably committed to maintaining strong websites going forward. It somehow feels like a more natural link profile, closer to a guest posting system and less like a farm?

I might have to right a post on this… I have used a number of systems and what I know is this. Backlink Solutions (BLS) got part of their network deindexed by Google – that was several years ago and they recovered. Google doesn’t generally deindex networks – the networks discount themselves – it works like this:

I just dropped another network and what happens is actually what is happening to parts of Postrunner at the moment. I site has high PR – but gets 20+ posts a day – your article is only on the front page briefly – and the googlebot doesn’t notice – your article is not indexed ie the links don’t count. In Postrunner at the moment several of the high PR sites are dropped domains – they will probably lose PR in the next update (overdue as I write this) – the links will become less valuable. In the meanwhile they are getting far too many articles a day – the bot is just not noticing most of the articles posted – I’ve tested this BTW.

In addition sites in the network need to be genuine high PR – PR because the right links have been pointed at it – and will stay that way. That’s why most dropped domains lose their PR – they lose the links.

So Google doesn’t go after these schemes per se – they don’t have to – their current systems weed them out naturally – as the scheme become less effective, people drop out…

I have hopes for BMR because they have had the guts to put the number of your indexed posts up front and centre – so if they don’t do well on the metric people will drop them… They obviously have a business reason to ensure the quality of the network.

Agreed Lissie–worrying about what “might” happen to your links in the indeterminate future just isn’t a good use of energy. Even Ezine and Hubpages aren’t certain–Squidoo got a Google penalty a few years ago for having too many, um, medical, lenses. And just went bye-be.

I have to say I’m quite pleased at the quality of the services that have sprung up in the past year to service the growth in the IM community. Way back when I started (and walked to the computer barefoot in the snow), there was barely anything, and what there was was crap. Now you have Postrunner and BMR, two very solid services, for half of what Linkvana used to cost. I just don’t see any down side.

Yeah I’ve lost sites over the years (not using the techniques I’m advocating here) – and bugger as they say – but the money was already in my paypal account…
Do you remember when we had to hand craft html and then ftp the files to the server, after cranking up the coal-fired heater to turn the electricity on …

I must admit, and I don’t know if its because I am new to it all, but when I use postrunner I really only go for the blogs that are as associated to the subject of my post as possible.

The talk a devaluation in postrunner bothers me because I have just joined them. I truly believe that Mark and Court know what they are talking about and I have learned a great deal from the core videos and forums. I like their motivation tools as well.

I realise that posting on other sites such as EZA and Hubpages work but if the key is to get as many backlinks as possible to rank well then without postrunner I simply don’t know what to do especially since I am not earning money yet from IM.

I would love to know what Mark and Court’s opinions are on what you’re saying about postrunner but in the meantime I am plugging away at it.


Colin this is a business that changes all the time – there is nothing perfect out there – but TKA is pretty darn close – as you say they are great at motivation! One of the things Mark has said more than once re Postrunner sites is that he doesn’t bother with chosing only high PR sites there. Related topics is a good thing to focus on too – I’d do that rather than worry about PR and you will probably close enough.

There is nothing perfect -and if you are looking for certainty and perfection find a different business – but at the end of the day keep building links!

I was reading this and questioning the point of TKA until I got to the price at the end. Would it really be worth $129 every month? I can see the value at $59 though. Unfortunately, I’m not in the regular $500+/month bracket yet so I’ll take your advice and leave it for now 🙂

I don’t thnk anyone is actually paying $129/month Rob – if you can’t decide to join up within the first 2 weeks @ $59/month then you are unlikely to join at all is, I am sure, the logic! Its 2 weeks from when YOU join not 2 weeks from now 🙂

Hi Liz,

I joined the BMR (well not really just took the trail 😀 ) but anyway this is my question. I wrote an article the first day I got my site approved (it was super fast approval yes i agree). And they approved it and within 12-24 hours it was indexed. But…

I am building links for a site which is about home improvements, etc and the article was posted on the BMR network was on a General PR-1 directory. So when it comes to the relevancy do they let you choose a site category to send that post like in postrunner?. Thanks.

They are all general sites from what I’ve seen gayan – that’s pretty common with this type of service

Loving this site. Looks like the new Ben and Griz site but from a real person who’s not superman in work ethic.

I tried the 10 free links from BMR. And did the 30 month free trial of postrunner. In the end I’ve decided to not mess around with either of them and just just ezines and infobarrel. Yeah 10 C-class IP limit but each article still builds PR to your profile page.

If I ever buy a wordpress blog and start my own article site then I’ll take another look at postrunner.

Hi Liz,

This is a good review, I like your honesty with all the reviews you have done here. I am not making even $10 per month, and I work part time IM with kids and all so I better stick to doing things on my own. No auto stuff just yet!

Taking a bit of a chill on Postrunner at the moment, although I did increase my traffic by about 100% from all the articles I submitted over the summer. Now I am having a good go at BMR.

I really do like how there is no faffing about choosing a blog. Not that I mind too much with PR, but having to resubmit after 7 days is a bit of a downer.

Long term, I think PR might be better since we are submitting to “real blogs”. But for the sheer ease of use, BMR is my current favorite.

Lando I am not seeing too many “real” blogs in PR – if there were more I may agree with you – but I am liking BMR at the moment

Another feature of BMR I love is that it won’t let you submit an article without any links…I know we have both made that mistake occasionally with PR.

With PR I just contact the owner and ask them to insert it or reject the article and I resubmit it!

BMR actually rejected a post because I had the wrong link in it (typo) – I was impressed with that and wondered if they would catch non-linked posts

Hey Liz,

I have not tried BMR yet but seems like you have a great review on it! So I’ll take a close look to it. Thanks.

Anyway, I have another friend who has used it and here’s his feedback:

– Pages get indexed pretty fast.
– There are not too many advertising and sold links like other networks sites.
– Content are posted to relevant categories after moderation.
– The pages get bookmarked to give some online presence and punch.

So are those true for you Liz?


Daniel I’d agree with that except I have seen no evidence of other advertising or paid links on the sites I’ve checked. And yes they use RSS aggregation and bookmarking to ensure links get indexed

I just signed up for BMR trial. Posted 4 articles and it just sits there spinning on the last one for hours… eventually it timed out and said I had to subscribe to post more links. Wonder if anyone else is having this problem. Looks like a good service though. I like the idea of being able to setup logins for my writers.

My writer wasn’t having any problems a few hours ago Rob – but I’m not on the free trial – it migh just be a glitch. Is the domain you are linking to approved?

I started off on PostRunner with my 12-year-old PR3 web site and was inundated with articles. 20-25 every single day. I did not have enough time to do any writing! I would get home and spend two hours just editing typos and trying to make sense out of horrible English. The rejection rate was high. I’m not talking about a bit of punctuation, I’m talking about unreadable text. So I finally changed my minimum words to 500 and added “native English, high quality articles only” and that finally choked the volume down to a level where I could easily handle the approvals. I now approve 99% of submissions.

And Lis, I’m sure I would have approved your articles! The ones I was getting seem to have never ever been edited by someone who had a passing familiarity with the English language. Yes, it was that bad.

Of course, now that PostRunner has removed Page Rank I can be assured that all my submissions will end up on PR0 sites. That one thing makes BMR *very* appealing. Not sure I’m ready to bite the bullet on the cost yet, but soon!

Maybe I missing something. I have read the BMR sales page and FAQ. It appears I need to submit one original article for each backlink? They submit each article submission I make to only one of their sites? It seems to me that if that is all this amounts to, then I am just as well off to simply submit the article to one of the major article directories.

I am currently a member of AMA and like the idea that I can write an article one time, and if I put some thought into the spinning I can end up with many different versions of the article, and therefor more links.

Please tell me what I am missing here. Thanks for the review.

@Mitch – you are not missing anything -one short article – if you call 150 words an article – one link. The difference is the strength of the network – not that the blogs are pretty or there are cool graphics – or even that they have PR – just that I am seeing my sites go up in the rankings. Postrunner is a similar system – and also gives me results – its all about budget and how many sites you want links from. I find most directories – except for eza – to be useless – can’t even get my articles indexed anymore

This is a really great article. Do you have any further articles sharing your ranking results with BMR? I’ve been using it for about a month and love all the factors you pointed out but would be interested to see a real life case-study showing ranking results and how many posts were submitted/at what rate etc etc.

I’m hoping you have put something like this together?


This is the first time I have visited and I love your sense of humour. Came looking for an homnest BMR review which is what I have found here. I’m going to sign up under your self seving honking link (love it!)


Thanks – probably pisses off more people that it gets signups – but WTF I say – no one can say I don’t sound “real” LOL

Good review Lissie.

I might be trying that service pretty soon. Do you know any service that will let me build backlinks in the Hebrew language? That could be neat.

Thanks Kiwi girl !

Ok, it is now 2013, post Panda and Penguin. DO you still recommend these services? Google killed many sites, many which were using link farms, blog networks, etc. Can you give your honest opinion on these services now?

Thank you

Interesting that the service you liked best and promoted with your affiliate link is the one that does not exists anymore 😉 I guess this services are too risky and that is why BMR and many others were hit hard by google?

I think people who recommend something and later that service or program does not work anymore should either delete their review page or put a disclaimer saying that the service no longer works or it is crap.

Anyway, thank you Lis for replying, I guess BMR is another of the many services that Panda and Penguin killed 🙂

I deleted the link a long time ago. Shoot me I was wrong – guess you were never wrong either?

Hey Lis. Bang, you’re dead! 😉 Totally kidding.

This was a great review and I appreciate your having posted it. I was curious if you’ve heard of It looks to be similar to Build My Rank, except that they take the postrunner approach of working with real blog owners and so it’s less susceptible to the outcome that Build My Rank finally had. I just came across it and actually found this post as I was looking to see if anyone had done a review between them and postrunner.

I don’t know it Mike – but really I think you are better off saving your money and spending time to find links the old way – by building relationships with people in your niche

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