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AMA After 2 Weeks

Wow I am really impressed. I have been tracking the sites/pages I am promoting using Article Marketing Automation. Today I had a quick look – expecting the usual list of “not found” mean I’m not ranking in the first 1000 results and just about dropped the laptop – I am ranking wow!

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I am promoting a hubpage I wrote a while back. The page is nearly a year old but wasn’t ranking at all well on the SERPS. I posted an article with a variety of 3 word keyword phrases on 21 September (which has now been published 53 times): almost immediately my Google traffic jumped – that could have been coincidence – I’ve seen this size jump before. But today I noticed that I was ranked for some of the 3-word KW phrases I had never promoted anywhere but via AMA – in fact sometime in the last couple of days I jumped from not in the top 1000 – to position #2 (for 2 phrases) and #6 for another!

Now hubpages may not be a fair test: I generally find I can get hubpages to rank easier than anything else I write. But I also have been pushing a niche blog of mine. Its been around about 3 months, is a .info and is bouncing around – it got to first page and then dropped out of sight to sit around the 100-300 rank mark for various long-tails, for the last 2 months. Now today its back, and boy is it back -the gain in the last couple of days is around 200-400 places so that I am now sitting position 10 and 20 for quite a number of my keyword phrases I. I submitted one article to AMA on the Sept 19 – and its been published 59 times.

People this seems to be working – I’ll let you know in another week whether the positions hold up. Those links again: AMA free version with a trial of the article submission
Or if you want to go straight for the money version – click the pretty banner on the right!

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That’s quite impressive. I haven’t taken the plunge to the paid bit yet, but these results are certainly encouraging.

Yes I wasn’t expecting anything so dramatic so fast -the rankings are still there today too LOL

Hi Lissie,

What a small world the IM arena is. I posted a question about AMA on your Hubpage, (By the way, thanks for the answer.),and I read your comment about AMA on Griz’s blog. Not knowing it was you, I followed your link to your blog and said, “I know that lady.”
Anyway, hello again and thank you for the updates on AMA.
Congrats on the success with it!


Bridget – its actually a very large world – but I inhabit the best neighbourhood LOL I stick to a few sources of useful, reliable information! Glad to have been of help!

Hi Lissie

Another one who followed the link from the Grizz’s site. Thanks for the info re. AMA I’ll check it out, it would be nice to see some upward movement in my Warren Buffett site so hopefully AMA will prove useful!

Well the sites which made the jump are hanging in there on or about the same position for day 3! Tough niche Value Investor – good luck!

Hi Lissie,

Great blog. This is really interesting and I’ll have to check it out. I also have niche blogs I’ve really plugged away on, and some Hubpages I’m proud of, but which don’t rank too well (I’m Jerry G over there). Thanks for the post and I’ll be sure to check around the blog!

Hi Jerry: thanks for visiting – it really is a very cool product. Obviously I get paid if you sign up for the paid product. But heres a tip have a couple of 300 word articles already done; sign up for the free version and you get to submit a couple (? I’m not sure how many) articles to see if you like it. But spin the articles when you submit them – its an option inside AMA – otherwise people like me will reject your article for duplicate content!

Lissie, great info about AMA, I will have to try it out, I have also Stumbled the article. So continued good luck to you and your page rankings, and maybe with the grace of God, mine will increase as well.


Lissie, so you can use a hubpage with AMA? I posted my blogger blog there, but wanted to add mu hubpage as well and I know you mentioned it in the AMA article here.


Hi James. No you mis-understood me I am using AMA to promote my hubpages i.e a link to a hubpage within my article which is then posted on the network and I get the backlink and therefore the increased search engine rankings. Submitting a blog as you are trying with hubpages only works with blogger and self-hosted WordPress blogs (the ones you have on your own domain not the domain). So you can use AMA to promote anything – so long as you can link to it but you can only get content added to WordPress, Blogger adn a few other types of blogs

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