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Google Reveals SEO Secrets

Google has just released their Search Engine Optimization Guide. Yes the big G itself is finally prepared to answer the most FAQ out there ” How do I get my site to rank in Google?”

Its a pretty scary document: well scary if you are in the business of scamming people out of good money by pretending that SEO is hard to do – its anything but. In fact I suspect none of what is in this guide is new. Its just been finally collected all together in one place so that people can actually find it – now that’s an idea!

The report is fairly simple to understand for anyone who has the rudiments of how a website is setup. The bottom line is excellent for anyone who wants to make money as an online writer because as usual the bottom line is that a website which is attractive and useful for readers will also attract the search engines. Get your headings right and make sure you correctly anchor your backlinks and Google will notice.

I wrote an extended review of Googles SEO Guide an how it applies to HubPages here: SEO How to Do It by Google

One item the Google SEO Guide mentions in passing is that blogging about newsworthy or unique content will get you ranked. That certainly seems to be happening to me on my Australia News blog

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I think the real reason people pay so much for SEO is that they don’t have time or the inclination to learn–they have too much going on with the business they’re running and can’t stop to devote the time. It’s another case where busy people pay a premium for the stuff they could do themselves. Like freelance tax issues–I pay for my taxes to be professionally done, even though it’s no real mystery how to do it. Sad, eh?

Both good points Joe and I pay someone to do taxes for me to! I guess the point is that I can do my own taxes so I know enough not to have someone rip me off telling me the taxes have to be sent via timbuktoo LOL
I think many owners haven’t yet figured out knowing the basics of SEO is as important as understanding a balance sheet!

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