Kindle Formatting for Nonfiction


Kindle Nonfiction Formatting Guide

Solving Your NonFiction eBook Formatting Problems

Kindle Nonfiction Formatting Guide

Want to make sure that your book is the highest quality as possible? You’ve written a great book, paid for editing and an awesome cover. But is your formatting letting you down? 

How many times have you seen a reviewer on Amazon slam a book with a comment along the lines of: 

 This book had good information, but was let down by it’s formatting.

In the Kindle Nonfiction Formatting Guide  you’ll learn

  • how get sub-headings and bullets to behave right every time
  • to control your paragraphs so they are NOT indented on some Kindles 
  • to ensure that you have a table of contents available from Kindle’s menu button
  • learn how easy it is to update books when you control the final formatted file
  • BONUS: signup for FREE updates and get  FREE copies of example files and on-going formatting tips!

What My Readers Say

Lis has created a very helpful and thorough resource for formatting your e-book. It is easy to understand, well written in humorous conversational tone, and with lots of clear examples to illustrate the details. It’s the “Bible” for self publishing and belongs on your bookshelf, close to your keyboard 🙂 

Doing my first Kindle conversion was quite a daunting task until I found this book by Lis Sowerbutts. I really like the step-by-step layout of her book which eventually enabled me to get to the promised land of having a mobi file I could upload to Amazon.

Before I read this book, my Kindle books were poorly formatted, because I was using MS Word and other software that’s often recommended. After reading this book, I got a lot of useful and valid information about Kindle formatting and now I’m able to properly format Kindle books, do it all by myself and make my books look nice, professional and exactly as I want them to look. 

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About the Author

Lis Sowerbutts has been knocking around the worldwide web for a number of years.  She started writing her Non-Boring Travel Guides partly because she was unhappy about how difficult it was to use traditionally published travel guides on her Kindle. The formats that worked well with paper books, didn’t translate well to the Kindle.  

She then discovered that there was an awful lot of conflicting and confusing information about how to format for Kindle. In particular she found that the determination of many writers to keep on formatting using Word and other word-processing programs meant that instead of making their lives easier, they were making it more difficult. 

She figured out how to format her own books nicely, and took notes as she went. In the end the notes appeared to be the core of the book she’d wanted to buy on how to format Kindle nonfiction books. So she wrote the book she wanted to read: and now you can read it too.

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