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I Got My Writing Mojo Back

I’m an adult, I’m not scared of the dark, I don’t believe in ghosts or monsters. But I was scared – really, really scared – of this:

Scary, scary file - lurking on my computer

Not the program, Scrivener, – its cool, it was the outline – the outline for my next book. That File.

It was just so scary – I had to hide from it for a month. Eventually I decided it was too hard, I went around it – wrote a bunch of content for Lis’s Travel Tips – content which is quite similar to what will be in the book – but they were just long blog posts – I can write those!

As Tracey pointed out in the comments of my last post – you actually don’t need spectacular sales to make money selling indie non-fiction. Although she missed the future value of money ($3k today is worth more than $3k paid out over 10 years) – her point is valid:

Basically what I’m saying is that it’s about volume (amount of books you have) and repeat customers.

I knew that, I knew I had to write more books, for goodness sake I’d written one,  why was the next one so bloody hard?  I dunno maybe its just me – having done something out of confort zone one, doesn’t make it that much easier to repeat the exercise. Weird

However as a student of time management and procastination I knew that I couldn’t manage the problem if I didn’t measure it. The problem was two -fold:

  • I was writing enough;
  • I wasn’t writing my books

I decided to start counting words – yeah like rocket science, right?

I decided to start with the easier problem – the first one. I started writing – last week I wrote a total of over 8000 words  (I don’t count comments, forums, social media, only words written as articles either on my sites or to promote my sites). It was a little scary – I was guest posting – something I’ve never actually done. But amazingly I persuaded some bloggers to publish my stories: Wellington Sculpture and Paris in the Snow . But it wasn’t as scary as That File.

OK so my output was up, and it was good for marketing – but I really needed more  product to sell. I needed to deal with That File.

Now Dave in his clever little Pond decided to start with some motivational board. Post your goal – make it public, and either win or fail – if you fail – well it was bad – the Duck Booed

  1. Monday: Stated aim: 5000 words, achieved 5153, 13 articles for an auto-responder series. Yeah thanks to info in the Duck Pond – I’m finally going to send emails to my lists (want more Lis’s travel tips  – sign up for the Newsletter here.
  2. Tuesday – I didn’t state a publishing aim – instead I spent the day sorted out how to actually use AWeber (yeah really I’ve never used it to actually send mail LOL) and editing some of the words I’d written so I appear literate.
  3. Wednesday – OK lets try writing today. 5000 words. Not sure what I want to write about: of course I have books to write,  a ton of keyword focussed articles to write, hell I could even write some backlink articles. Did none of it – massive Duck Boo !
  4. Thursday – I opened up That File. It didn’t bite – it was more like -” hey hello Author – nice to see you, been a while”.  The structure wasn’t bad. I found the notes that I’d written on the plane – fitted them into the plan. I decided I needed a chapter on a place I hadn’t been to – I did some research. By 10:30pm I had about 1100 words. But I’d promised myself 5000 words. By 1am I had those words.

Would I have stayed up if I hadn’t promised publicly that I’d write them – nope. Where they great words, nope, the grammar is awful and the typing was falling off markedly towards the end. Doesn’t matter – they can get edited, they are not final words, but they are a start, and having some words rather than a blank screen, is about 80% of the way to the goal.

So today is Friday – and I have another 5000 words to write on my book! Later!

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Its a balancing act setting a write target, trying to hit it and still getting through the day in the real world. Great if you can do it but its no great shakes if you can’t.

In my little corner of chaos, the phone rings, I usually ignore it. The doorbell rings, I try and ignore that too but can’t always. I can even ignore the call of nature for a while, at least. I can go without coffee and even food if I put my mind to it, again for a while at least.

My daughter lets herself into my inner sanctum, which she is now big enough to do and I cannot ignore that! Not if I don’t want my newly written masterpiece to end up alt-ctrl-del’d into oblivion LOL! Its play time again and if I gently usher out of my home office, my partner takes that as a signal to go do something important and I’m left with an impromptu “coffee break without the coffee” playing with lego (actually more fun than you might think…ahem…) or having my brain mushed by yet another cartoon episode of Dora the Explorer!

All good fun, but it plays havoc with any kind of time management. But I’ve heard it said you can’t manage time, time can’t be managed! You can only manage yourself. Except when you have a little one who insists on you managing it on her terms!

Needless to say, its nice to set a 5k word target, but whether I’ll hit it or not is another thing cause I can’t always ignore the interruptions that working form home leave me open to. Que sera sera, as they say in California.

LOL I am dog sitting at the moment – he’s similar – he decides hes’ bored he just jumps on my lap – tricky if I have a keyboard in it at the time ! They only reason I can see to hire an office away from home would be a child – does your part of the world have WIFI in the coffee shops?

Glad to hear your are back on track.

I find when I’m struggling to get started it’s because I’m a bit lost about where to start and what to write. So writing a detailed outline chapter by chapter usually helps. Plus I use the old journalist why, when, how, where, what thing. Makes it a bit easier to cover everything and seems to flow better.

5,000 words a day is pretty impressive! I can usually only manage around 1,000 before my brain turns to mush.


P.S. Your sidebar social share thingy is right in the middle of this text box on my laptop (probably because my screen is small).

Thanks Tracey – I swapped plugins – I think this one plays nicer – should be a bar on the right chasing u up and down the screen!


Glad you started on the ebook(s). Hopefully you’ll get the first one done by the end of the month and a huge ass tick through your todo list.
What’s the plugin you’re using on the left side then?

Thought it was, but it is integrated strangely (in my screen anyhow).

Glad you got your writing mojo back. In books, 80% of the work is/should be done in the editing and review stage anyway so just get the content down and edit/refine later.

Thanks for the interesting post. It sounds like you’ve worked your way through your writer’s block.

I recently calculated I’m writing a few thousand words a day. That’s not bad, considering I’m not a writer. Even business people who want to raise their visibility online are forced to write these days!

Thanks for this post!! I just downloaded scrivener. I had never heard of it and have a book in my head and want to start doing something about it.

Thanks for the tip about Scrivener – love the corkboard wallpaper in the background. And yes, I saw your Boo points for not working (I wasn’t responsible for those), but there’s still time to repent. You’re doing great.

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