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Keyword Academy Case Study – One Month Update

End of the first month with my little Keyword Academy Case Study with the statistics for my new site after a month of Postrunner submissions. Basically the site seems to be growing naturally with  solid page 2 rankings for both my exact domain match and my main keyword. I have the distinct feel that the exact domain bonus drops siginficantly down if you have more than two words in the domain (this domain has four).

Supreme Court, Wellington New Zealand

Rankings as of 30 April 2010

Rankings on 30 April (14 April 2020 in brackets | 8 April 2010)

26 pages indexed in Google (15 |13 pages)

backlink recognised in yahoo 6 (1, 0)

domain name exact match long-tail: 14 (17 | 17)

main keyword: 17 (34 | 61)

main keyword singular: 19 (31 | 61)

cousin keyword #1 ; 24 (63 | 47)

cousin keyword #2: 22 (43 | > 100)

cousin keyword #3 82 (>100 | > 100)

cousin keyword #4 >100 (> 100 |>100)

cousin keyword #5: 25 (and 78 double listing) (49 | 37)

cousin keyword #6: 39 (60 | 71)

cousin keyword #7: 33 (60 | 71)

Postrunner Articles Live

25 articles live 2 still waiting review. Over all iIve had 3 or 4 articles returned after 7 days because the directory owner is asleep at the wheel.   When you schedule posts in Postrunner – they are not  actually sent to the directory you select until the date scheduled so you may have to wait for another 7 days for the article to be approved.

Of the 25 articles live – all but 4 are indexed. One of those has only been live 2 days the others have been live for over two weeks so I may need to build some links to get  them indexed.

Expenses to Date

25 articles @ $3/article from The Content Authority = $75

Income to Date

I haven’t put Adsense on the site – but I may do soon because I am starting to get trickle long-tail traffic. I have an affiliate product which as so far has had a bout 30 clicks (but no sales).

Hows the Competition Doing?

Alana has battled through hardware failures to update us on her Keyword Academy Experiment

Tiffany’s posted her one month’update at Passive Income Goals

Has anyone got an update? Let me know and I’ll link you here!

5 replies on “Keyword Academy Case Study – One Month Update”

Looks like you are doing pretty good on your case study. Page 2 after only a month is great! I definitely did not get as much as I wanted to get done backlinks wise with my site but I am trying to month 2 much better. I will probably have my case study update done in the next day or two.

One site I set up two months ago and have neglected is now position seven on first page of Google (I can be a lazy TKA’er). It is an exact match domain for the keyword, yet I have only sent it one blogroll link and there are only four articles up. Top four pages are PR 3 3 2 2, and potential is US$3800. One solid link from a new PR6 article site I’ve found and I’ll hit position one.

Sorry Lis, I like your pics but I think the new Supreme Court in Wellington is an eyesore 😛

How many words in the exact match domain Mike – its sounds like a 2 word to me? LOL re the Supreme court – they said that about the Beehive too you know – now its an icon -guess I will have to add a picture of it to the next post so someone else knows what we are talking about!

Hi Lissie
I must admit I haven’t done as much as I intended for my site as I’ve been distracted with another project I’m involved in. Have ordered some more articles written so I hope to do better this month!

PR articles published 6 (2 not indexed yet)
PR articles indexed by Yahoo 1
pages indexed in Google 37
main keyword position 30
2 long tails are on page 2


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