How to Earn $1000 Month From Google Adsense

This article was originally published on HubPages but Google Adsense “requested” that I remove it because its against their TOS to actually tell publishers how to make money from their program – at least by using the term Adsense in the url! So here is the article reproduced!

If you actually read the article I think it was pretty funny that they thought this article was about encouraging fraudulent activity with Adsense 🙂

Making Money with Adsense

How to make $1000/month using Google Adsense -well I want to share the secrets of my Google Adsense success with you. Making money working form home is the dream for many – but you could make it your reality!

Its easy all you have to do is check out my blog Earn Passive Income Online and there you will have the chance to buy my ebook on how to Make $10,000 with Adsense for Beginners.

OK sorry about that – I couldn’t resist, for those of you who weren’t paying attention -this was an example of sarcasm – the irony (look it up) is that the ads displaying will all be along similar line to my copy! (Of course on hubpages the Adsense bot happily returned a whole bunch of get rich quick schemes – Adsense is happy to take your money if you are an Adwords advertisetr but they don’t want publishers using that dodgy title!)

Seriously though if you really looking at how to make money with Adsense check out my hub: How To Make Real Money on the Internet

The truly scary thing was the amount of interest I got when I twittered the title – there are an awful lot of people looking for an easy way to make money online

The Truth About Making Money Online

Well the reality is that it is neither quick nor easy to make money online- and in fact although its fairly easy to make a little money with Adsense its quite difficult to make $1000/month with it. The issue is not really how to make money with a specific affiliate program: of which Adsense is just one example. The issue is how to make money working on-line.

Luckily for me I have already written all this stuff down all before. Here’s a tip though – if you aren’t prepared to work hard and make hardly any money for the first year or two then you might as well go and get a job now – its a lot less work!

Learn from Someone Who Makes $30,000/month with Adsense

Oh you still here? Well if you really want to learn how to make $1000/month with Adsense – I have only one recommendation for you – check out Grizz’s ugly blogger blog about How to Make Money Online

Its probably not the sort of blog you’d think would make at least $100 a day (that’s $3,000/month for the maths challenged) – and that’s when he’s having a bad month.

The truth is that there is a lot of disinformation and lies out there – and Grizz not only makes a lot of money on-line (that’s just one of his sites) but he also explains how to do it – but it does take effort and hard work – and that’s not the answer most people want to hear!

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I have been a follower of Griz for about six months now and am starting to make way with some decent income (decent for a newb that is… lol).I have heard about you from Griz’s blog and just wanted to drop by. You are right about the work involved in making money online! I spend so much time on this stuff and make so little for the hours I put in. The hardest part about is that I’ll spend countless hours one month and it will take another month to start paying off – oh well I guess in the end it will be worth it.

Anyways, I have a few questions for you:

I notice that almost all of you guys dont use adsense – is it because you make more off of affiliate programs like host gator or project payday?
( is it me or does it just seem really unlikely that someone would buy hosting through your host gator link from your site without doing any research? )

Have you tried using adwords to generate money off of a project payday lead etc..? Would it be a good idea?


Hi Casey. I don’t use project payday – I know Griz does – but its not open to me as a non-American so don’t really know anything about it. Griz used to run adsense on his mak money for beginners blogger blog – he doesn’t anymoer – i guess one can conclude that he makes more money with affiliates.

I do run Adsense ads but never have on this blog – the affiliates I run here pay quite well – Hostgator is $50/sign up – and Asense really only works if you write very targetted posts – I don’t like writing targeted posts all the time – so I prefer affiliates – so some of the posts are promoting a program – some arent’ they are just my ramblings – some idiot number of pepole seem to follow me (well for me any more than 10 is amazing still) – so it must work LOL My adsense sites are niche sites targetting very specific topics – fascinating if that is what you are looking for, but not so much for repeat traffic.

I have never done adwords – I believe it can make you good money for affiliate offers but you can also lose quite a lot of cash quite quickly – its on my todo list – maybe this year 🙂

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