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Postrunner V2 Is Coming – Sneak Peak Review from a Beta Tester

Postrunner is the guest blogging system which has been part of the Keyword Academy for several years.  Now however its being re-launched as a Postrunner V2. 

What’s New With Postrunner V2?

Well the core of Postrunner is the same as I described in my Postrunner review over a year ago. However Postrunner V2 is a complete re-write of the existing functionality – so it works robustly, plus a host of new features. The whole user interface has been greatly improved – its nice and smooth to use compared to the old one. The key functional changes are:

  • site owners can determine how long an article they want and how many links they allow. No more standard 300 word posts with two links!  If you want 1000 words with one link – you specify that at Postrunner will ensure that is all you get. 
  • site owners can add a long blurb introducing their site and saying what you will and will not accept – you can link out to a requirements page so you provide potential contributors detailed instructions 
  • there is now an author score – this is determined by owners who score your articles. Site owners can restrict access to their sites by requiring a minimum author score. If you don’t have high enough score you can’t post to those sites. 
  • on the flip side those selecting a site to publish on will now see the site’s Page Rank and, more importantly in my view, the percentage of posts ignored by the site, i.e. returned within 7 days.  
  • sites can be ranked up to 5 stars by article writers. 

Postrunner is positioning itself as an introduction service between site owners and those that wish to promote their own sites.  Postrunner sites are all owner by individuals, not the people who are running Postrunner. This is guest blogging, not manufactured backlinks. 

The aim is to get many more, quality sites into the system.  You may have noticed, having a few quality links to your site will trump thousands of trashy low quality links any day of the week. Although some, including me, will see it as a Build My Rank alternative, but really this is about legitimate guest blogging. 

Will Google like it? Who the heck knows – but I have NEVER seen or heard of a site being penalised for accepting guest posts, or using them for promotion. 

Coffee anyone? Nelson, New Zealand

Pricing Information: 

Indicated pricing for Postrunner v2 for new subscribers is:

  • free for promotion of one site; 
  • up to 10 sites: $30 per month;
  • up to 25 sites: $50 per month;
  • up to 50 sites : $75 per month;
  • un-limited sites: $199 per month; 

Note you submit as many articles on any plan – but you are limited to how many sites you can promote. 

But if you are amember of Keyword Academy WHEN Postrunner V2 is LAUNCHED you will be grand-fathered in and allowed promotion of unlimited domains. 

When Will Postrunner V2 Launch?

Postrunner is now live for all members of TKA

So what I am trying to say – its a really, really good time to join Keyword Academy – take advantage of the free 30 days look, check out Postrunner V2 – and if you decide to use Postrunner you end up paying $33/month for unlimited domains. Plus you get the other tools and information available for TKA members too. 

Questions, queries, comments? Ask away! 

18 replies on “Postrunner V2 Is Coming – Sneak Peak Review from a Beta Tester”

I haven’t been paying much attention to be honest Regev – I think alot of people are completely defocussed after the BMR debacle

….or just too scared! I see a lot of newbies on the HubPages forum who are absolutely terrified of creating backlinks. The word seems to have gotten around that if you create even one backlink yourself, Google will crucify you! Isn’t it funny how everything gets magnified out of all proportion on the internet.

Guest blogging is the way to go. I’ve been inviting people to guest blog on my sites – I’ve even bought Gravity Forms and have a form on every site where people can submit a post direct – but so far, only two people have taken advantage of it. I know my topics are very niche – not many people can write meaningfully about belly dance or ballet – and I am going to insist on genuine information, not just backlink trash – but even so, I expected a bit more interest.

hmmm…. I signed up again with TKA last month, but cancelled before the month was over. The forum had taken a big dive down since I was last a member and to be honest, there was no value in there for me any more.

PR 2.0 … not sure not sure … I still have a few English sites that I could plug in, PR2-3 sites that could do with some fresh content, so I am on the fence about his one.

Oh well, looks like I have a few more days to come to a decision 😉

I’ve now quit TKA twice – and am waiting for Postrunner 2.0 to join again (maybe). I got really frustrated with the lack of response on 80% of the posts I’d submit (they would almost always be returned a few weeks later, unread and unposted). And the sites generally ranked lower than my own (only a PR3). Now I’m sitting on the fence again – can I get higher quality guest posting opportunities (giving and receiving) and get higher quality results JUST by asking for posters on Twitter? And how long will it take Google to figure out that services like TKA are just working the system? It would take them a few nanoseconds to figure out who posts their sites there, and sandbox the sites…. Just saying that maybe Google’s quest for “completely natural posts and traffic” is actually the way to do things.

I wish people would get over this obsession with Page Rank – its really easy to get a PR3 – I had it within a few weeks of the last few sites I did – gave them one link from PR3 I owned – bang PR3! Its far more valuable to have links from real sites in your niche regardless of their PR – and PR STILL has nothing to do with search rankings!

I´m in the same position as Doug, I´ve quit twice too. I was first with them for 2 years, left last year because I was fed up with how things were going over there, them removing NR, the forum going down, the changes and PR being worthless to me. What really pissed me off and was actually the final straw, was the lack of communication about the webinars. I would sit up late at night to participate in them and would only find out a little before the actual start, that the webinar was cancelled. That happened a few times in a row and I figured that really, their clients did not matter enough to send out head warnings. Anyways, I left.

I signed up last February again, after Court did the webinar about his site (i got a sign up link “by mistake” and figured to give it another go, maybe there had been so much improvement, it would be worth it…) To me personally, 1 month was enough. The forum still does not add anything to my personal experience (im better off in another place), NR is slow as hell, the webinars … well, Im not going to lose a night´s sleep anymore and I was never into post runner enough to use it.

Sorry to say, but to me, it is $33 down the drain at the point where I am at with my business, I know what to do, and linking is different to me, owning mostly foreign sites. Call me stupid though, but I am actually considering signing up to be grandfathered into the new PR, not to build links but to receive guest posts.

So I´d pay $33 to receive guest posts, thinking that maybe, if the quality really does improve, it might be worth the $33 to receive 4-5 good posts a month for a few sites.

Lissie, right, pagerank “does not matter”… but no matter how you twist or turn it, sell two domains, one with PR0 and one with PR3 and guess which one will get you most $$$. It might not matter for ranking, but it DOES matter, if you sell the site or if you sell advertisement space ON the site. Anyways… knowing that they will probably be TKA about the whole thing, I expect it will still be a while for the new PR to be released. To be grandfathered in, does one need to sign up before the new release or before the PR being opened up to the public?

Always enjoy your write-ups, Lis.

The interesting thing about the re-launch of PostRunner is that it will become one of the most powerful SEO tools out there – simply by making no attempt to be an SEO tool.

I think people migrating over from the link farm services might even say PostRunner is too much work and hassle. Compared to BMR and the like, getting links and exposure through PostRunner WILL carry a much higher “time per link” investment.

Of course, that’s the whole goal. I’ve always mulled a quote from Aaron Wall – “The harder a link is to get, the more likely a search engine is to trust it.”

OK an update peoples – Postrunner is going off-line from Friday 20 April – to convert the existing database over to the new version – if you’re still on the fence about joining up to check it out – now is good!

They aren’t charging people who are members of TKA for promoting more than one site – so long as they are members before Postrunner V2 goes properly live – in a few weeks I’d guess. After that you won’t have to be a member of TKA to join postrunner, but they will charge you. I assume there’ll be a discount for new TKA members – but I don’t know that

I wish people would get over this obsession with Page Rank – its really easy to get a PR3 – I had it within a few weeks of the last few sites I did – gave them one link from PR3 I owned – bang PR3! Its far more valuable to have links from real sites in your niche regardless of their PR – and PR STILL has nothing to do with search rankings!

Thought I’d do a web scour on PostRunner since I just signed up to them to accept Guest Posts – as well as any others wish to send in through my website details.

Is anyone here using the WordPress plugin and what, if any, experiences on the quality of posts? My site is a PR4, not that that is much relevance 🙂

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