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Qassia – what is it?

Qassia is not only a useful word to know if you want to win at scrabble and are stuck with a “Q” but not the “U” but also a way to get free do-follow links to your websites or blogs. You earn “Qassia $” (unfortunately not convertable!) for adding “intel” which are short (200 word typically) articles, or by screening other people’s submissions or by referring people to Qassia. You then spend the Q$
to get “do follow” links for your websites: as many sites as you like and you can change the allocation as you please.

It’s a fairly new site and but seems to be doing well and now has a PR5 ranking for its front page. I suspect its one of these places where being in early might well be good: I go to ezinearticles and get depressed about how many excellent articles there are on any imaginable topic: there is a lot less competition at Qassia! Qassia is still in beta testing so the only way to get on is to follow my personal invite to join Qassia

5 replies on “Qassia – what is it?”

Now you have been with them a while, what do you think of them?

I am seeing my backlinks show up well from Qassia so at the moment I think they are worth persuing: it seems pretty easy to accumulate a fair amount of Q$ to spread around my links

Hi lissie,
Nice to put a face to the name. I’m suprised, looks, smile, and useful information all on one blog.

Seriously, how many links do you think you have got from Qassia? If you say its worth it I will check it out.

All the best

P.S Talk to you tomorrow over at Vics place.

Hi lissie,
Me again. I cannot find the Justin article you refered to this morning, regarding getting indexed in 24hrs.

If you could let me know where it is, that would be great.

All the best – John

Hi John, Yeah mostly us blond’s are pretty intelligent you know: just don’t tell anyone else OK LOL! I’ve 5 do-follow links at the moment but I recently added a bit more intel – I think it takes a little while to update sometimes.

I got this one indexed in 24hrs – I did a couple of BMD runs and few links back from HubPages. Justin’s comments on how he gets ranked for competitive terms – which is whole different matter – was on the chat, if you scroll back a few hours you’ll see it maybe 4amEST

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