Sorry – Its Been A While

Bad, bad blogger. What can  I say – as soon as I get some traction going on this site – I don’t update it for 6 weeks, and don’t even manage to get an income report out for my email list! I guess this is why I need to have too many blogs – so I can ignore them on a rotational basis! Why am I ignoring this one? Well, really, because I have nothing new to say.  Mum did say, if you’ve got nothing nice to say, say nothing! 

Nothings much changed. Wizzley is doing OK, but not spectacularly. It would probably do better if I’d manged to get more than under 80 articles up there though! And yes that is my entire output for the year pretty much.  

Wairarapa, near Wellington, New Zealand

Far from surging ahead my income is stalling and slowly declining (thanks HubPages). I will need to pull money out for the flexiloan to pay tax next month – upsetting that. 

I feel like I am flying blind without Market Samurai. Traffic Travis – is the best of a poor set of choices for monitoring sites. It does OK, its a bit slow, and you will probably need to pay for proxies to keep it running.  I leave it running on a back screen and its doing the job. 

Looking For a Rank Tracker For Web 2.0 Sites

I was using Keyword Strategy to track Wizzley articles – but Fraser has just dropped a whole lot of his functionality – so I now have no way to track Wizzley articles – anyone got any ideas on that one people? I find it very useful to see where articles bounce too on initial release – if they show up on page 5 or 6 or higher I know its going to be easy to rank them. Its a far more reliable, in my experience than worrying about competition metrics. 

I am so tired of Google killing good tools! (Oh yes I really sure that the only reason Fraser has dropped this functionality is from pressure from, I mean is it a bloody crime to want to know which articles are worth promoting and which aren’t? Apparently! 

Build My Rank is still working just fine, despite rumours to the contrary. And also despite me redirecting my contractors efforts away from them for over a month, the ranking I have are holding just fine. It just seems that Adsense is not paying as well these days. 

No, I still haven’t done anything with my main travel site or my eBook site. I haven’t done any promotion, and I haven’t written any more eBooks. 

Where To Next

Well now I am flying blind with Wizzley – I think  I will switch my attention for the moment. I’ve noticed one of my sites I last posted on nearly 6 months ago, and last built a link to 3 months ago – is suddenly getting some traction. Watch this space – and no you won’t have to wait another 6 weeks for the next article 🙂 

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Market Samurai states now that it is ‘reasonable safe’ to rank-check up to 100 keywords in one go. So one solution could be to set up different projects and check them randomly?
The other approach would to to forget about the rank and to concentrate on the first appearance of search engine traffic. Wizzley gives you those states on an article base. If Google sends traffic to an article, it must rank 😉
With Google searches becoming more and more personalized I fear that ‘the first page of Google’ as we know it will be anyway soon a thing of the past …

Hmm I thought you had to do it 10 at a time … I want to know when the site is on page 5 or 6 – it won’t have any traffic – but its not a million miles from ranking for some either

There is now a ‘search delay’ option in the Ranktracker module and the warning about ‘not too many keywords at once’ has gone away. So might be worthwhile to try that one out if you need to know your rankings.

Sorry to hear Wizzley isn’t living up to expectations. What do you know, if anything, about other revenue sharing sites such as Infobarrel, Seekyt and Snipsly? Has anyone used any of them and how do they stack up in terms of google rank?

I used infobarrel a long time ago – when they first started. I always found their CLR very poor – its probably worse now as they run infolinks all over the articles. I don’t think you can do affiliate links there either The other two I’ve heard of but not used

I have used Infobarrel and Snipsly in the past:

Infobarrel ranks well and converts badly into clicks and zero into Amazon sales in my experience. They are also pretty strict regarding ‘self-serving’ links aka back links you build to your own sites. Remember also that many back links from the same domain like infobarrel to one single site can look ‘spammy’ in Google’s eyes. Not sure if Google sees them as a content farm yet, they have some sort of editorial control to keep the worst garbage out, or not.

Snipsly I have used very little, they have even less editorial control and more ‘garbage’ on their site.

No idea about the other one you mentioned. Depending on what you look for, revenue sharing site and / or back link source, Wizzley seems to be a good site for both.

My income is going backwards too. Not just on HubPages, but on my sites as well. My traffic hasn’t dropped on my sites but it’s also not building, and customers are just not buying.

As for Wizzley? The way I see it, the only point of writing on rev-sharing sites (instead of your own) is because it’s equivalent to writing a guest post on a well-ranked big site – you should stand a good chance of it getting indexed and getting readers without a lot of self-promotion. If you’re going to have to promote it the same as your own sites, what’s the point?

My Wizzley articles (I refuse to call them Wizzles) have done nothing, really, so I’m not sure whether I’ll write any more there. My HubPages traffic is bumping along at 2010 levels. Infobarrel and Snipsly have never done anything in terms of income.

Hi Lissie. Looks like you get caught up in life too just like the rest of us! I do look forward to your posts and although I don’t understand alot of this yet I am slowly learning. I have 9 domain names now, with only 3 hosted so I can hopefully “learn while I earn”, and I agree, Adsense has been dismal. HP traffic is stalling out for me too.

I have been shopping around a bit for a rank tracking tool i like to work with and so far there has only one which has had consistently accurate results. its called rankranger and you might wanna have a look. apart from that-thanks for another great post lis 🙂

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