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Most Bloggers Are Effing Clueless!

Bloggers are absolutely bloody clueless – well except for my friends of course. But most of the bloggers out there really don’t know which way is up.

Most bloggers bitch about one of two things: coming up with new ideas for their blogs or not getting paid to blog! The whole fiasco had blame on both sides – there were an awful lot of bloggers who were convinced they were owed a living based on their inane, or even well-written, ramblings about their day-to-day life.

(BTW if you were thinking why not to that last sentence – try putting up your own blog along these lines and living off the resulting revenue… )

Which brings me to the point of this post.  I do some freelance work for an agency. That agency gives me articles which need to be placed on relevant blogs – that’s not so hard is it? After all most bloggers want unique content right?

Actually absolutely not correct. I have kept a bit of a list and I find if I try to contact 10 blogs that look suitable the break down goes something like this

  • 1 blog will have absolutely no way to contact the owner of the blog – this is particularly true for blogs but I have had it from self-hosted and blogspot blogs as well.  Its not that hard people – its called a contact page – you either put a form on it or you write your email address like lis at lissowerbutts dot com.
  • 2 blogs will promptly and politely respond that they don’t accept guest posts – cool no problem, thanks for your time.
  • 1 blogger will respond and then prove utterly clueless about how to actually cut and paste the post – we get there eventually  – and hey at least I got my Kharma quota up – I do however wonder sometimes!
  • 1 blogger will respond, request the post, and post it – win/win job done.
  • 5 bloggers will never  respond to my email.

Its those 50% of bloggers who are too lazy/arrogant/whatever to bother responding to that I am talking to.

  • No you haven’t just not been online becuase I know your blog is updated regularly otherwise I wouldn’t have contacted you.
  • No its not a trick -the concept of Guest Posts is apparently difficult for some people to grasp – I’m not sure because its talked about all over the blogosphere – but trust me Guest Posting is a legitmate opportunity for companies to get their nae out there. What do you think article marketing is all about?
  • No I will not be insulted if you don’t want a post – just tell me so – how long does hitting reply and typing no thanks take?
  • Have you no bloody manners?

Oh and if you have a PR3 on your front page or more than 200 RSS subscribers blog in any of the following niches: health, diet, exercise, healthcare careers, medical careers, patient rights, or Web 2.0, and would like a 500+ word original article which includes one link in the authro’s bio paragraph please feel free to drop me a line via the contact form or email lis (at) gmail (dot) com. No splogs or other autogenerated content please.

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MyStarterBlog: An Alternative to WordPress?

Guys – this is a neat new tool to create websites really easily, from a cool guy Steve McGrath over at McGrath Info  Solutions.

MyStarterBlog is an easy way to create a blog without all the overhead of WordPress – no database required!

An Example of a MyStarterBlog Site: Pink is NOT Compuslory!
An Example of a MyStarterBlog Site: Pink is NOT Compuslory!

MyStarterBlog is a cool little program which allows you to upload a complete website – including content (which you have to provide of course) in one file. There is no database involved. There are a couple of advantages to this.

  1. It takes very little bandwidth or other resources from your host – it will run a lot faster than the equivalent site running WordPress or blogger.
  2. Although there is a comment facility (via email) – and most visitors will think the site is a blog (check out the example MyStarterBlog site here), its not a  blog in the sense of  spammers looking for a place to put their viagra ads in your comments!
  3. Runs out of the box with some themes pre-packaged but you can buy more themes or adapt whats available if you are prepared to hack some php.
  4. You don’t have to update your blog/theme/ widgets every time you login just to make a 5 minute post!
  5. You are less likely to get hacked because hackers target WordPress’s known security flaws – meaning that you have to keep upgrading (see 4. above!)
  6. If you ever need to move host – you just reload the site – one file – DONE! If you have ever tried moving a WordPress blog between sites you will understand that this approximately a a zillion steps less!
  7. You only have one small file to upload – around 300k, rather than the 4MB or so that most WordPress installs involve.

Will It Cost Me? Yes and No

There is a free version which has the following restrictions:

  1. Only supports one blog
  2. Links on pages are no-followed

Download it had have a play -a the end of the day – if you hate – you have spent – nothing!

If you upgrade to the registered version – currently $17 now $7 – can’t beat that price!, then you have:

  1. Unlimited blog support
  2. Ablity to import posts from text files
  3. Ability to import from existing WordPress blogs (using the XML export format)

If you like product then write a post about it on your blog within 15 days of your first purchase. Email Steve with your details and he will refund $10 to your PayPal or AlertPay account. You don’t need to do the review anymore  the software will cost you $7 – that’s not free – but its bloody close to!

And that includes free upgrades for life to!

Bottom Line: Do I Recommend MyStarterBlog

Yes I do if you have specialist blogs that you don’t update so often I think its ideal – because frankly for most blogs WordPress is waaaay over the top.

It would also be idea for a beginner blogger – you don’t have to learn about widgets/themes/upgrades etc etc

I recommend it to because you can try it before you buy  – and I like that in software.

What You Will Need to Use MyStarterBlog

You will need hosting, a domain name, an ftp program (to upload your files).  See my recommendations for these and other software here on my Software I Use page


I’m going to get my $10 for this post – but you don’t have to write a postive  post to get that $10 – Steve just wants to get the buzz going on a new product, so rather than an affiliate program which bumps the price of the software up he has come up with this innovative approach. This is a limited time offer – so give it a go and if you want to get MyStarterBlog for $7 rather than $17 – do it now rather than later!

I tried to find something not to like about this product – but honestly I can’t. I am not a developer myself but I’ve worked with programmers for many years in my real world job and I know how much work goes into creating a cool little tool like this! For the price, even $17 – its a steal.

It may not work for your business so try the free version and see if you have a use before paying.