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2009 Passive Income Goals: 1 Month Update

OK sorry to bore my 2.5 readers – but you do want to know the details of my problems with motivation didn’t you LOL Well really these posts are for me – for some reason writing my words on the great WWW makes me feel like I’m accountable to – well me really!

OK So I going to take my 2009 goals – and report on it every month – something like 99.9% (I made the figure up – you get that on the Internet) – people give up on their goals by now so I’m going to be one of the 1% who didn’t!

Goal Build More Sites

Sites built : one

Sites promoted: none

Excuses – pathetic!

Sites Ranking #1 For MY Keywords

Ranking #1 for keyword: 4

Ranking #2 and #3  for keywords: 14

OK this is the ultimate objective – and my statistics are a bit off because until a few months ago I didn’t know what where my keywords 🙂 These aren’t all sites either: some are hubpages and other third party sites. The reality is that it will take 6 months to get new sites to this point, and some will never make it, and some will rank #1 for keywords I didn’t know I was aiming for.  Some will make me money even though they are stuck at position 9 or 10.

Freelance Writing

Haven’t replaced my part-time real world job but its slowly building and I am getting different gigs from different places too.

Why do I keep getting distracted? Why am I consistently not focused on my main job – to set up passive income sites? Well I think again Monika over at Making Money Freelancing has got it right – I’m procrastinating because I fear failure – I am paralyzed because I may get it wrong!

Well its stopping and its stopping today!

For February I will be:

  • focusing on getting 4 new sites up and backinks built

That’s it – one goal – make it my focus.  I’m stopping  playing in the paddling pool and I’m diving into the deep end! Hope I don’t break my neck LOL

What's the worst that can happen...
What's the worst that can happen...

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