Urgent – RSS Subscribers ONLY – You Need To Read This

If you are not an RSS reader, or have no idea what RSS is, that’s OK, just skip on by, this post is not for you. 

If you are reading this via Google Reader you may or may not know, that Google is shutting down the Google Reader platform on the 1st July. 

That’s a bummer if you want to stay in contact with my blog – here are a couple of options. 

Want to stay with RSS? You need to find another RSS reader and subscribe to the feed: 

If you don’t know which reader to use – it seems  that many people are recommending Feedly – it’s free, that’s not an affiliate link, check it -you can easily import all your Google Reader feeds too. 

Or Sign Up For The Newsletter

If  you are happy to get an email from me on a (semi) regular basis then signup for my newsletter: 

(If you can’t see it in your reader click here to go to the blog ) 

It usually comes out once a month and summarises what’s been happening for the last month or so.  

4 replies on “Urgent – RSS Subscribers ONLY – You Need To Read This”

It looked pretty cool to me too – though I must admit I’ve stopped using RSS for my blog feed a while back- tend to just follow people on SM!

Hey Lissie there is a new software being launched soon called AK Elite. Its by the guys that created SEO elite and Keyword elite ( Brad Callen or something like that.). Since you have been writing kindle books you might be interested in it. Its a keyword tool for amazon kindle publishers. I have not tried it because I am not too much of an ebook writer but I am sure that you can put it to good use. Think Market Samurai for kindle publishers. I think it launches July 9th. If its good it might be a good affiliate product for you to promote.

By the way I have been studying post penguin SEO and have found some interesting stuff about link pyramids being penguin proof. Very interesting stuff. Maybe those old hubs and Squidoo lenses can be put to good use. I have some that are earning peanuts that might be useful as part of link pyramids, since the whole strategy relies on web 2.0s as link buffers. Hope you have a great week.

– Luis

Callen has been putting out crap over-priced products for years – so no I won’t be buying another one. I use a cheap and easy tool to analyse Amazon- but you don’t read anything more to enter a few keywords into Amazon and see what terms come up in the suggestion box.

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