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Want to Make NO Money Online ?

Sorry quick post – but I got a laugh from this so I thought others might too…

And I didn’t even do the research to find – it thanks to Costa from WordPress Theme Customisations for this one!

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I have purchased all kinds of products in the past. I just never have seen a product that would give you the results you need right out of the gate.

Thanks for bringing this to light……….

I did the free trial for scribe seo also to check it out. You are right, it does try to do what it says.

Thanks for the entertaining Video.

Yup the guys really talented – made me laugh out loud after a stressful weekend!

That was brilliant. LOL. Love the part about missing out on the offer if you don’t act now – “unless of course you reload the page.”
Thanks for that Lis.

Its an interesting experiment – I liked the video – but I also wanted to see if the instant indexing I get with my usual posts would extend to something with hardly any text in it (that and I was too tired to string coherant sentences together ) – its curious – I’m assuming you saw the ping back show up – but my usual alert on my name didn’t happen – but the post is indexed…

Saw the linkback in my dashboard Incoming Links.

Strangely, it says,

“unknown linked here saying, “Sorry quick post – but I got a laugh from this so …”

when normally it would state the blog author’s name instead of just “unknown”.

Ahh Alyn have you been doing comedy coaching with him? You are found out man!


That is a good one! We’ve all seen far too much of the hype. Whole new concept to the world of conversions….

Thanks for the share,

Mike S

Interesting as I’ve seen the video the guy is talks so fast i guess he is in a hurry hehe. He is brilliant and funny person I love the video… thanks for sharing your video to us. For me laughter is the best medicine all we need to do is to be happy and forget the problem.More power to your site! G_d bless

ha ha!! he is really funny, but many people who are in the internet marketing field who promises to give you a system that will fetch you instant money just talk exactly the way he does..

Nice video thanks for sharing.. πŸ™‚

Don’t poke fun at this guy. He is my mentor.

I applied the teachings of The No Money System and it works perfectly!

Are you a bit skeptical?

Seriously, I learned how to make no money while I sleep and you can too!

Jump on this opportunity NOW. There are only 42 million participants allowed so you must act FAST!

Gee 42,000,0000 I thought it was exclusive at 21,777,444 participants – oh well next time I will strike the gold mine!

Hey Lis, I love the video! I can really relate to it because so much of what he says is straight from the sales pages of every second internet marketing product! hahaha

Hahaha – great video. It make me laugh because actually today i received an offer in my inbox to join an email marketing course which had a video with some of the exact same messages. Im sure the strategy used in these types of videos works otherwise people wouldnt keep using them (obviously not this video but others which use “limited time offer”, “price increase coming” etc).

Great video Lis! Thanks for sharing it – it really made me laugh! I must have listened to about 100 videos almost identical to this one over the years, the guy in the video does a great job of impersonating the typical internet marketer…!

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