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Where to publish your best content

I’ve been focusing very much on learning a whole lot more about SEO and winning the Google game to get myself ranked. One of the “light-bulb” moments I had as that content isn’t king and writing good content is not, in its self, enough to make you money from your own sites.

Another of those “oh God its obvious now” is that content is important: but not so much own your own site or your target money maker. Instead your best content should actually be in guest blogs, or articles or hubs or lenses that you write elsewhere. Why? Because these backlinks sites serve too purposes:

  • to get backlinks;
  • to drive targeted traffic to your site.

Now sites such as Quassia basically provide just a backlink, no traffic. However sites such as ezinearticles or hubpages can provide qualified traffic looking for whatever you are selling.

4 replies on “Where to publish your best content”

Great insight. I never looked at it that way. I’ve always been saving my best content for my own blogs!

Thanks for visiting dcr – yes me to! I think there is a key difference between a flagship blog like this one and a niche blog too. If your monetization model is Adsense do you want your visitor to be too distracted by your content 🙂

I found writing a guest post on a popular blog is a great way to get traffic, links. Spend some time writing a decent article that you think the audience of that blog will like.

Thanks Mike – yes that is on my to do list. I’ve done one already, not a busy site though a nice PR3 backlink, and intend to do others too.

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