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Wizzley Review: The Answer to the Hubpages Scam?

Are Lissie and her scams right? Well its hardly my fault that scam is a the word Google likes to give this blog authority on. Well OK maybe it is my fault! And so yes I can use it to my own benefit as in HubPages Scam, SEO Scribe Scam, Keyword Academy Scam, and of course the one that started it all SiteSell Scam

What is Wizzley?

Wizzley is a place to write articles and get paid via affiliate programs plus get backlinks to your sites. It has a nice set of tools which are drag drop to build your “wizzes” (yeah really that’s what an article is called, where I come from is what a little boy does when he stands up to go to the loo – but whatever!). You have to have at least 400 words, the usual topics (porn, guns, drugs) are banned as are some other rather commonly over-used topics including acne, credit card debt, forex and weight loss. 

What does Wizzley offer? 

  • revenue share starts at 50% – goes to 55% after 50 articles and 60% after 100 articles; 
  • revenue is from Adsense, Amazon, Zazzle and AllPosters – and you are paid direct by those advertisers – you know like hubpages used to be. You get paid for referrals too 10% of impressions from referral’s articles – paid from Wizzley’s share. 
  • instant indexing – I created a new user on Wizzley – added an article I’d been forced to remove from HubPages – and it was indexed within the hour! 
Stuff you should know: 
  • they have human editors, don’t submit crap – they will reject it.  
  • don’t submit duplicate content – they will reject it. 
  • minimum article length: 400 words. 
  • its a new site – it opened to the public about June 2011, therefore its not huge, and it doesn’t have the internal traffic hubpages has. 
  • you can control the urls (the default is the same as the page’s title), as the site is new, you can probably get your URL of choice. 

Wizzley Compared to HubPages

  • if you want to use the site for backlinks you have to have some advertising enabled, if you don’t want Adsense on the article, turn advertising off and then add an Amazon (or Zazzle, Allposters) module somewhere. They won’t accept articles solely for the purpose of backlinks
  • unlike HubPages you don’t have to run Adsense – turn off “advertising” on the right side of the edit page if you just want to use the other modules
  • unlike HubPages Wizzley has a nice little contents module
  • unlike HubPages there are quite a number of different ways to use the Amazon module – examples  here 
  • a brand new identity of mine on Wizzley had my first article indexed in Google inside an hour. With my 4-year old ID on hubpages recent hubs have taken days to be indexed
  • others are reporting getting keyword targeted articles on the 1st or 2nd page with little backlinking. I’ll comment when I have tried myself. 
  • Wizzley has partner sites which accept German and French articles! 

If You Make Money With HubPages You Might Want to Move to Wizzley ASAP

As of 2012 – HubPages’s Amazon modules will be paid via the HPAds programs, NOT via your own Amazon affiliate ID. If you are making good money with Amazon I shouldn’t have to explain to you why this is a terribly bad idea, and why, I have spend hours today un-publishing hubs on one of my accounts so I can move them over to  Wizzley. 

If you want to know the details of why this is a bad idea: check out my Move Amazon Earning Hub to Wizzley

Ideally of course if your articles are making money, they should be on your own sites. But I haven’t time to create a bunch of sites, so in the meantime I am moving them to Wizzley. 

On the face of it I like the layout of Wizzley and think I can use it to create a good CTR to Amazon. If the site stays in Google’s good books and pages rank easily – then as they say YAH CHING! 


28 replies on “Wizzley Review: The Answer to the Hubpages Scam?”

I am in a similar boat to you, I am moving my hubs slowly out to one of my own ‘catch all home and garden sites’ that Google loves. Others I do have transferred to Wizzley, so far so good. I think Wizzley could also be a good place to send absolute beginners or people that can’t afford their own hosting (low income countries) to. And obviously I am more than thrilled about the German twin of Wizzley 😉 As for Hubpages and Amazon, yes, I think you are right, they will keep the commission for the ‘other sales’ and credit only the item(s) that were bought directly from the module. Pity that they are not more upfront on that one, but then, it is Hubpages we speak about … My infobarrel articles do still well, but yes, the conversion could be better and Squidoo has gone bonkers completely, it takes only a few ‘reports’ by competitors and they de-publish your lens without warning. So yes, content goes now preferably on my own sites or, if I have not a good fit for it, to Wizzley! SY

Why would anyone possibly think that weight loss is an “over-used” subject? Mmmm… 😉

I looked at taking a wizz (hahaha) at Wizzley a little while go, but somehow it just looked like someone else’s attempt to create a hub pages clone. Google might like it for a while until the PhDs realise its just another “general content farm”. It might look good right now, but I’m betting as it grows, it won’t take long for it to grab their attention and then its bye bye ranking.

They don’t want you using it just for links. What bloody use is that then?

I was almost tempted to switch over some dead hubs, but stopped short because in my heart of hearts I know there is really only one place to put that content – and that’s on a site of my own.

And put in all that work for a lousy 50% revenue share and no link? Not bloody likely.

Yeah who’d have known about the weight loss Terry 🙂 You can have a link but you need to toss an amazon or similar capsule in – you know for the pretty pictures (and they are quite a lot prettier than hubpages!)

They will be OK so long as they retain editorial control – something hubpages never did. I agree the content should be on my own sites – can you find me an extra few hours a day please LOL

Yeah who’d have known about the weight loss Terry 🙂 You can have a link but you need to toss an amazon or similar capsule in – you know for the pretty pictures (and they are quite a lot prettier than hubpages!)

They will be OK so long as they retain editorial control – something hubpages never did. I agree the content should be on my own sites – can you find me an extra few hours a day please LOL

Hi Lis,

you can customize your Wizzley-URLs by clicking the “custom URL” button in the editor and then filling in whatever you like. 🙂

We have nothing against self-promotion and backlinks to your other hubs, or lenses, or own websites. All we’re asking for is 400 words of unique, useful content that gives value to the readers BEFORE they have to click through for more info. THAT’s why we are not just “another general content farm”. And Google knows it, believe me. 🙂

With regard to weight-loss articles, we are not interested in the same old e-book crap from yesteryear. And neither should you as a self-respecting internet marketer. If you create a uniquely-valuable article on weight-loss issues, we’ll probably approve it. However, spun content pitching a Clickbank product won’t do.

All our rules serve only one purpose: to create the best-possible reader experience and to make money for us and our authors.

Best always,
Chef Keem
Co-founder of

Hi Chef Keem I want to move my previously published articles to wizzley, is it possible? or you will reject it for being duplicate?

I’m not Chef Keem! However yes you can move previously published articles – just wait until they get deindexed by Google

I never got into Squidoo or Hubpages and I probably won’t get into Wizzley. I think that kind of site is really geared more to people who can’t be arsed to build their own sites.

A generic, catch-all website is going to be the better option in the long run. You know, kinda like the one I get 2000+ visitors per day at?

Web 2.0 has its place in my site portfolio, always has. It’s a great way to test keywords and see how quickly they rank. It’s also backup for me. With Google getting so twitchy, I feel a lot more comfortable mixing things up and putting some of my content on Web 2.0 sites in case my own sites get smacked (kind of turns conventional wisdom on its head, but hey, that’s the way I roll).

If a Web 2.0 gets slapped, it’s easy enough to move my content elsewhere. I always keep a .txt copy on my hard drive in case anything gets confiscated or just disappears – have had to use it more than once.

Wizzley is very ad-heavy in its default settings, so we’ll see over time how well Google likes it.

Hey Lis,

I’m definitely going to have a look at this one. I started out at web 2.0 so I have tons of random topic hubs or pages that don’t fit into any of my niche sites, and it’s nice to find a place to move them to. I definitely prefer my own sites, but I have a couple hundred hubs doing nothing, it would definitely be nice to see if they can earn me even a sliver of what they used to make on HubPages for me. I’ll definitely come back in a month or two and see how it works for me – and I know Chef Keem from my time on Squidoo, which is encouraging to me to know he owns/is involved in the ownership there. Definite plus from my point of view.

I didn’t know him before Wizzley – but I like the tools they’ve put together and he seems like a good guy to deal with !

Hi Lissie, it’s been a bit of a trail, (the Pond, your Empower Network gig, to your blog, on to Wizzley, back to the blog.)

Just thought I’d stop and say Hi.


Nice to meet you Bruce! I do someone wonder if how anyone finds me LOL ! Thanks for the signup!

How do you turn adsense on for Wizzley since you did not make any money? I never knew that I had to “allow sites”. I know that you can block sites. What I did was ban Wizzley and then turn around and unblock it. Tell me your secret.

Do you use Janet Smith’s the digital nomad ebook? She sort of disappeared off the planet.

I created a new Channel on Adsense and added it to my settings in Wizzley. I don’t know what the default is on Adense is these days – it used to be that it allowed all sites – but I don’t allow that it – just in case someone steals my adsense ID – and puts it on a porn site to get me banned (yes its happened). instead I allow sites on a site by site basis!

Learnt something here, I didn’t know you had to “allow” Wizzley in your Adsense either. Just followed your instruction above, as I was a big fat $0 with Adsense on Wizzley too

Liz, could you explain how to set up adsense for only your sites so I don’t get hacked?

I love interface of Wizzley! I am using Wizzley as not only a site to post exceptional content, but to link to my other sites.

I am a huge fan of Post Runner. I use them too. However, it’s hard to beat these Web 2.0 sites that have a high PR and allow you to not only link back to your own site, but lets us monetize the sites!

Hi Lissie, This year I am going to amp up my IM work.

Here’s how it went for me:
2011: Not sure what I spent all that time doing!
2010: Did some “xfactor” style MFA sites, got slapped in the beginning of 2011. Didn’t have the guts to try that strategy again.

So this year?

Well, seeing how hubpages, etc got slapped, I’m going to stick to my own sites.

I have some aged sites sitting in Postrunner, not monetized, etc.

What I plan to do is add content to them like I would to a web2.0 – I have the advantage of knowing what keywords pay well (yay!) so I’m just going to write posts on those topics (or get them written up) and then backlink them. Unfortunately since the posts have PR plugged in, I can’t use PR to link to them, so I’m going to head over to BMR….

I’d love to hear your thoughts/suggestions on this.

I’m making a tiny income from other sites but I’m a bit nervous about going aggressive post- all those algo changes 🙁

Newbie – make sure you don’t add a lot of posts with very similar titles – that seems to annoy Panda! On the other hand adding quality articles, fairly long ones targeting a bunch of related terms.

Also I wouldn’t bother with a general site -I’d only put this work into something that was in a niche (narrow or broad).

BTW you can use postrunner to backlink the site – just make sure you use different sites mainly, though reciprocal links are pretty natural.

All the algo changes in 2011 – they are all about ON SITE factors – not link building. IMHO link building hasn’t changed significantly.

You’ve spent a year being nervous – maybe its time to take action?

Hi Lis

You appear to be quite knowledgeable and willing to give advice to newbies, here I am also one as well but only very new, in fact just starting on the internet writing game. I am hoping that you may assist me as I am currently researching the web looking for the best place to begin and getting quite confused and concerned to say the least, with all the scam sites etc.
I hear there is lots of chat about rather having your own site but then how does one go about putting fairest pricing on articles, is this something one can only learn from other “member sites”? Which way would be best, own or member sites? I previously have 12 years technical authoring experience and currently often write newspaper articles for our local papers. Some decent advice would be appreciated.

After HubPages I lost faith in revenue sharing websites. I only use them for back links now. I’m still new to making money online so I don’t have tons of content to switch over, so focusing on building my own sites and hopefully it will payoff in the long run.

hi Nishadha,

Can I ask how many Hubs did you published already?

I was planning to sign up there..would like to hear from you..


Hello liss,

Thanks for letting me know about this awesome new site.I have never heard about wizzly.I like hubpages but now i like to try this new site.

As you have stated that they manually check the article before publishing.If i submit the article and they accept and publish it.After i want to edit the article and will they again manually go through the article and then re-pubish?It is just like ezinearticles , if i edit the article , they will again manualy check before publish the article.or i can edit as much as a i can and i will not have to wait again for manual check.

Thank you…

They will review your first 5 or so posts, but no only the first time – not when you want to revise them! Also once you are in good standing there you can publish articles without a lot of editor oversight! I gave up on ezinearticles because their inconsistent editors drove me crazy!

I also gave up ezinearticles.They really sucks.

Thanks for your honest answer.I am going to try wizzly.

What other places can you recommend for publishing articles to promote my B2B service? Although the main purpose is to promote my service, I only intend to do this via quality generic articles, and not sales type articles. I have created a few high quality articles to promote my new template website. But as I have spent days to create each article, I want to use it on the sites that will bring the best results. Any suggestions please?

KSingh I’d suggest that you actually contact marketer leaders in the niche and ask to guest post – you’ll have to provide excellent content, and many will say no, but the few links you will get will be worth much more for both traffic and SEO than a 1000 article sites

Can you start on wizzley without advertising and then later turn on the advertising as you gain readers?

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