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Article Marketing Automation: After a Week

Well my last post I raved about my initial experience with Article Marketing Automation so this is the update on my first week’s experience.

Just to recap what AMA will do for you: the free version of AMA will allow you to add your blogs to the network. Add your blog, select the categories and/ or keywords you want and articles from the network want posted on your blog and voila: if you allow it relevant articles will appear automatically (or wait patiently for you to approve them). This is great to build some new sites: but for me the real power AMA is the paid version.

With the paid subscription you can create articles: add them to the system; spinning it to minimize duplicate content if you want and the article is available to add to the network. You can add up to 3 keyword anchored links – anywhere in the text not stuck at the bottom in a resource box. And the keyword link can be spun too: from their own statistics says it all:

“Your articles are promoting 9 links via 55 anchor text options.”

The articles I added a week ago have been presented between 20 and 22 times and only rejected once.

The quality of the articles in the network is generally excellent I have only rejected a couple for quality reasons; some more for being in the wrong category.

So after a week the sites I added to the network at the start of the week have between 20 or 30 posts on them: and I haven’t everything offered.

Each article I add gains me around 12 anchored links A DAY. For as long as I remain a subscriber those articles keep on being distributed, though I can withdraw them if I want to. Even if cancel my membership the links I already have remain.

And the down side is: I haven’t really found one to be honest.
Click register for the free version of AMA

Click here to register for the paid version of AMA

UPDATE 30 September
One of my first articles submitted 10 days ago and now been published 30 times and I am now seeing the first few new links appearing in Yahoo

6 replies on “Article Marketing Automation: After a Week”

How are they sites you are getting links from? It will be interesting to see if you can improve on your rankings.

I am starting to see the backlinks appear in Yahoo – the sites that are giving me the link all look super-legit – at worst a vanilla blogger blog but most are nice sites

Man thats good Lis.
I haven’t got the paid version – mainly because I would then need to write articles 🙂 but for me just getting some article on farms is a good move for me.
I think I need to take some time off work and get into some real work of writing a few articles and then going the way you are.
I can’t see any negatives with this compared to, say, LV.
cheers from the Gold Coast

Well you can use PLR – I also buy articles: I use the money I get from freelancing LOL. You still probably should spin the articles: I won’t publish them on my sites unless they are at least 30% unique LOL But the inbuild spinner is easy to use: hint use articles with shorter sentences: its easier!

Thanks YC – its really working well for me – I’d be interested in hearing your experiences too

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