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A New Article Distribution Tool: Very Cool!

I have been planning on discussing on this blog which tools I use and why, but have been holding off until I was making a bit more money – so I had more credibility – at least in my mind!

There’s a new player in the game though and I am so excited that I am throwing caution to the wind and reviewing Article Marketing Automation my latest investment, and yes this one really is worth the price, although there is a free version too, read on.

Many of you will have heard of Article Marketing where you write a short article which includes a link back to your site. People use article marketing to develop backlinks for their site and sometimes for traffic too. Now you can choose to submit your article to a few directories: of which EzineArticles is one of the best, or you can submit your article to literally thousands of other directories. Many people want to submit to many directories, again to develop the backlinks, rather than the traffic. I have been wanting to do this for some time: but I haven’t moved further on with this for one main reason: I couldn’t find the right software/service for me.

I have my choice narrowed down to two products: one of which uses software to at least semi-automate the submission process: the other is a service which has your articles submitted manually. Both options I had serious problems with:

  • the software solution doesn’t work well for me because my niches don’t fit neatly into the categories found in most directories ;
  • the service solution had some issues with customer service; and I want someone to communicate with me if I am paying 100’s of dollars for a service!

So I sat on my hands and did nothing! Well what happened last week was exciting : I started seeing blogs I trusted talking about a new service called Article Automation Software: its different so bare with me you need to work through this to understand what’s different.

With AMA you submit articles, there is a spinner as well, to allow article variations, but you don’t have to use it. Articles must be at least 300 words. You can include your links anywhere in the article (in fact you can spin your keyword anchors in your links- to mix them up a bit) – this is important because your links are in the context of your article rather than stuck at the bottom in your “bio” or “resource box”.

Also you can add youtube videos l – and anchor link them: video is the future I’m told but I haven’t tried this option yet!

Now it gets interesting – the articles aren’t submitted to article directories: they are submitted to other blogs of people who have signed up for the network. Blogs which are hopefully focussed on the topic of your article: there is no guarantee but many people will have blogs which are niche or foccussed. The blog owner may add their own links, may alter your text, may add ads and images, can in fact do anything like with your post – but they have to leave your links: contextual links here we come!

Will Google like it? Well they probably won’t know. There is no obvious footprint: the blogs aren’t owned by AMA: they are owned by you and me. They support WordPress (self-hosted only), blogger and tumblr blogs to date. Probably others as well if they have the right API – that bit was a bit technical for me!

Are the articles edited? Are they rubbish? Well to date I have been impressed by the articles: I’ve seen worse on EzineArticles and Hubpages! There is no formal acceptance, editing process for articles but for every blog you add you can choose to either allow articles to post automatically or for the articles to remain unpublished until you approve: I do the later. I also check the links in articles to make sure I am happy linking to the site, that they are not bad neighbourhoods: they haven’t been so far. I’ve seen people say that the blogs they set for this service are now gaining comments from real people – so the quality is more than fine IMHO.

Do I know where my article is published? No, not directly – you will have to wait for the backlinks to show: or include a “signature” piece of text in each article which you can search on once the blog’s post is indexed.

What sort of blogs do you add to the network? This is important! Don’t add personal, flagship blogs. I wouldn’t add this blog! This is my flagship blog and its my voice! But I also wouldn’t include directly blogs which I make money from. I could – but I’m not at the moment because I really don’t want the other internet marketers to know which sites those are! Instead I have set up some new blogs just for this experiment.

The site itself: the interface is slick, quick and works well. Its easy to follow but they have some cool videos as well if you are the type who likes to read the manual.

OK Where Do I SignUp
There are two options: paid and unpaid.

The free version of Article Automation Software allows you to add blogs but NOT to submit articles. So if you have a whole lot of domains lying around doing nothing: throw WordPress onto them and get some free content and indexing! Also if you are curious about the quality of articles in the network this would be an easy way to check it out yourself.

UPDATE: You get five free article submissions with the free sign up – an excellent marketing ploy to let you try it out and well worth taking up!

The paid version of Article Automation Software is this link which will take you to their sales page :and its not as obnoxious as most either! The bottom line is that the cost is $47 /month – its a subscription. No its not cheap: but its good value for me. You can cancel at any time and if you cancel in the first month you get your money back.

I am an affiliate and I will get paid if you use my link – I think that’s reasonable if you found them via my link – if not hack the link to take my code out!

9 replies on “A New Article Distribution Tool: Very Cool!”

Just signed up via your link, Lissie – Only the free version at the moment. (I have sent you a PM at the shed)

Ok Lissie, you have been so positive about this AMA site that I have decide to try the free version on one or two of my blogs to see how it goes. I also did it through your aff link.

Thanks for letting the Shed know about this.

Thanks Stephen for visiting and the referral – its all new to me this selling affiliates but I am only selling this because I think its way cool! Also I just found out that with the free sign up you get 5 article submissions anyway – so you really can test run before you buy – I didn’t I just jumped in LOL

I paid for the service and trust me $47 dollars is CHEAP if you consider how many backlinks you can get.
Overall after 1 month I had received over 1000 backlinks to over 20 of my sites, thanks to the fantastic article spinner feature. I love this tool. it rocks.

Thanks ostralia – love the accent – I am starting to be real impressed by the speed links are building at. Do you drip your articles in over time or does it matter?

It was a funny course I took to this entry. I started out Googling ‘hub pages’ and went through about 6 sites and then a blog had your blog mentioned after a guest blogger’s blog (which to me meant the guest speaker hadn’t covered the subject but you did) so I came here. Nice not to hear “1,342,343,346,745 links in 3 hours!!!”.

I read something else about this at Digital Point comparing AMA with Article Wizard… and AMA won out in backlinks built but it was very kind of close. (There were others but they were far behind.)

I think I’ll sign up for the free test the 5 articles and then sign up for the service. I’m assuming your affil link holds out over that time?

I’ll click the email notify and look for your answer.

Good blog… i’m going to RSS it.

Dan’s last blog post..Tips for Flirting with Women

Thanks for telling me how you got here – its always interesting! Thank you for not asking me how many links you will get if you add X articles in Y days! You have the right idea – yes sign up and experiment – and yes the affiliate link will hold once you sign up for free and if you later upgrade. I am still very happy with AMA – I havent used article wizard. Thanks for your comment

I didn’t get back to you right away. I was gone for the summer with a theatre company having a good deal of fun. I’ve heard mixed reviews for AMA if only because all the sites are unindexed or pr 0. One paid pr 4 or 5 link seems to do more than a crap load of pr0 links.

Do you analyze deep into your links to determine their juice? I follow a blog (Grizzly’s) and he’s done some testing and he’s now skeptical of the results. I think he still has an affiliate link on his site but he claims the people who don’t read his blog don’t deserve his two cents. He likes it he’s just wondering at the price vs. just paying for some nice high pr links. What do you think?


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