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buying-selling-ebook-straightWell its done – my first eBook is about to hit the stands! Well I decided I couldn’t really call19 pages a book – more like a long short story. I could have upped the font to 24 pitch – and triple spaced all the lines, added fluff and lots of pictures and got it to 60 pages.

But that seemed utterly pointless – so instead its a 19-page eReport on Buying and Selling Websites: A Beginner’s Guide.

I hope it has something of use to anyone who signs up for it. It is of course the classic baitΒ  to get you to give me your email and then spam the hell out of you.

Except I am indeed using Aweber (now that was a learning curve) – so its all legit and above board.And I won’t be offering you every Make Money Online product every month.

Instead I intend to offer a

“Quiet Listings” Website Selling Service

And the idea is that the mailing list will turn into a way to have “quiet listings” of websites for sale. What on earth is a “quiet listing” you might ask? Well I don’t know if its a term ever used for websites but in my part of the world you have a “quiet listing” of real estate so that you don’t put signs up the front, don’t put a picture of the house in the local real estate agent’s window,Β  and the nosey neighbours don’t know you need the cash and have had to sell up.

It doesn’t work very well in real estate – you need to advertise a house for sale to get anyone to look at it! You have to give the address.Everyone wants to know the address of the house before they will look at seriously – location, location, location as they say.

But I think it should work well for websites. I don’t think you should advertise websites for sale complete with their (web) address, traffic figures and income statistics.

But that is what happens on every major site site where websites are sold (Flippa, Digitalpoint, eBay) url’s of the site for sale are often given. In fact on Flippa I think you have to give the url to list.Β  Then if the sites have income and traffic – those figures are given. Now often the figures are complete fabrications (sign up for the eReport to find out why).

But sometimes the figures are legit – and you have just told the whole world you keywords and their potential. (If you don’t know how to figure out a site’s keywords – yup you guessed it – sign up for the eReport).

If I like the potential I have two options:

  • I could buy the website;
  • I could thank you for doing all my keyword research for me and build my own

Now if the site is old, established, authority site I would have a hard time competing with it. But many sites for sale aren’t old established authority sites …

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Lissie: This may be the very first time I have opted in and actually looked forward to what is coming. Usually it’s like “I really want this thing they’re offering, so I’ll just unsub as soon as the first email comes in”. But, you have me intrigued, bring on the mailouts πŸ˜‰

I’ve had terrible experiences with selling sites on the “big” markets, this sounds like a great solution. Would people share info via PM or something, thinking this might be a headache to maintain on your end. I’m going to check it out though.

To be honest Janet I am just making this up as I go along. I think the idea is that sites are advertised for sale on the email list (that’s why it had to be a proper list not just a blog) – those that are interested communicate direct with the seller. I’m too lazy to actually do any admin work LOL

Hi Lissie,
Good luck on your ebook about buying a selling websites. I have heard that this can be very lucrative. Especially if you have a skill, SEO, that allows you to rank websites. You can buy the content in one fell swoop and all you have to do is worry about the traffic.
I think this ebook is something that everyone who is interested in internet marketing and making a passive income should have.
Thanks for sharing your expertise.

Holly crap guys some of you really, actually signed up to an evil marketing list πŸ™‚ If I have aweber sorted out you should get a pretty email (if you allow html otherwise you will get an unpretty one) with the download link – let me know if doesn’t work for you – I really did actually have to sit down and read some A-list blogs to work out how this stuff works!

Thanks, Lis. I just got this in my mailbox. The first time round, I clicked the wrong link and went to Adobe’s website. I had to re-read the email before I found the right download link.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to some websites I can afford to buy. If only you had learned to do this 3 years ago (and I had found you then as well). Ah well, better late than never πŸ™‚

Ah yeah, reading – one of the world’s under-rated skills πŸ™‚ If only I had learned keyword research 2 years ago …

Worked like a well oiled machine for me, and the book is great, everything a person would want to know to get started. Nice work πŸ™‚

I think I like this concept, so clue me in ok?
On this quiet listing, you tell me certain facts like the niche, keywords, traffic, PR but don’t give me the actual URL.
If I like the site, I can buy it based on the facts and not necessarily the URL? Thus, when i buy it, no one really knows that I own it, meaning I can do what I want with it without fear of others knowing exactly what i am doing with it?
is that right?, if so, I like it.
I am thinking I would buy sites based on the PR alone (cuz they have nice soil for growing crops)

Yes Allyn you got it – you are quite smart for a beer blogger! Whether you are interested in PR or indeed the keywords in some areas of the online world discretion is always good.

I’ve just read your eReport Lis and I learnt a lot of interesting and useful information, so thank you! I have never bought a ready made website (yet) as I’ve always developed mine from scratch. I don’t think I could sell any of my sites as I’ve brought them up and nurtured them, with my own blood, sweat and tears (well maybe not the blood). It would be like selling one of my babies!

Caspar unfortunately to do this day people sell their babies, literally! Its a cruel choice but if it brings in enough cash to feed the others… I’m not being totally flippant – but I have over the years bought and sold house for fun and profit. If you can’t distance your self from the assset (house, website) you can’t be totally efficient in this business. Everything I have is potentially for sale (well houses and websites anyways) – its all about the right price.

If you don’t have to sell that’s nice becasue of the ongoing income but if you need a cash injection I talked about plan B here

I loved this one “I really did actually have to sit down and read some A-list blogs to work out how this stuff works!” that is what I use the A-list for, learning what they do, and doing what they tell me πŸ˜‰ BTW, I also signed up, but I might be more interested to sell, rather then to buy… SY

Hi Hospitalera – its been quiet around here without you πŸ™‚ I hope you are joking about doing what the A-listers tell you. That is unless you actually want to launch a real published book, a speaking career or something similar. I don’t want or need the fame – just the money and problogger et al ain’t telling anyone how to do that

Was on holidays / vacation, just back and yes, it was a typo, it should read: “that is what I use the A-list for, learning what / how they do (it), and NOT doing what they tell me to do”, sorry, that happens when I comment before my second mug of coffee πŸ˜‰ SY

Hey Lissie – seems very enterprising of you to do this! Hope it’s a go-er!

BTW your link anchor is unflatteringly mis-spelled on Shankers DO-Follow list

Cheers – Rhys

Hi Lissie, – I actually signed up for something ! I hope it’s good with lots of pics. ’cause as I get older my brain gets stupider and I’m reverting to picture books. I blame the Internet and all those pics and videos it forces me to look at πŸ™ – btw want to know what gets $9 clicks ? see my evil link. On another note I see your best month was in July, mine was too since then it’s been downhill all the way. Maybe a pattern ? Congratulations on the ebook – I might even write a review ! And good luck with the move. VicW

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