Vermonster Beats the wicked Lawyers- Was it SEO of Social Media ?

Well from the looks of their front page  Rock Art Brewery is claiming victory in its Rock Art Brewery vs Corporate America little fight over the Vermonster beer trademark – in fact you can even buy the T-Shirt – though I am alittle sorry to see apparently it was ‘America’ who saved them – I thought it was all of us – after all Monster Drinks sell their camel piss flavoured “energy” drinks in Australia too!

They bet me to it really cause I really wanted to do the follow up for the double-indexing but also to get some link love out there you know! In fact it was interesting little storm – who would have thought that Victor Franqui could write an entire post without swearing once, and giving those to care to read a quick lesson on US-based trademark law.

Is it Twitter? Is if Facebook - Nope its people stupid!
Is it Twitter? Is if Facebook - Nope its people stupid!

Some other excellent blogs that you should be reading:

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EJ who thinks Monster Energy drinks are screwing the little guy

Buy Made in the USA (which I don’t agree with but that’s another post)

Joomla Templates had an opinion (and can tell you what Joomla is too…)and he’s a fellow Kiwi – all good!

John has some great information and advice for small business owners

Strathy is stuffed now with a blog called Milking Noobs –  he’s gonna have to keep on posting now 🙂

NuttySquirrelBottom has a name harder to spell than mine and thinks Monster Entergy drinks are sucking the life

The coffee blog didn’t see Monster Energy drinks as viable alternative (got to agree with that!)

Poor and angry is ropable (what I think an American would call pissed but pissed down under means having consumed one too many Vermonster or any other beers! )

Oh and the Grizz got in on the act as well – but I am not linking to him cause he thinks the twitter game is pointless so how will I ever make a zillion dollars flogging a get rich quick twitter book now ?

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6 replies on “Vermonster Beats the wicked Lawyers- Was it SEO of Social Media ?”

Lissie, thx for the mention and for the heads up on Ver-Monster Energy Drinks… That was a quick turnaround… Like you I think the credit has to go to the United Nations really…

Nice job on the Vermonster from Rock Art Brewery battle. If you’re not careful you are going to be known far and wide as the champion of the little guy. Your honesty and integrity is really going to give internet marketing a bad name. 🙂

Wow! Big feelings about the ‘camel pee’ energy drinks and their manufacturers. I haven’t thoroughly investigated the whole issue (has everybody else, or are they just writing based on hearsay?), so I won’t comment on who is right and wrong in this particular instance. What I will say is that those ‘cease and desist’ letters are legitimate in many circumstances, and New Zealand Apples and Apple Computers are a lot more different than two types of drink. There are quite a few businesses in the world that deliberately ride on the back of an established brand’s marketing efforts simply by stealing their look. I can’t comment on whether that has happened in this case – but I do know that not all ‘cease and desist’ letters are unwarranted … like many bloggers seem to be leaning towards.

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