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Once you have found some buying keywords you now have to create some content to build your  passive income business?.

Content creation – seems to be a stumbling block for many people. Personally, I found understand buying keywords to be much more difficult and I can write stuff for ever and a day! But even though I make money as a freelance writer for hire I can’t keep up with writing all my content for my sites.

So I have a couple of short cuts which I use and I have found it useful to categorise my content into best/average/poor – I work it like this

My Best Content

I write it myself, pretty much to the same level as the stuff I am paid for to write for other people, sometimes with a bit less proof reading 🙂

I write at this level for my “flagship” blogs which have my name on and which I use to get my name out there.  If you see something on the web written by “lissie” or “Lis Sowerbutts” I probably wrote it – I don’t use ghost writers for sites with my name on it.

One of the few “tricks” which I have found really works for me is using this course to write and research quickly and turn 1 article into 8! – Its not software – its just a different way of writing and yes you really do get unique content out of it!

My Average Content

  1. I purchase content from writers who are cheaper than me. I  have used various sources but currently am very happy with the content I get from The Content Authority – they turn around articles in a couple of days usually for me.
  2. I do quick rewrites from ideas I get from books. The local library is your friend and generally free. I find that its often just a chapter heading that will spark an idea for me – I’m not copying the material just using it as a source.
  3. Although many claim otherwise I know plenty of people who do well with duplicate content – e.g. PLR material that they have rigths to but is published elsewhere. The downside is that you will probably need more links (see below) but its a real option if you r writing is not so good.

My Less Good Content

I outsource some of my content – there is only so many articles I can write in a day on a topic that I have no interest in – so yes I have an outsourcer in the Philippines who works for me on a salary. I have also used places like odesk to find casual help – but I prefer to have someone working for me on a regular basis – and I believe I get better quality because of it – most people want a stable job not some on and off-again outsourcing gig!

Another option is a site called Microworkers – this is a fairly new site which has a lot of very cheap workers. You post a job and get responses which you approve /disapprove. The rates are very cheap (e.g. $1.50 for a 400 word article) but you need to check that its not copied and the quality will be very, very variable.

Carry on reading about how to get backinks

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I’ve just bought Frank’s Blog Content Wizard last night and I can say it also has a high entertainment value: I couldn’t believe my eyes at some phrases it spit out several times.

It is useful, as with a little bit of “tuning”, the articles looked like written by some stupid humans. As you said, I don’t put my name on that, so I’m happy to see that I can do the same quantity of words in less than half the time I needed until buying this software.

Yes it really its a bit scary really – like the stuff you get some of the poorer newspapers! Running it through a grammar checker works quite well to tidy it up to

At this point I write all of my content myself, but as I grow my passive income streams, I may spend some of my earnings on paid content from good freelance writers. To be honest, I don’t see myself compromising on quality, so my sites, blogs and articles will all be written by humans … though I can see the temptation of software!

I’ve seen their reputation being tattered on several forums. It seems that they are accepting more work than they can process. Orders that they have taken as long back as in March 2009, have not yet been processed. 🙁

Yes I agree – I cancelled some orders with them – at least they were fairly fast giving my money back. I am now using – more expensive (1c/word) – but a lot faster and good quality in general for the price

PLR = Private Label Rights – its basically articles that you buy which you can use as your own but are sold to many different people so they are not unique on the web.

Amazing information. I have never seen such a step by step details. Now on your website how do you monetize them, by adsense or by affiliate programs?



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