How Do I Get Backlinks

Content is king? Yes?  No wrong – backlinks are everything – waaaay more important than content, backlinks are the key to making a passive income online.

There are four key elements to make a money making site:

  1. keyword research – so that you focus the site on the write keyword phrase
  2. monetization – using Adsense or other methods to make money from the site
  3. content – there does have to be some content which highlights the keywords you are using
  4. getting the site to the top of the search engines for your chosen buying keyword.

Where to Find Backlinks?

Free Sources of Backinks

The best links are when you have your anchored link within a relevant post or page. These sites give you that option:

blogger blogs – blogger blogs are connected with a gmail account – you may want to create several different accounts so they aren’t too linked not to be confused with self-hosted WordPress blogs which you own. Dispite the .com ending free blogs can NOT be monetized – don’t even think about it you will get shut down ASAP. You might want to check out this video of someone who got on wrong side of the advetising nazi’s there

HubPages – I think I’ve promoted this site  enough on this blog and the original multimedia article site Another newer site (which also has revenue sharing like HubPages) is Infobarrel

Article submission sites: ezinearticles goarticles and a zillion others.Most sites only allow you add links in the footer in your “resource box” – in my mind that devalues the link somewhat.

Other sites which will give you are  forums which allow you to add a link to signature file,

Some blogs have the do-follow plugin installed and a comment on those will get you a link back-  if you anchor on your keywords rather than your name it might be of values, but some blog owners will delete you or, worse, askimet you. Similar are blogs such as which reward to commentators with the most comments in the month with a sidebar link on their names/keywords.

I have recently started using twitter for backlinks – but I think has more potential as a microblogging platform.

Depending on the topic of your site you may well find options to provide a guest post for another blog in your niche in return for a anchored backlink.

Paid Sources of Backlinks

Yes  I use some services which save me some time – though  I do not buy backlinks -that’s against Google’s TOS.

As a member of The KeyWord Academy I have access to a guest posting system which takes all the time wasting out of trying to find relevant sites to post content on.  This  service alone is worth more than the membership price of The Keyword Academy because it saves me so much time.

Article Marketing Automation. I’ve gone on about it enough – it works for me!  Here’s my review of Article Marketing Automation

I use Bookmarking Daemon to speed up the process of getting links from social book marketing sties.

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Participating in blog carnivals is a great way to get backlinks for blog-style niche sites. For regular websites without a blog feed, content sites as well as your own and other blogs in the same niche are great. Lots of blog authors are looking for good content ideas — write to bloggers with a post idea and give your website URL for more info. You can also guest blog on other sites and link to relevant pages on your site.

Thanks for these ideas. I needed some other resources. I was wondering if myspace was no follow but with all these new resources it probably won’t even matter!

Thanks for these ideas. I needed some other resources. I was wondering if myspace was no follow but with all these new resources it probably won’t even matter!

This is very interesting…
So, I could use blogger and set up a “evergreen” blog with articles about buying and playing drums. Maybe another about writing songs.

Then another on about thrift shop groovy clothes.
Another on google sites about single parenting.
Another on blinkweb about Religion

All having links to my 2 current sites. That’s what you mean about using these free tools? Set up small sites? And link them with keywords to the site you want to promote.

But then you also talk about doing this the same on separate domains? Small niche sites with ad’s and using back links… I think I’m getting the idea…
I’m continuing to study your site with enthusiasm!
Thank you!

You are onto it Dave – I personally would link a religion site to a groovy clothes site – but I might link a budget shopping site to a goovy clothes site I tend to keep sites linking within the same broad niche!

hi lis i read some of your posts really great i have a qusetion if i have a 150 site like you said how can i manually get backlinks following your way this is very hard ? how many month i will spend to do thi s? i really want to do it but i think this is can be followed for 1 ir 2 site but 150 sites i think this should be make with other ways what do you think?

thanks slot

“Content is king” has been the touted golden rule for so long, but it never made much sense to me, at least in terms of a static website. You build a site and create pages. It’s not like you have the constant necessity to keep creating pages or changing out the home page. Content is important to attract visitors; visitors will land on your site if they are interested in the topic. But to think it is “king”…sheeeet.

As you stated, backlinks is the key – at least for now (who knows what the future brings). I don’t think it is really necessary that backlinks come from websites / blogs that are related to your own site or blog, as is often suggested. How would the search engines know the topic? Sure, they pick up keywords, but not actual topics. Isn’t a backlink a backlink ???

By the way, you mentioned a few sources that I never heard of. Thanks for the tips.

Question Liz, how long do you spend getting backlinks? It seems like a huge lot of work, I’m just getting into it now as I’m new to this. Do you have a personal list of places to submit articles, comment on forums etc? or do you just do it randomly or on a whim?
Do you keep track of where you get backlinks so do you just do it on a whim? Can you ever tell if a backlink source (eg a forum, or a blog comment) is doing you any good, or is it all of a muchness?

A lot longer than I spend writing the actual blog content! Spend 80% of your time getting links. I keep a list of places I have tried for links – I am getting better at doing that! I have some favourite places where submissions get indexed fast and show up in the Yahoo results quite quickly – so I always start with them now!

how can you actually tell if a backlink source is a good one? there are so many things to keep track of – how do you check to see that, for instance, this article sitegets you indexed faster than this other site/blog/hubpagesthing? is there a google trick to it like there is with “”? or anything

I disagree with the point that content isn’t king, it was and still is today. When you write a truly quality article that is based on a topic that is widely searched and read about you will attract many visits. When people read a good article they feel inclined to share it thus you get bookmarked on digg, delicious, stumble upon etc. if you get a decent amount of attention on a article it can do wonders. Quality content builds backlinks for itself.

Though backlinks are important as they contribute to rankings and such, blog commenting and article submission are great ways to go about building links. Also it would be good practice to ping any links you create which increases the chance of getting those links indexed and gets them indexed faster. The faster they are indexed the faster you reap the benefits.

So the last time you read a really good article on lawn care you linked to it right? Most niches have no bloggers in them – most people don’t blog (or digg or facebook) – that is totally the issue here. Grizz is experimenting again – you might want to check out the comments in his last post. Yes I get plenty of natural links because of my content – but I am writing in the only niche that will happen- because the people reading know what a backlink is! You can rank practially anything with enough backlinks, duplicate content, spam, the lot.

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