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Empower Network Scam or Legit?

Empower Network is not just a scam – its an illegal pyramid scheme – in fact its sad it hasn’t yet been shut down. It sounds too good to be true- then it probably is!

I was introduced to the Empower Network by an acquaintance at a rare blogging meetup in my home town.  I have said that I’ve sworn off scams – but this one came looking for me – its not just a scam, its a pyramid scheme – so illegal in most decent countries (including New Zealand). I’ve written my review on the blog they so kindly set-up for me for my $25/month.  I’m curious to see if it will rank for the appropriate terms before I get terminated!  Anyways here’s my review on the Empower Network Scam  Looks like they noticed it! 

Lets take them one at a time :

  1. Wow a blogging system how cool is that? Very not cool – its just a WordPress install on their domain – you aren’t developing  your own blog – you are providing content – for them. That’s why the original review got removed – because they could. Interesting aside – when I put the original review on my very own blog on their system –  I thought it would outrank this review in the search results, it never did. In other words their own domain called “” couldn’t rank for a term like “empower network scam”. For once Google and I agree – the domain has no authority at all 🙂 
  2. High converting lead capture page. That sounds cool doesn’t it! Its the ugly form that shows up when you arrive on their site. I have one to – its called the email form on my sidebar or sometimes pops up (I change it around). I do it using a service known as Aweber – it costs about $20/month for the entire email management system – not just for the form! 
  3. 8-Part Video training. Yeah right – nice if you want to see the lifestyles of the “rich and famous” – rich on other suckers money of course. These are very brief teaser videos  each is only about 10 minutes long. The real content of course is in the upsell- oh you’re surprised there is an upsell?  Also the only detailed information they give you is how to set up a merchant account – so you can get paid you know? I’ve been paid for years online and I’ve never had a merchant account: paypal, checks, bank accounts, they all work just fine. Unless you are running something somewhat illegal… 
  4. Yeah website hosting etc. Like I said above – all you have is a blog on their site. If you want someone to host your blog for free then use – its free, or or or – yes there are heaps of them. If you actually want your OWN blog – buy a domain name ($10/year) and some hosting ($7/month). I don’t know what “sales phycology” is – maybe they should spend all that money on a proof-reader? Anyways they sales are slick – look at what they are doing, not what they are offering. 
  5. The right to resell to others – yeah that makes not just a scam but a pyramid scheme

So they are selling what exactly? Precisely – they are in fact not just offering an over-priced scam. They are offering a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme is when what you  buy has no value at all. You buy in because you want others to buy in on your “down line” and you get their payments. 

It works for those at the top. The other 95% of members generally lose money. 

That’s why pyramid schemes are illegal in most countries including the US, Canada, UK, Australia and most others. 

Oh and the $25/month that’s the start of it – you’ll need to pay considerably more to get to the “inner circle” where they might actually teach something about making money online. 

Really its the old, old story – if it sounds too good to be true, it is. 

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You should see their autoresponder email series – illiterate doesn’t start to cover it!

That’s funny. They are advertising for a copywriter right now and the job description reads like they want a first class one.

thank you for exposing the this scam to the public. Your comments on this have saved a lot of innocent people falling victims.

i cannot believe Sam Cowley, a well know speaker, can sell this type of scam to his audience… very disappointed

Yeah. I know about it cause my parents got me a travel thing with them. The trip deals are great, but the business is kind of a waste of time. Unless you plan to run yourself into the ground working on talking to people who are more likely to give you the finger. Thats not to say you can’t make money through them. It is extremely difficult to keep making it when people quit the club or try to sell it like a pyramid thing.

So again, they have good travel packages and discounts on stuff. If you want to get in for the deals go for it. The business will just be a strain on your account and nerves. well. good luck then.

You ROCK Lis!! You are my A # 1 scam buster. Four days and your review is still on their network. It seems like Dave and Dave don’t spend much time on their own site.

$25 per month seems a bit expensive to me, because the cost for my web host is about $US8 ($NZ12.00) last month. That in its self would have put me off straight away. Good review and good on you for putting that on “your blog” that they provided for you. Be interesting to see how long that stays there, and you as a member.

Woah! Lis that was a brave move! So proud of you. I really thought that Empower network is Ok huh! I have even promoted it in some ways. Good thing I have never tried it 🙂 lol!

Julia I never promote anything I haven’t used in this niche. There is too much crap out there!

Hey, great review. Have you heard about Chris Campbell and Chris Jones new program to help promote the Empower Network. Its called the success luminary group. I am sure you have heard of IPAS by the two chris’s. We joined IPAS and because we are iPAS members, we are in the Success Luminary Group.

What they do is enhance your learning so you market the empower network better. It’s great. If you are no making as much as you want, I recommend looking into the Success Luminary group.

The Empower Network, does a good job with training but we wanted more. What I think is cool is you can network with the Chris’s and establish relationships with them. They wil help you out if you are a newbie.

Just FYI. Thought you may want to know. Good review.

The Hell Brothers

Ha! Nicely done.

I’ve been worried about my son because he drank the Empower Network kool-aid. Trying to talk him down, but it’s a tough battle.

I’ve noticed too that the scam brothers have done what every other illegal MLM group has done: littered the internet with fake pages designed to hook onto a Google search of “Empower Network Scam”. At first glance, it looks as though it’s a legitimate site, offering to honest insight into research on their “system” – only to discover it’s them again, looking to promote themselves. I.E. “it’s not a scam, because we own it, so we’re saying it’s not a scam. You believe us, right?” *smacks forehead*

Awesome Lis 🙂

If you look at their front page Facebook testimonials, you’ll see that they’re all FAKE! I can’t believe they went through all that trouble…

– Tony

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Thanks for your review. It just saved me from all this stupid bull!!!! That’s why i always search for scams when reviewing anything that I would be giving money to.

I’m very pleased to hear that Darron! Nice to meet you – hope you you hang around. You can make money online – but its building a business, and same as any business there are not guarantees, just lots hard work

Where can I read the review. It seems like they took it down and now your link actually forwards to their squeeze page, so indirectly you’re actually promoting them. Now with them having taken down your review you might want to post your review on your blog because I’d like to read it, thanks a lot.

THANK YOU for letting me know – I’ve been checking from time-to-time but I’d forgotten about it for a while. I couldn’t actually found the original review – but I wrote it again here. Its a pyramid scheme pure and simple – can’t believe they are still going I guess it takes the authorities a while to take them down.

Here, Here Lis! Excellent read.

I have a friend who borrowed money to go “all-in”, $1500 I believe. We are fairly new friends so I really did not want to be too abrupt and let him know the obvious by dropping little hints like, “You won’t own the blog, and I just made a site that I OWN, and can promote whatever like” or “sounds kinda funny to me” etc.

He is a very motivated person with some serious smarts and all the tools needed to succeed on his own! But he is hell-bent on making it work so I support him. best I can. and I’m so pulling for him to succeed with EPN.

I have however, noticed a little less wind in his sails the past few days. But my fear is, as long as he is in contact with the other members on his up-line, they will keep feeding his head full of crap and suck him dry.

Seems the big EPN slogan of the week is, “Brand yourself”. Uh ok…

Keep up the great work here Lis! Bookmarked…

That will be an expensive lesson he’s about to learn – the thing is with pyramid schemes – its not about his effort or ability – he’s bound to fail – because he wasn’t one of the early adopters.

Hi, Please send me more info on EN . I just wanted to get more information so I can show to a few friends that this illlegal and a scam.

Is there any investigation con this company?

I don’t know if there has been any formal investigation – I couldn’t find it. Google’s results are full of people selling the scheme. I was introduced to Empower Network by an unfortunate woman who really believed in it. I wasted $25 doing the initial sign-up to check it out. Its bullshit plan and simple. I have also researched the differences between MLM (legal) and pyramid schemes (illegal) and wrote this article

I read your article, which is very thought provoking and helpful. I would suggest that you double check your spelling before publishing it, though.

If you ever need help editing articles for spelling and grammar, please let me know, I would be happy to help.

I have read many professional websites, textbooks, etc. and people don’t realize that they lose credibility when there are many spelling or grammatical errors.

I have edited spelling and grammar for articles and books sent to publish for CPA’s over the past 10 years.

I have to say that I am a bit concerned about Empower Network now that I read all of the comments!

My books are edited – I don’t pay for an editor on a site where I provide content for free. There, is in fact, more important things in the world than grammar! I do try to proof read – but I don’t lose a lot of sleep over it to be honest – as it stands this article seems to be fulfilling the audience’s needs.

Very useful blog, Lis. Hope you don’t mind, but I actually linked to your site on the Craigslist flag forum. We had someone on ther from Empower Network trying to use bait/switch ads and had the gall to wonder why their ads were getting flagged off. Your blog certainly added some great ammo. Thanks again!

So Lis, what IS the secret to making money on the internet? I sell Avon…it’s simple, but takes a TON of time and effort to really “make it big” and even then it’s CONSTANT doing doing doing. Love Avon, I’ve just slacked off lately. SO…is there a place on your site where I can learn some techniques? Would love to hear back from you. Glad I didn’t buy into this!

Thanks for the disclosure. I almost signed up! Maybe you could shed some light on STIFORP at

They sound convincing. The home page is a bit dodgy though!


If they wouldn’t sound convincing, they wouldn’t make any money, but sounding convincing doesn’t mean anything for you. There is no information on the website whatsoever about there great system. All these are huge warning signs for me. They do state that they are a MLM business, but I suspect they are simply another pyramid scheme that tries to make money from people that find them convincing … SY

I guess I rolled out of bed on the foolish/desperate side this morning because it was a close call with the mouse

hovering over payment button. Wham-suddenly snapping out of the moment-Due Diligence, Einstein! Then the

first review was D. Woods witness for the defense. Thank you for your concise and wise report(Let me

guess-you must have gone to college! For if you hadn’t, it is the excuse for all sorts of sub-par linguist behavior)

Thanks again for the heads-up in my time of weakness.

Best from a new fan,


Good to hear what they really sell, nothing.
Yhea he is an expert in marketing, but its not lasting long, good marketing….
Thanks for this article

I guess it really should not amaze me to see this site.
I have been very successful in the penny auction industry. And I personally know people that are more successful then I have been.
Yet when I Google penny auctions I find all kinds of people saying that they are scams.
Scam? Well I guess if getting gift cards valued at 25-200 dollars for literally pennies on the dollar is scam they are a scam!
I guess it is easier to do the easy thing, which is to point the finger to put the blame on others.
Rather then to take the time to educate themselves and to do what is necessary to become successful.
A pyramid scheme is a business model that the focus is new members rather then a valuable product.
Empower Network does sell a form of wordpress because wordpress is one of the most common forms for blogging. However the Empower Network wordpress has a setting for easy which does save the non-technical person a lot of time in learning how to do the technical issues involved with setting up a blog. With people wanting to make money online blogging becoming more and more prevalent this is a product of value to a lot of people.
Empower Network also sells training that really teaches people how to be successful in any online business that they so choose?
Education is one of the most important factors in success. There is an old saying knowledge is power.
In closing when you point your finger you have four fingers pointing back at you, just something to think about.

p.s. And this is IMPORTANT with Empower Network the affiliates keep 100 percent of the commissions. Which totally takes away any remote possibility of Empower Network being a scam.
Decide for yourself if Empower Network is a pyramid scam by visiting EDIT: to remove your scammy link

Thank you I already decided that Empower Network was a Pyramid Scheme – so I’m hardly likely to allow you to try and recruit your “downline” here am I? WordPress is available for free, and frankly its so simple, that anyone who can run a computer can use it. Empower Network offers nothing of value except the promise of selling the invisible cloths to the next mug.

Wake Up

Hi ya Lis
You are welcome
Thank you for your reply

Can you please explain to me your definition of pyramid scheme?

Perhaps we are not connecting on the correct definition of the term?

I have done quite a bit of research on the term and it Empower Network may be
A lot of different things to a lot of different people but a pyramid scheme it is not.

With a pyramid scheme the top guys get the money with the affiliates getting very little
With Empower Network affiliates keep 100 percent of the commission’s

While the top guys do the hard work of selling

I guess it could be an upside down pyramid LOL

As for WP being so easy anyone who can run a computer can run it
Sad to say that, that simply is not true
My roommate is a computer user but could not figure out wp at all

I did attempt to set up a wp blog just today, just to see if I could set up any affiliate links
My post came back with unable to post any affiliate links of any kind

So there the guys at the top are sitting up their offices getting rich
Perhaps it is WP that is the scam?

Please do try to understand opportunities before just going and bashing them.

Have a great day
Best wishes for your and your readers success.

A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.


You are simply confusing a self-hosted WordPress site and the free, but limited, blogs. The first one gives you absolute control about your site and allows you to use affiliate links, adsense etc, the second not. Please do your homework first and learn a bit about what you are commenting on before insulting your intelligence, SY

I am sorry but you have got me laughing
In this case you are the one that has not done your homework
Yet you are saying I have not done mine?
I found it very difficult to set-up from a purely technical point of view
I did get it up and running and my roommate was still unable to use it.
I do suggest you do your homework before bashing things
Especially if you want success.
Homework source can be found at my website
Have a great day

SY is quite right – you can’t use the free hosted wordpress site ( to promote anything. You can however download the free WordPress software from (or any 1/2 decent hosting company) and use it to blog. That’s what I use here, and its what you are using for your empower network blog BTW.

Of course that does mean you will need to pay for hosting (under $10/month) and for a domain name (under US$10/YEAR).

Trust me I did a fair bit of research into Empower because an acquaintance signed up and truely believed it. I wasted $25 of my own money researching the scheme. Its a con pure and simple.

In terms of definition of pyramid – its a commonly agreed term over most of the Western world – here’s how the Australians call it

As I pointed out above – they are providing you with nothing of benefit – and the only way you are making money is by recruiting a downline.

No you don’t get 100% of the downline – you only get 100% of the downline if you buy all the upsales – which amounts to $100’s a month in fees. IF you don’t buy those upgrades, or you drop out because you can’t afford it any longer – the next person in the chain gets your downlines.

The people at the top are doing VERY well.

You are not being creative – you are being a mug. I don’t care about beating others, I do care about people being ripped off

First of all Lis you might want to remove his link to the pyramid scheme / his site promoting it in order to protect your readers 😉
Second, Lis is right, there is a simple test to determine if something is a pyramid scheme or not:

Do you make money by selling a real product to somebody that hasn’t signed up in your downline aka a real customer = not a pyramid scheme!
Do you make money by getting people to sign up under you that in turn make only money when people sign up under them aka no real, independent product = pyramid scheme!

It ain’t no rocket science, just requires a bit of common sense – the least common of all senses,


First of all I am a female but online that can be hard to guess LOL

Secondly do you think that little of your readers to not give them a real chance
to decide something for themselves?

Thirdly and most importantly that is not the true definition of a pyramid scheme
a pyramid scheme involves money going to the top of the pyramid.

With Empowerment Network commissions go to the qualified affiliate NOT the top
Actually this is one reason that I have stayed out of network marketing until NOW.

Empower Network is the first network marketing company that I have ever seen that the affiliates keep the commissions while the guys at the top do the selling.

Education is perhaps the single biggest reason that affiliates fail in internet marketing.
Therefor it is a real and valuable product

Best Wishes

Yeah onto it – now deleted.

Pat I’m going to start deleting your comments unless you quit with the links which I keep removing!


Once again you are misunderstanding

However I will thank you for correcting me on the fact that affiliate do not get commissions for everything.

Affiliates get 100 percent commission on EVERYTHING that they QUALIFY for
Qualification does not HAVE to be done by purchasing the products however it is rather unethical for ANYONE to sell something and keep the commissions of something they will not buy.

I have often wondered if affiliate’s truly purchase everything they sell from sites like clickbank?

If not I wonder how they live with themselves

The most that someone can spend in upgrades on a monthly basis is 125 dollars.
For that 125 dollars you get excellent resources for education on how to market online
Plus IF the affiliate wishes they can upgrade two more levels to include a more intense education.

These two additional upgrades are 500 and 1000 ONE TIME NOT MONTHLY!
Empower Network is about blogging at the base but it then offers excellent resources if not the best resources for further education on how to be successful in internet marketing of ANY product or service or other business.

Education does cost money
Education also produces skills
Skills earn money

Empower Network could very well keep the money and the education would still be worth the cost.
But the founders decided to put the money back into the hands of the affiliates.
There is a monthly administration fee of 19.99 a month which is not commission-able.

This 19.99 goes to pay for customer service, computer programming, administrative fees of merchant accounts so that affiliates can be paid the 100 percent commissions DIRECTLY to the affiliate’s bank account.

NO money goes into the hands of the founders of Empower Network

There are costs to running ANY true business

OK – so if you don’t purchase the product you qualify for – how do you get it? Your sentence contradicts itself.

I agree there are plenty of dodgy affiliate marketers out there. But personally, I have actually purchased and used every product I review. But the point is that affiliate marketing is not a pyramid. If you buy something from Clickbank and don’t like it – you can return it for a full refund within 60 days – no questions asked.

Yes I paid for my education – I have several degrees, they have, at times, earned me lots of money.

That’s not what empower network is offering. I’m not going to repeat what I’ve already said in the post – the education is woeful.

And I’m sorry for you if you SERIOUSLY believe the founders are doing this for NO MONEY.

Get. A. Grip

They are very successful network marketers, I ssaid Empower was a scam, I didn’t say it wasn’t a SUCESSFUL one.

I repeat the simple test: how much money have you earned from the Empower TEACHING EXCLUDING commissions from your downline?

Hi ya Lis

Qualifications for commissions can be done without purchasing products however since I had decided the following two things;
1) I wanted what Empower Network was offering I would have purchased the same products if I was going to be affiliated with promoting Empower Network or NOT because I consider the resources that valuable
2) It would not be ethical for me to want commissions on something that I did not purchase as I do see this as a business.

Because of these two reasons I did not choose to pursue the other way to qualify so that is something I am sorry but I can not answer. Simply because I do not have the information.

I am glad that we can agree on the fact that there are a lot of dodgy marketers out there. I remember years ago I almost fell into that trap myself. So I know for a fact that they do exist.

As for the no refund policy once again I understand where Empower Network is coming from on this Lets say a customer comes along and purchases the product then decides that they want the money back.

1) I know for a fact that there are customers out there that simply want FREE stuff. I know this because I used to be an Amazon seller and especially around Christmas time I would start getting requests for refunds.

I can remember one case in particular the person wanted a refund saying that I had not delivered the item to them. I had put tracking on the package so I checked and sure enough the item had in fact been delivered. The customer only wanted the item for free.

2) The product that Empower Network offers is education how can a customer return education?

All customers are able to cancel a subscription at anytime that they so choose.

If your definition of a successful test is how much money has someone earned excluding commissions to see if a company is good or not then you need to say that all Network Marketing companies are scams?!?

I actually strongly believe that if a person is interested in making money online Empower Network because of the 100 percent commission and the pe

Continued from above…
I actually strongly believe that if a person is interested in making money online Empower Network NOT only because of the 100 percent commission but of even MORE value the product itself is the best choice.

The product will teach anyone even the complete newbie how to be successful in ANY online business that they so choose to pursue or promote.

As far as the guys at the top not making any money I will stand corrected and I am sorry if I came across at all misleading. They do make SOME money but it is from their own affiliation not from the entire structure slaving away to make small commissions while they sit back and get rich.

I actually am promoting the product as much if not more then the commission plan but I will admit that 100 percent commissions is nice. Would you not agree with me on that point?

Bottom line for me and this is where I may differ from other marketers if I am not in love with a product and do not see intrinsic value I will not promote it!!!

Best Wishes

Pat, you still avoided Lis’ question:

“How much money have you earned from the Empower TEACHING EXCLUDING commissions from your downline?”

I am also interested in your answer and I think many more here are also …

I was not avoiding any question

I thought I was quite clear however I will try again

Excluding commissions from my downline I have not made any money

The reason for that is QUITE simple:
After finding Empower Network and what it has to offer I realized why go anywhere else to promote anything else?

This was my personal decision. There are other affiliates that do promote other businesses and I am sure they are doing quite well. However my personal decision is to promote only Empower Network. That is how in love with Empower Network I am.

PS The reason I am replying to your question here is that I see that this discussion has been closed at least to me as there is no reply button on your comment!

Perhaps Lis is afraid of the truth?

Best Wishes for your success

Just to clarify: Affiliates do get 100% of the commissions and yes, to get the commissions from each product you must own it yourself (which of course you would do because the VALUE given on the intricacies of internet marketing in each product is GOLD!) but the cost is one off, the only monthly fees are the $25 blogging platform and the inner circle $100 plus $19.95 admin fee, a total of just less than $145/month. Let me stress again, you buy the products once ($5145 for all of them) and you are able to sell them over and over, you monthly fees are $145 only and the value you get is worth thousands more.

I am saddened by your obvious lack of information on this company and how because of your gross ignorance you have prevented lots of innocent people from discovering a wonderful world where they can actually make money and have a life, shame on you!

Another piece of information you neglected to tell your readers is that the Empower Blogging Platform ranks in the top 500 world wide and in the top 200 in the USA in Alexa which is the worlds most highly recognised and used tool for ranking the billions of websites online. This simply means that to have a blogging space on the Empower Network Blog gives you access to tens of thousands of visitors daily. You may promote anything you like on this blog and have as many backlinks as you lkie as well and any advertising for empower network on your pages points to your own affiliate links so youget the leads and potential sales.

Empower Network was made for internet marketers by internet marketers and you have decieved these poor people horribly, you are a wicked person.

I wouldalso like people to note here that you in fact stated that you ‘wasted $25’ on the blogging product and that is all you bought so how would you know what value is or is not in any of the other products????? You also state that you buy everything you review which is obviously not true here at all.

I can’ quite believe your first paragraph Leanne – you actually think that spending over $5000 up front plus another $1740 a year is a GOOD deal. Words almost fail me!
Wicked – haven’t been called that recently – bitch and worse – wicked – don’t mind that – yeah I’m a WICKED Internet Marketer that tells the TRUTH OMG
Fair point I sure as shit didn’t invest $5000 in all the products – the first one was crap, the content was crap, and the overall scheme is illegal in my country. And probably yours.
I may be wicked – but you are deluded – or just paid to drop comments on the article that ranks for “empower network scam”

@LeanneO Also your information about Alexa is not correct, see I assume every customer of EN is encouraged to download and use the Alexa Toolbar, correct? This accounts then for their rank … Plus, ” This simply means that to have a blogging space on the Empower Network Blog gives you access to tens of thousands of visitors daily.” Not necessarily. First of all if EN ranks well in Alexa, this doesn’t mean that a blog on the network ranks equally well with Alexa. SY

Also they give you their theme and capture pages – not much creativity potential there. 100% commissions on products you buy but not on sales 2,4,6 and every 5th after that.
And what products! Videos of over priced ra-ra rallies and self congratulatory testimonials.
OK so there is ‘training’, if you can stomach Dave or the or the other Dave rambling on for over an hour to motivate you. Any similarities to the old Amway is purely deliberate!

What really bugs me is that a few people are making squillions from flogging this when it is a purely concocted money scheme. It seems a lot of old MLM hands have embraced this but as soon as this river dries up they will jump on to the next big thing and claim that anyone can start from scratch and make an income – forgetting to remind the newbies that they already have lists, know how to market and advertise effectively and with big budgets.
To claim that to succeed in E.N. all you have to do is blog daily -about anything, is clearly misleading.

I saw a Craigslist ad looking for “passionate bloggers”. There was a link to apply. It took me here: It looked genuine. I thought the “company name withheld” was, I don’t know, whatever, but I applied.

I got contacted some weeks later (Weds just gone) to say they liked my experience and background. I was flattered *blush*. I was invited to a live online Blogger Orientation + Q & A at an ungodly hour (I’m a nightowl so it was OK). It was tonight (Fri). I logged in, spent about 5 mins listening and logged off. It was the Empower Network. Or someone promoting it.

I’ve been using Craigslist for the past couple of months. I’ve noticed ads looking for bloggers, then when you read it, it’s a large image promoting Empower Network. But this ad looking for passionate bloggers was slicker than that. To me, it looked like a paid blogging gig.

In the back of my mind, before I logged into the Blogger Orientation, I did wonder if it had anything to do with Empower. Turns out I was right. The only thing I was empowered to do was close the window.

I actually went on Google about 30 mins ago, typed in Empower Network scam. The first couple of pages were misleading to say the least. But then I saw yours on page 3! So here I am writing this. (I actually used to be a lurker on your blog so I feel like I’m back home again!)

Oh, and of the pages I skimmed promoting Empower, there was content alright, but I couldn’t figure out what they were actually selling. Hmm.

Anyway, ho hum.

I am glad to see that my assumption of the discussion being closed proved to be inaccurate.

My apologies for my misunderstanding it looked like I could only reply to my last comment.

Assumptions and misunderstandings can certainly be a funny thing can’t they?

I wonder how many awesome opportunities have been missed because of people with misunderstandings did not pursue finding out who’s side the problem was on and being
to admit when they were wrong.

It takes a strong person to admit when they are wrong but sometimes the rewards are as awesome!

I am glad I stuck around and continued to try to figure out what I was doing wrong.

I am always happy to be able to admit when I am wrong!

It is too bad when others make assumptions and are not willing to be brave enough to try to figure out who’s end the error is on.


Pat if it was closed you wouldn’t be able to post. There is a limit to how many times you can replies to replies because the nesting becomes unreadable – that’s why I can’t reply to your comment.

So basically you’re saying that all you are promoting is Empower Network – and you can’t work out that that is the very definition of an pyramid scheme – because there is NOTHING to sell but the scheme itself.

Please above that I must have been typing at the exact time you were typing yours.

I am not saying that at all!

I am saying FOR me I have chosen to promote Empower Network

There are a lot of others affiliates of Empower Network that use the education to promote other businesses.

I strongly believe in helping others reach their dreams.

I believe that education is imperative to online success!

Perhaps the day will come that I do use the education provided through Empower Network to promote other businesses.

I believe if that day ever comes that my the education of Empower Network will ONLY greatly aid to my success!

Best Wishes for your success

Pat, the only way to buy the “educational videos” is to first buy the Scheme. You cannot only buy the educational videos, this is why this is a pyramid scheme. You have to get in on it. You guys should be careful about this, because this is illegal in a lot of countries. There is a reason why David Wood lives in Costa Rica, a country where pyramid schemes are still legal. If he were in USA he would be thrown in jail. All I can say is get out of this while you can. It’s not just the owners that can get in trouble, you people that are promoting and making money from it can too.

Also, the money DO flow to the top. Every 2nd, 4th, 6th and every fifth from there will go directly to David Wood and his partner in Crime. They pretend they are just “normal members” but they are at the top of the pyramid. If no one recruited you, who do you think YOU are paying your money to? Everyone on the second level pay to them, and they get money from everyone that is recruited down all the levels.

First of all the education that is included in the upgrades for Empower network are valuable educational resources for learning online marketing skills. If it makes it a pyramid scheme simply because you have to join to buy then Jay, Sam’s Club and other businesses are also schemes.
A pyramid scheme is something like cash gifting which this is NOT! In order for something to be a pyramid scheme NOTHING of value except the cash can be involved.
Most people fail at making money online due to not having education therefor since the material provided in the up-sells is valuable there is no scheme here.
2) The pass ups on the 2nd,4th,6th and every 5th go to either the person that sponsored the affiliate or the person that sponsored them. I know this is true from personal experience.
Have a great day

Pat you are definitly got blinkers on. Jay is correct. Plus the so called “valuable educational resources” are available in plenty of places – spend $20 on book on Amazon and you will have a much better “education” than the recycled crap EMN is peddling.

The pass up and pass up – until you get to the top- figure out your own maths. David Woods is a rich guy

Pat you are definitely got blinkers on. Jay is correct. Plus the so called “valuable educational resources” are available in plenty of places – spend $20 on book on Amazon and you will have a much better “education” than the recycled crap EMN is peddling.

The pass up and pass up – until you get to the top- figure out your own maths. David Woods is a rich guy

Let me ask you this question what products did you actually purchase from EN?
Thanks for your time in answering
Cheers to your and your readers success.

PAT – Yaaaawwn.. you sound like a typical EN brainwashed individual who has put money in and is justifying to themselves why its not a scam. I have spent all day trying to find any ‘non guru’ who has made a bean out of this. They all avoid the question of how much they have made and straight to defending the scam.
Instead of wasting effort in building up someone elses online business by blogging your life away, start and promote your own. It costs lest and benefits you. EN = bloody hard work for no return, take it from me, its a waste of effort. The only people that can leverage that opportunity are the dudes with the big marketing lists.

I may at some point in time launch my own product but at the moment I am very happy helping
others learn the skills that they need in order to be successful with online business.
The ONLY people making money with EN are those that do the hard work and do not give up!
Which is true overall with online businesses.
Since EN has only been around since October and since it can take up to one year to be successful online.
It would be impossible to prove your statement.
However I have already benefited from the knowledge that I have gained from EN!
Cheers to your success

Its very interesting to me how people fight the idea of a pyramid scheme or any money process against something people create to create a flow of abundance and a way to connect and create abundant relationships. If we were to based how creation creates you would see you could see it does the exact same thing. Creator being the core of which everything else connects too. We are all connected eneretically through this core creating a interaction of oneness. The people that have create the rules and regulations agaist these programs are the very ones that are at the top. Once they see a flow of money isn’t assisting their agendas they have laws in place to stop the flow to bring it back to the top of the pyramid. Yet many slave through a regular 9-5 job and do not realize your giving your money again to head of the pyramd. The whole entire ecomic structure is built on this priciple. However it takes the people to create some some big and breaks that cycle. So a shift of abundance takes place, we can all then do what we were meant to do and thats our purpose. If you honestly think working your entire life is going to give you the opportunity to realize your purpose then you have chosen a state of being a sleep. The zombie mentality. Also people make choices every day, it has nothing to do with them being a victim its the perception of the individual weather they see them self as a victim or not. You could say your victim of the system that has been created to enslave us. Or you can begin to look beyond that point. The educational system is one of the biggest pyramid schemes on the planet. The level based on your education determins where you fit in the social structure of the pyramid. A fixed point where you pay your dues and never really tap into your potential. So beyond the money of empowernetwork its about the relationships and level of understanding one builds through this experience. There are many companies that are build on greed, its all based into the model. This model is balanced which elimiates the need of greed, although its a personal choice to be greedy. Some still may choose to feel that way, and their actions may stem from that greed. HOwever that said you tell me a better way to leverage the abundant flow of change through this process. Struggle is a mentality that has been built in the very foundation of our civlization is takes a break through for one to go beyond that perspective. Truly what is a scam even. Somebody gettng involed in a system and loosing massive amoutn of money. Again the whole econmic system is a scam then. The foundation of everything we have been taught to be real is a scam then. The laws that say are to protect us from the so called scam. Are the very laws that control the outcome and events of this planet. So think about this on a much deeper level instead of disecting it with your intellicual mind. Its how the stucture is created and the intent from which is thrives that matters. Our planet is now be restructed so everything else are these concepts are also being restructured to allow us all a = opportunity of freedom from the grid of slavery. I know many will respond and say there is no real product. Everything is information streaming into something tangible that can create change. Information is really awarness, the more aware you are on something the easier it is to navigate through a process. So again in reality their model is showing how one can learn these things, then develop a skill set that makes them and expert and a growing and expanding market known as the internet. Grant it you could google this information you will be spending a ton of time doing that, there are so many perspectives of information in the field of marketing alone. Not everybodyhas the luxery of time to become self taught in a lot of areas. No matter what it is you get invovled with it takes constant energy and focus to manifest what you want. The moment you allow a thought of doubt to creep in your structure begins to fall apart energetically the physical manifestation is shortly to follow.

Nearly deleted this nonsense because it doesn’t add anything to the discussion. But I decided to let it go through just to see the level of pseudo-religious bullshite that EMN can encourage in the gullible. Be sane out there people!


No offense but you sound like ignorant and lazy person please do some research and get out while you can EN is the biggest scam out there right now. Hence the fact that it’s out of costa rica and not the U.S. second it is a pyramid scheme in order for it to be a legal business it would need customers who receive value from the good sold EN offers no value and has no customers. In order for a person to make money you have to bring others in and if you dont your not going to make shit now thats a pyramid scheme and thats EN

No offense taken but you still missed the message that was being said. EN isn’t the scam, the actual struture of what the powers to be do to condition the minds defending what they think scams are. Thats the heart of the problem here. First of all I am far beyond the term lazy, I am stating my perspective from something that many are not ready to understand. It has 0 to do with religion. We could talk about anything, weather it was empower or not. You would still say the same thing, because your still living from the state of your egoic mind. I am not defending EN or any other company at this point. The same thing applies across the board. You have one purspose on this blog and thats to expose the scam energy and I applaud you for that. SO I can see how you would see what I wrote being of no value to your readers. Anyways I will leave it at that. Guess what in order for the goverment to make money they have to bring others in, and that happens the moment you are born. You are recruited into thier pyramid structure. Thats how they make their money. So again everything is a pyramid scheme. Even the very electricity that you pay for same concept. Do you get a product a service. Sure you pay for it, does it help assist you, on some level yes, but its really breaking your body down, your mind ect. Wouldn’t that also be a scam as well, something that is harming you yet your paying for it. I am just brining other levels of examples. Anything literally could be labeled a scam based on your awareness of your enviroment. Energy is free, but yet we have to pay for it and that is suppose to be some service. In reality is lie, and a way to create a pyrmid structure for others to say in control. Thanks for allowing me to share regardless how you feel about what I write.

How do you state that I am a lazy person?

Also please see my other comment that I have left on this blog.

Best wishes for your success,

Pat Davidson

Hi ya all,

Firstly, I see that the question I asked Lis has still gone unanswered. The question was what products of Empower Network have you purchased?
I will assume you purchased the blog system without any upgrades. Yet you are stating there is no value in the Empowerment Network products.
I hate to assume anything but in this case I will assume (forgive me if I am incorrect).

I would suggest perhaps before falsely accusing a company of anything you do your research.
Especially if you are naming yourself as “the content authority”.

That being said
I was doing further research on pyramids as well as EN today.
Until it hit me that there is NO way that EN is a pyramid scheme
A customer can in fact buy the product without ever becoming an affiliate.

I may have misspoken(for which I do apologize) earlier because when I joined I had already decided that

I WANTED BOTH the opportunity to use the product as well as to be able to resell the product.
But at no time was i forced to become an affiliate.
I CHOSE to NOT only purchase the product but also to become an affiliate.
If I ever have any customers that want to purchase JUST the product that will
absolutely OK with not only me but also with Empower Network itself!

It would not be ideal ONLY because I care about helping people,that WANT to succeed to succeed!
I would know that the person was missing an opportunity that I feel is one of the best if not the best available on the internet today. However everyone has the right to choose what they want to be involved with and what they do not want to be involved with and I respect people

I knew that I wanted to make money online and be educated and the affiliate that sponsored me has been a close personal friend of mine for 10 years and has been in the internet marketing field for at least that long. So I trusted her opinion, in fact I approached her about the opportunity!

Also as far as it being in Costa Rica, while it is true that one of the founders of Empower Network lives in Costa Rica the other founder lives in Florida, which last time I checked is in the United States.

Best Wishes for your and your readers success
Pat Davidson

“Especially if you are naming yourself as “the content authority”.

Oh please, that is an advertisement banner, not the blog tag line, are you really such a superficial reader that you didn’t notice that? If that is the case, no wonder that you are falling victim to a pyramid scheme scam! SY

I guess I managed to integrate the ad into the site’s design uber-successfully LOL! SY is totally right Pat – its a banner ad. Its one of the way to ethically and legally to monetize a blog.

I bought the $25/month “blog system” as you call it. And no I wasn’t going to spend anymore money on it after that.

Lis what exactly do you do as far as a business I am just wondering? I know you got in empower to see how it worked then use their system to promote it was a scam which is interesting, but what exactly do you do in the form of offering a service or product? I am just asking a question nothing more nothing less. I understand how hard it is to find something legit online. Some have just different level of perspectives when it comes to generating abundance.

I here a lot of people saying “do your research.” So when a family member said there was a way for me to provide a decent income for my family in an environment where work is hard to come by, I took interest. She mentioned EN so I began to research. In my world every single dollar counts. It becomes the difference between food for my children or lights in my home. So even the $40 (EN intial start up fee) which some may consider toy money, is an investment to me. What am I interested in? To be the master of my own destiny. To make a living doing something I love to do…writing.

Now I’m gonna be real. Do I love my fellow man? Sure. I want world peace just as much as the next gal, but my bottom line is to earn a living doing something that makes me happy.What’s my point?

I was very disappointed when I went looking for info on EN and everything on the internet about it read an infomercial. Like many others I scoured Google looking for something tangible to make a truly unbaised informed decisions but found nothing but EN people hawking there downline. I’ve done MLM’s before and learn one thing about it. It’s not for me. I’m a busy mom. I have no time for meeting and motivational speeches and conference calls and that was what EN seemed like. I was so disillusioned.

I was happy I found this site because even though it’s not completely unbiased at least it was something more that the “kool-aid”. And it was acutally reading Pat so staunchly defend EN with the whole ( and I’m paraphrasing) this is knowledge and I want to help people which made up my mind that EN is not for me.

She kept mention %100 of the commission and I kept asking myself but how do you make commission? Someone mentioned downline, she concurred she had one and I got the squease feeling. Pat mentioned paying more money to move up in levels “for more education” and it actually sound like she was putting down anyone who didn’t pay the extra 125 per month was slacking about their success. (The comment I talking about and again paraphrasing was something to Lis that said sounds like you JUST paid the $25. As I stated earlier I’m on a VERY fixed income, in world a where little mouths go hungry if ever single dolla isnt spent wisely, I can afford the upper levels.

Do I know I have to spend money to make money? Sure. But here is what I took away from reading Pat’s answers. If I’m spending my hard earn money I want to invest in myself. I want to see the fruits of MY labor. I don’t want to spend my money and time hoping that by using this “proven system ” I can convince some equally frustrated and financially strapped person to spend what could possibly be their last to buy into a system with the hopes of me making a small percentage off their back if they do the same? And that to me doesn’t sit right in my core. And that to me feels like a pyramid scheme and it doesn’t really matter to me if it meets the legal definition or not.

Now I’m not knocking anyone else hustle. If it works for you and you believe in this with all you’re being, great. But I’m not interested a downline. And if the only people who see my blog are other EN members hawking their own blog to gain prospective people for said downline, and if the only “national exposure” I’m receiving is a blog that has to do with EN being so great to draw in new prospects, I’m not seeing how
my blog would grow or how I can make money without a downline.

Just saying.

Hi Mo,

You wrote ” To make a living doing something I love to do…writing.” and “Do I know I have to spend money to make money? Sure. ” Actually the second statement is not true 😉 If you love writing, and are good at it you can start with a free platform like Wizzley, see Lis’ article here: and when you make money, then you can re-invest it into your own site, domain and hosting run typically at around $100/year, far cheaper than EN 😉 Plus by writing on a platform like Wizzley you learn by doing, for free, and make contact with a whole bunch of different people, useful for networking. SY

Honestly, there are lots of ways to make money writing, and building your own brand– why would you want to waste your effort’s building someone else’s? If you want to write for a living, I wrote a simple article on my blog about how to get started (from my personal experience) and it will not cost you a nickel to read it and implement.

Sorry, Lis, for the link– but I think many people do not realize it is possible to start a blog, write eBooks, and find tons of writing work without paying someone to hold their hand.

Everyone, I applaud your attempts to reason with an IDIOT. But it is not working and is no longer even humorous – and certainly far from interesting. Pat Davidson – YOU ARE A MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I always remember the late great Ann Landers who often said in her column: if it is too good to be true, then it is.

I listened to Dave Wood promoting the Empower Network and this is what I see:

first, you have to pay $25.00 a month for the blog site, and
second, another $19.95 a month for the e-wallet and platform set up, so that’s $45.95 each month coming out of my pocket. The $25.00 goes upstream. The $19.95 to EN.

For me to break even every month, I would have to get at least 3 other EN bloggers to join. Why 3? My second recruit’s $25.00 goes up stream. So, I would be making $50.00 monthly from bloggers 1 and 3. Now, the hope is that these bloggers (1 and 3) will then go out and recruit other EN bloggers.

Then there’s the the sale’s pressure to buy the $100 per month inner circle featuring folks who are high earners. If you don’t purchase this, then if someone purchases it downstream, you won’t get that commission.

So, if I do the inner circle for $100, then I will be shelling out $145.95 every month. If one of my bloggers downstream joins the inner circle, then no problem about getting my $100 back, but what if he doesn’t? That means that I will have to recruit 7 bloggers, instead of 3 to break even. Why? I will not get the $25 from bloggers, 2, 4,6, as their money goes upstream; the $25 dollars from bloggers 1, 3, 5, 7 will come to me.

But no matter how you slice it, Dave and Dave and the other folks at the very top will be receiving not only my $19.95, but every single EN blogger’s $19.95. On the most recent video I viewed, Dave is forecasting that by September 2012 30,000 folks will have joined EN. So, that’s about $600,000 the top folks will be receiving on the e-wallet set up alone.

Here are my issues. I did not understand how they would be promoting my blog over other blogs, so to speak, i.e., how would the world find my blog? Because after exhausting my cadre of friends, relatives, colleagues, in order to keep making money I would have to reach out to strangers, and/or ensure that my friends, relatives, colleagues keep reaching out and bringing more folks in.

The other issue I see is that this program is not workable in the long run: there are a finite number of folks on this earth with access to the Internet, and even among those with access to the Internet, there are a finite number interested in blogging, and, most importantly, a finite number of folks who want to or can spend $45.95 a month on a “maybe.”

You conclusion in the last paragraph is correct “this program is not workable in the long run” – that’s why pyramid schemes are illegal

This is a complete waste of time and money, I can’t believe I signed up for this scam. 8 useless videos, 1 useless wordpress, lots of up sells and no real training on how to create a successful internet marketing business.

short useless videos at that. I’m sorry you got caught in it Joao – if you used paypal or a credit card to pay try to get your money back via them because the offer was not as advertised

The problem I see with Empower Network is that the products they say they offer are not sold to anyone, anywhere who doesn’t agree to recruit others into a downline. This is the thing that makes it a pyramid scheme. No one is simply retailing EN “products.” Why? Because the entire strategy is based on recruitment of affiliates. Their actual product is a system to recruit affiliates. And they go way out of their way to make it not okay to simply sign up for the $25/mo blogging platform. If you look at their marketing emails, they go on a massive rah rah trip about getting everyone to $30,000 a month. That’s the whole enchilada, folks. It’s all about recruitment. If you don’t recruit, you don’t exist on EN. Nuff said.

I think it’s cute how Empower Network must be a scam yet thousands of people are making tons of money. It’s also cute how you try to trash the design, my 9 year old brother could design a nicer webpage than this one :/ Or the fact that you are just advertising trashy affiliate ads to products you likely have no experience using. Yet you have the cheek to comment on others.

I don’t advertise anything here that I haven’t used – its called integrity I think, you may need to look it up

Uh oh. I jumped in before thinking. I purchased the “product” on EN. I Need to cancel. Thanks for the replies.

[…] my conversation with “Amy Dennison”, I came across this article called Empower Network Scam or Legit? by Lis Sowerbutts. The article breaks down why Empower Network is a scam. So they are selling what […]

You nailed it. It is the greatest scam I have found on the internet. There are 12 complaints against this company in the last 1 year (Source: BBB, West Florida)

I can not for the life of me beleive that the one chris would put his newborn baby in a video as his reason for being a scammer, these guys are too much !

Forget about the image Chris is trying to portray. If you checked out his sight, you know what his house looks like and he tells you how much he has made. Now he has shown you his new born baby, his wife and all of his cars. He might be a slick marketer but not much with common sense. Has he ever heard about this other formula Good system +traffic = monetary success. yes he has. But he must have forgot about this other formula i am thinking about: monetary success + complete exposure (his wife and new born child and his new gained wealth and possessions }= Kidnapping and potential loss of money, loss of possessions, loss of his wife and his new born child. all for the sake of making more $$$$$$ Lets hope God protects those victims of greed and reckless nature.

Empower + Network = BULLSHIT! Plain and simple. Yes, I indeed followed their Craigslist link, signed up for the webinar, watched, listened and even took notes. Then I looked up their website…cheesy, at best! Then I did some searching. Finally found Lis’ blog and the comments of so many other “believers.”

I figured out the whole “system” was a scam before I found Lis, but I’m glad someone else actually put it out there that EN is a complete racquet!

Thanks Lis and ALL the others. Health & Happiness!!!

Hi Lis
I just wanted to give you a quick thank you for this article. I was introduced to EN by someone I trust, but I figured I had to do my due diligence as well. Before I came upon your site the red flags were already up, however, yours definitely pushed me over the edge. Thank you for saving me time and money on this one. The discussion with Pat was even more icing on the cake, making me certain this “business venture” was not for me. And I just wanted to comment to anyone who doesn’t have the techincal expertise and is thinking about blogging. I went from knowing absolutely nothing about hosting, FTP, or wordpress to having my own functioning blog in a matter of a couple months, working only in my very limited spare time. It really is not that hard. There is a myriad of help available to get started on Youtube, and it’s all free. WordPress isn’t difficult, it’s like learning anything else, it simply takes time.
Thanks again Lis, it looks like you saved me a lot of future headaches!!!

This is the real forum that I have been searching for to get insights into Empower Network.
You just saved me heaps of money and heartache.

Thanks Lis.

I just watched this video. The biggest scam about it is that if you try to do a search, “Empower Network scam” or “Empower Network legit?” the only thing that comes up are recruiting blogs. I just happened to stuble across Lis’. For being, “filthy rich” this guy and his wife appear to be some of the homeliest people I have ever seen. And the way he went on and on and on. Just when you think it’s over he starts up on something else. I had already set in my mind that this was a total ripoff, but I had a nice chuckle when the dog started barking in the background. If he is so rich why isn’t he in a studio? I also got a kick out of when he said he would walk you through step by step how to make successful videos. Based upon the video that I just watched, I don’t think he is any authority on that subject.

I just finished watching this cinematic materpiece. A couple of things- one the biggest scam about this is if you ddo a search, “Empoer Network scam”, or “Empoer Network legitimate?” the only thing that comes up throughout the first few search pages are recruiters blogs. I’m glad I clicked on Lis’ but for a second I thought it was just another recruiter’s website. Clearly when people sign up they haven’t achieved anything, and they’re still unsure if empower network actually works but they’re vouching for the product. Second- for being, “filthy rich” this fellow and his wife appear to be about the homeliest people I have seen in quite some time. Three- I enjoyed the barking dog in the background. That was a nice touch. I suppose he chooses to spend his money living in Costa Rica rather than invest in studio time. Oh gosh, and the way he went on and on and on…seemed neverending! Just when I thought it was over there he went talking about his van again! Finally, I found it amusing that he says he’ll show you how to make successful videos, because judging from what I just watched he does not seem to be an authority on that subject.

What do you think is going to happen to empower over the next 6 months? I been watching it from a far. I know its getting more and more exposure which is surely to raise some flags. Its ranking really high in google as well. I am sure there are many that are not making any money. Those are the ones that don’t speak up and just move and take that loss. The idea of it is good on the surface just like anything else. You dig deeper into it you find out whats going on behind the scenes. Hopefully not to many have lost a ton of money on this deal.

I almost got scammed by Empower Network. I paid the 19.95 and/or 25 as well one time (6 months later I receive an email that they were not able to charge 19.95 again for “my account”) I let Empower Network emails run through my algorithms and 8 months later I found out how much of a scam it is (do your own research….it helps if you have a mathematics degree or can program ;-]. I can’t wait to hear about this company on the news and how it suckered so many people into giving them their money. Empower Network really studied or paid someone to do SEO towards their benefit =)

Thanks, great review. I almost let the fact that I’m really struggling for money blind me to the fact that this is an obvious scam. Any business that feels the need to show you people who’ve ‘made millions by doing nothing’ is clearly a scam.

Keep up the good work.

Thank you for posting this – it’s almost impossible to find any real information online about this company! They’ve crowded the search results so much with crappy links promoting this product, there isn’t much objective truth out there.

Please add some social buttons on your site! 🙂
Make it easy for us to post a link on yours on Twitter or Facebook.

Keep it up.

Yeah you are right about that they have taken over all sorts of keywords so anything you search out about the empower network you are not able to find much at all. I do realize now and why they are able to do what they are doing. This company is being supported by a bigger entity then I think many realize. Their latest graphic for the next event that has been put forth shows exactly what the energy behind this compay represents. There are many masks coming off in a lot of ways because of the veil is almost non existent now. This company carries a lot of dark energy and is being supported by the same energy that supports the whole structure that keeps everybody in s state of numbness. I am not going to go into much detail here. They symbology saids it all, and truly this is a very big trap not just from a money perspective but also from a conciousness perspective. Success isn’t measured by how much money you make its what energy you create to assist the human race. So with that being said they use false ideas and beliefs to pull you in to something they are trully not. 100% commissions is a play on words to pull you in just like the term, FREE triggers for somebody to take action in a certain way, so does that. There is always more going on once you become clear and really look with and open heart. The planet is evolving and so are we so just pay attention to all the signs before you do anything from here on out. Its getting very difficult in a lot of ways to see whats real and whats not. Takes massive amount of diserment and being centered in your own truth so you don’t get pulled into these false doors of hope.

chistopher’s comments are great and made this webpage an epic read.

I thought from the first post you were EN dude, talking about flow of money etc. (maybe actually, with 2 months between posts. for a deep thinker it took you a while…. to come around….. )

Yes, nothing for free in this life. Good on them for making some dough, but karma comes and gets you.

I was thinking of EN – i could easily get a few downlinks and use it increase SEO to some sites i’e done, i’d hope…

but, no. ty all.

Yeah I was in EN for a very short period lol Then I realized after being pulled into it which is a funny story I didn’t even want to get in it but the guys Craiglist product I wanted he said get into this and i will give that to you. So I agreed at that point, and looked into it from a structure level, then as I begin t0 dis engage from it I could see the truth, and not only that the energy shifted dramatically. Greed did eventually take over this company as the dominating force and terms don’t be a wussy are very masculine energy in nature which created the imbalance. There is no compassion in that statement what so ever. I was busy with my IT job that I wasn’t able to fully focus on what EN was about in the beginning. Yeah 2 months of really just monitoring it actually month and half. Its clear as day though whats going on over there… Glad I made this a epic Read lol More to come… lol

My B.S. meter started that funny feeling with the yelling “buy now! Do it! Do it or you’re a wussy!” Yep, buyer beware. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is. I’m just disgusted by how deep the scam goes, down into actually buying up the virtual real estate of url’s to post pages saying it’s not a scam. There goes the funny feeling again. Not touching that with someone else’s 10′ pole. Thank you for an honest, open discourse where a real decision can be made. No product to sell, just someone else’s get rich quick scheme…not an ethical way to do business. Anything where my commissions go to someone else from my web pages seems like robbery to me. Thank you again, Lis. Much appreciated.

Im so tired of being ripped off and played for 20 bucks here 100 bucks there. Does anyone know a ligit way to make money online for my family??? Help liz

“Im so tired of being ripped off and played for 20 bucks here 100 bucks there. Does anyone know a ligit way to make money online for my family??? Help liz”

Well said! Is it only the big guns who can make money online? If not I want to know how.

My comment is when I watched the 25 minute video I kept waiting for what product of value a person that signed up for the EN program could provide for thier clients. THERE IS NONE? That is whyI did not become involved with EN. All Dave and Dave are doing is letting you put your info on their blog. Then I guess you find out later how the pyramid scheme works.

If you are inquisitive like me and have some wonder on the history behind EN go to the link below. who initially is involved with EN try this link as it is well written. Interesting investigative facts on EN and notice the video towards the end. Oh and for kicks do some research on Dave Rush and his history with MLM. Why? Well yes he is a top tier member of EN. Imagine that.

“Largest library on earth mixed with both facts and fictions-Welcome to the Internet”

Fascinating George – and yes I read the entire article well worth it for anyone who has any doubts that EN may actually be legit

I don’t mind when people who argue for a scam try to make their case but what pisses me off is that once something turns out to be an actual scam, none of them ever take the time to apologize.

Once Empower Network gets shut down, I really hope people like Pat Davidson would come back and publicly apologize. Is that too much to ask?

By the way, their domain doesn’t rank for that many keywords compared to how big they are. I guess the money isn’t in blogging after all. I’ve also read they’ve also been banned from Facebook.

I spent hours researching this “opportunity”….I pass.
I do not have money nor time to waste.
Thank you very much for the insight, and the confirmation of my suspicions.

okay I find this interesting I didn’t realize this about Empower Network until now i wanted to respond to a blog post that somebody wrote about the new earth, and share them my perspective about that and how Empower Network isn’t part of that energy. Anyways I see that you have to sign up through a portal such as yahoo ect but the thing is you have to sign up to become and empower network subscriber in order to even leave a comment on a blog, no wonder the content is the way it is, and nobody can really do research to find information that is needed to understand this company. This is how the control the information on the blogs no outsiders can give their perspective on anything lol

I am sure many of you already caught onto this.

I done some research on Empower Network and found out that supposedly have been banned from Facebook and Squidoo, also Paypal and were removed as merchants. Only way to get paid is threw via eWallet which will cost an extra $19.95 month plus adding your $25 Empower Network subscription as well and not forgetting on top of all the other hidden costs of Inner Circle Trap that cost around $100 to $500 an month and all you get to watch on video is a fake Costa Rica background scenery which btw was done in a studio and some scribble on a whiteboard, not worth the value of spending 100’s of dollars on some poor quality training videos which you can watch for free on Youtube anyway…

If you need professional help at an much affordable price with online marketing affiliate training then I highly recommend you Google search for Chris Farrell basic tutorials for beginners or for more advance training find Eben Pagan marketing sessions. ‘These two pro’s will teach you all there is to know! at a lower cost!’

Me personally wouldn’t never be so foolish to take the risk or waste my time on such hyped up multi level marketing quick rich money making pyramid scheme as it’s obviously a scam! If I catch any Empower Network spammers on my Facebook trying to cheat me into signing up to their pyramid scam then I would have click on the “Report Page” and select “Other/ abusive content” and chosen “It’s spam or a scam” option, and had their Facebook spam page account close down for good!

My conclusion is if you do get suckered into signing up with Empower Network scam then at least keep to a budget and time schedule, let’s say for example 4 months at a budget of $250 or whatever you can afford to lost as 95% will guarantee to lost money and from that time on you done maths and failed to be successful in making any profit then quit now before you end up have no saving on a hopeless living it rich in Costa Rica day dream! ‘You will have better chance of making real money with Clickbank or eBay then a worthless quick rich money making scam!’

I really don’t think people join E.N. for the “training”. They see what the already trained marketers are making and the $$$ signs are all they can focus on. The ranting and rambling training videos make fools of those watching. No wonder Dave is smiling! Imagine how he must feel knowing that rational adults are prepared to be lectured at, verbally abused and harangued for hours at a time and are paying him for the privilege?

I believe that E.N is a greed driven program and not one for the little guy who has no resources and no skills.
There is a girl who lives near me who is killing it in E.N. but she has been a 5 and 6 figure earner in other companies well before this came along. She works at her business, she knows what to do and she must have had a big list before she jumped on E.N. No sour grapes – she is a worker and deserves her success.
When I wrote to her complaining about Dave and Dave and their obnoxious ads and the limitations of the E.N. blog platform, she replied that Dave had done so much for poor people and that he was a saint in her eyes. So I obviously don’t know the real Dave or I have not been brainwashed!

If E.N. is so good why are people promoting other businesses with E.N? I don’t get it.
That said, the 2 or 3% we hear about who make the big profits online will always make money while the 98%ers will still be losers no matter how many E.N.’s come along. Yes the 2%ers are growing in actual numbers of individuals so there is no shame in wanting to be in that group, but you will need to work at it! Posting blogs on someone else’s network is not going to cut it!


Woow, you have just saved me! I have been doing lots of research on EN and almost joined. There is one too called “Six Figure Mentors”. Not too much info on it out there, but would appreciate if you know or has research on it too. Thank you..:)..


Thanks again. Hey do you happen to know the “six figure mentors” too? I think the founder(s) are based in the UK, and from my own research, it looks like EN. I am also looking to opportunities to make genuine money online. Other than blogging and writing (not my strongest i must say), do you know genuie companies out there I can join? I will appreciate your response if you have th time..:).

The story of a hobo, a van and a 1990s laptop.
Desperate to make ends meet and at odds with the world and how life has treated him.
He embarks on a mission to con mostly decent people out of their money in return for videos and other crap of absolutely no substance or value! lol
Empower Network is a pyramid scheme and we shall endeavor to have it shut down so that sunny can go back to showering on the beach.

There is a similar website called the six figure mentor SFM. Is it the same as EN or it is legit ?Your Review on it.
Please reply.

SFM is out of the UK run by Stuart Ross and came on the scene before EN and has nothing to do with EN directly although some of the people in SFM push EN.
SFM claims to be an exclusive community that has helped thousands of I M’s. Exclusive? Anyone can join! Sales funnel sorts out on the basis of what you are prepared to pay -$20 for application kit, $297 +$97 per month membership plus seminars and workshops

When I inquired why they were doing both if both were such great programs I got no adequate response. My own suspicion is that they are using EN as a bait to lure you into SFM which upsells for around $4k. or it may be that EN is an easier sell given the popularity it has generated.

Rob, thanks for shading some light on SFM. It is too good to be true, and even though I do not have detailed info on it, I want to rank it in the same category as EN (pyramid scheme). I mean it works the same right? You only get paid “residual income” if someone joins your team otherwise you make no money. Pretty sad that these people want to squeeze every penny from unsuspecting people who genuinely have a desire to start an online business and generate some income.

Thanks for the review Lis. I have spent the last two hours researching EN on Warrior Forum and here (there is link on WF to here).

EN has very slick marketing to be sure. Also they are pretty open about the opportunity, income expectations, etc. They do sell a product — training — so IMHO that means it’s an MLM not a pyramid scam. Some say it’s great (affiliates?) and some say it’s crap (everyone else?). They are registered in the US and someday they may be investigated to see if their product is real or just an attempt to skirt the pyramid laws. If they were smart, they had lawyers look over their compensation plan before they released it. I am sure they were smart and don’t want to go to jail.

It is clear that the owners are making money. They charge membership fees ($25-125) and processing fees which I am sure add up large. They advertise that 100% of the commissions sales are paid out to affiliates. Note that an individual affiliate only “qualifies” for a commission on the 1st, third, and fift sale (50%) and 4 out of 5 sales after that (80%). So you really don’t get 100% commissions. You can bet the the owners are in the line at the top and possibly elsewhere.

I have decided not to join because:

1) The legality is questionable and I fear that it may be shut down someday.
2) It is still an MLM and therefore depends on the downline working hard and staying active (my MLM experience has been that people are lazy and they won’t do the work).
3) I suspect that the quality of the training and services does not represent good value.
4) The income stats show that only a few are making the big bucks.
5) Expenses are fixed.
6) I don’t want to sell/refer something of questionable value, legality, and profitability.

[…] that I only post for money. It's all about the money… Beware of the Empower Network Scam Empower Network Scam or Legit? | Adventures in Self-Publishing & Making Online Income ole 'darkwolf'^^ here wants to hit us up for his pyramid scheme. Buyer beware!!! In the age of […]

Thank you for putting out this information, it is very helpful. Especially since there are SO many people out there scamming. I personally will not be signing up with them, seeing as that is where they are obviously making their money, by sign ups. I will not be their next sucker and again Thank you.

Thanks, Lis. Just sat through grueling 3 hours with Vick Streizhaus. Was supposed to be all about how to make money online with amazing new ideas on traffic technology. It was his pitch to become part of his team on the Empowerment Network. Truly shameful, I unsubscribe from all his lists. Your post here helped to confirm my suspicions that it was all BS! And his video with Dave and Dave looked like it was right out of an SNL spoof!!! Dave Wood…at least put on a shirt to look legit, dude! I don’t want to encourage him too much because i’m afraid he might be more believeable. Thanks again!!!

Hi I was going to go into this, thankyou for your hilarious and honest review.
I was in a thing called the 90 day internet challenge, hmmmm the challenge was
for Paul Birdsall and his merry band of crooks to tell the truth lol.
They were first using the znz system to make money plus they had a 2up system
so that you give your 2nd and 4th comission to your sponsor.
Then when you got your downline the same thing was meant to happen so you were getting residual income.
They insisted not to contact znz with any technical questions. Someone did thankfully and znz found
out the 2up system was all going to the sponsors none was going to us 🙁 . So znz banned 90 day challenge
from using their site. Now they use hate these words mypc backup yuck horrible taste in my mouth
First you were getting $100 dollar sales now you get 40 hmmmmmmmmm where does the 60 dollars go lol
So i cut my losses and bailed ,so many people sing Paul Birdsalls praises when it is all over the internet how he has ripped people off just like these 2 Comanches from the empower network 🙁
I have been with Chris Farrell for 6 months now have learned loads and am confident to set up my own product soon 🙂

Hours of reserch and I’ve come to the same conclusion as you on all counts.
I thought the blogging platform may have had some value but I cannot find any
high value longtail keywords ranking an empowernetwork blog high on google.
I believe your own blog with the same content would very quickly rank higher
even if you started from scratch.

So, when you enter your name and email in the landing page because you are interested in how to exercise less, but lose more fat, you are immediately exposed to the upsell. Buy this fat loss book for $27, but when you upgrade and get the DVD set for just $47, the upgrade will give even more arsenal to lose weight. THIS IS STANDARD MARKETING, FOLKS.

Buy in at $25 and you will watch a video on the next page that tells you about the next upsell to the Inner Circle for $100 a month. Then after that there is another upsell to buy the Costa Rica Intensive, or the 15K Formula. This is marketing at its finest – UPSELLING!

If you don’t understand that, then don’t join; you’ll regret it. You’ll be doing what the NAYSAYERS ARE SQUACKING – giving money to the people who know what they are doing.

But, if you want to learn the tricks of the trade (syndication, backlinking, SEO, article sharing, document sharing, video sharing, guest writing, THERE’S TOO MANY TO WRITE!) and find out what the top IMers are doing outside of the EN blogsite, then join because the EDUCATION is eye opening.

When you go to college, are you buying a product? NO! You are buying time to spend reading a book, go through work problems, ask questions from the TA or teacher, and listen to the instructor regurgitate information so you might learn a new skill.

EMPOWER NETWORK SELLS EDUCATION – INTERNET MARKETING EDUCATION. I have a marketing company and I need to stay informed on what is going on in the market place. I have to pay for education. Empower Network has EXCELLENT EDUCATION programs for internet marketers and I CAN DEDUCT THIS ON MY TAXES AS A BUSINESS EXPENSE.


So, if you don’t like MLMs, don’t join. But, if you have to buy EDUCATION for your business, Empower Network has a great platform.

Yeah well EMP gets taken down as a scam an illegal pyrmaid scheme I’m actually not quite sure whether that tax deduction will stand up. Of course you can deduct business expenses – that’s hardly the point – the point is do you spend thousands to learn what you could learn for a fraction of that cost , or free? Particularly when you are not actually making any money to deduct said expense from?

Let’s put this is BIG LETTERS because you obviously thing that PEOPLE READ BIG WORDS.


Your on lists of supposed continent proves that point to any of us who have been around this game for longer than 5 minutes.

I seriously suggest you stick to your CPA practice if that is what you actually are.

About 17 years ago i had just bought a house where i live in the north east of England, i needed some extra money on top of my job, so i looked at NM
A friend of mine warned me that there were a lot of networks out there that it was simply impossible to retail the product due to either no direct selling experience or simply overpriced products that you could never sell,

Imagine my surprise when most Networks i went to see (and i,m talking dozens) only talked about the dream, (hype, hype, hype) and never how to earn a regular £100 per week extra on top of your job (thats what i wanted – sorry but $5000 a month does,nt do it for me) i looked and looked until 1 (ONE) ethical company (who i,m no longer with – i was with them for 7 years) came along and showed me the retail side only, my 1st week in 1996 i earned over £130 and in my 1st month £460,

Now i was never a big hitter but still had regular £2000 months (Retailing the Products 80%, money from downline 20% and at least 3 of my downline went on to earn a damn site more money than me – THATS REAL NM)), my sponsor and friend went on to earn regular 10k-13k months (his network was selling to the end user customer over £400,000 worth of products per month)

Will Empower work – i dont know, part of the problem is that years ago you had to recruit friends and family into the Network, therefore (unless you were an unscrupulous *******) you would be careful of your promises, now along comes the faceless recruitment composition of the internet and recruiting people miles away and who gives a shit whether they succeed or fail!!

I see something very sinister in this, i,m not interested in the people earning mega bucks on film, i,m interested in the people who will get forced into the dream ONLY, and lose a lot of self dignity as well as money

i will say this for the record – i NEVER met anyone in my area that was earning money in another Networking operation other than the one we were in

Good Luck with this – i think you,ll need it!!!!!

You know the problem online is that everyone and there dog is promising you a free lunch. And it’s possible that this guy is good too. But he gets lost in the shuffle with everyone else. I agree that he sort of has the franchise that he offers you. Like it’s a biz in a box. But the problem is 25 bucks a month? Well it’s not a big amount but if you’re just getting started and have no income yet, then actually it is. It’s another pesty bill that no one wants. The rule of thumb in life is that anything that looks too good to be true often is. But on the other hand if you try enough things chances are one of them will actually work. Try nothing and you won’t get nothing. I haven’t joined it, and I don’t think I will either. Just the 25 a month that’s too much. But if I had some income I might, just that I have no income at the moment so there’s not much I can do.

Thank you Liz for saving me money. I was considering joining this network but I couldn’t fight the nagging sounds in my head telling me if it sounds too good to be true then it is. I looked at several videos and I kept saying to myself it’s a pyramid scam and low and behold after reading your blog, I discovered that I was right to go with my instincts. Thanks again for the enlightenment.

Quote from post up above ^^^^ all the way up there! …

‘”The other issue I see is that this program is not workable in the long run: there are a finite number of folks on this earth with access to the Internet, and even among those with access to the Internet, there are a finite number interested in blogging, and, most importantly, a finite number of folks who want to or can spend $45.95 a month on a “maybe.”’

So true and one of the main reasons I have decided against it. it is very tempting and I was almost pulled into the trap. The quote above is exactly why Pyramid schemes fail. It will be interesting to see if the Empower Network still exists in a few years.

Great article and as others have said, it is so hard to find real anti EPM articles online.

Yup that’s why pyramid schemes are illegal -they are the classic zero-sum game – the bit that those who have been sucked in don’t want to understand, and the bit that the promoters will skip right on over.

Hi Lis there are some things that are true about Empower Network others are not.

No its not an illegal pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes hide as investment companies that promise X amount of returns in X amount of days. Money that is collected from investors that join. ( No real securities are actually purchased.) EN is an MLM which makes it legal. Here are the reasons:

1) You do not have to sell the product if you do not want to and make money . You can promote other stuff on your blog in fact this is what a lot of people do. (Destroys one of the clauses under USA Federal Law regarding pyramid schemes that states that the only way to profit from the opportunity is to recruit others into the opportunity.)

2)The affiliate reseller thing is optional. (Costs an additional $20. Ouch!!!!! ). You do not have to sell the “opportunity” to be able to make money with the product. ( You can make money selling stuff not related to Empower Network in your blog.)

3)You actually subscribe to a service. (Yes its overpriced depending on who operates the blog.) But still there is a service that you are getting. (Hosting). Hint: If you are able to drive 10K visitors a day to a blog then its cheap because a dedicated server will cost you a lot more than this. Yes I know that its impossible for most people to do that.

4) Members can earn more than their sponsors even with the “pass ups” if you are better at marketing. Breaks the whole your upline earns more than you thing (pyramid) for those that are interested in building this thing.

5) The company can keep going even if no new people join. The company does not profit from the products directly, instead they profit from their payment processor fees and live events. 100% product commissions go to affiliates. ( Again breaks another pyramid structure trait.)

So now that the whole EN pyramid scheme thing has been debunked here are some real pyramid schemes ( I will not post links just names. Stay out and don’t invest on them. Source: Been there done that…) They go by the names HYIPs, Cyclers, Ponzis, Investment Surfs among others.

Hourly Rev Share
Profit Clinking
Pip Mega
Benson Union
Rican Ad Funds
Fast Cash Mega

Just to name a few.

Sorry about the long post I have been messing with MLM lately and did all sorts of research on this stuff including taking a USA Merchant Law course in college while I was studying accounting. ( Needed it as a requisite).

If tiered referral systems were illegal even Revenue share writing sites would be illegal. (You get a percentage of other peoples ad impressions.

Hope that clears up some of the confusion. Is Empower Network for you? Its up to you to decide.

Is it illegal? Nope… Period. Its just MLM. (legal)

Im scared because My sister is professional with a very good job/yearly pay and I thought the last person on earth that would fall for that BS, Hope she doesnt fall too deep…

Thanks some guy I never met posted on my Facebook page and I almost bought into his sob story, figures its a scam….more of us in the world need to work less and enjoy life while we have our health. Thank you for your insight.


The only problem with using a free wordpress site, rather than a paid one with hosting, is that if wordpress finds out that you’ve been using the free blogging version for BUSINESS, they will SHUT IT DOWN and take all of your content with them.

I used to be a piano teacher. I got paid to teach students how to learn piano. For that, I got paid $50 for one hour. I didn’t work for a school, so I kept 100% of that commission.

Some of those students went on to teach piano themselves. They have the “resell rights” to the information that I taught them. They don’t work for me – they keep 100% of the commissions they earn from teaching.

In the future, some of HIS students will become teachers, and provide information for profit. Profit passes up, information and value passes down.

And nobody would call teaching piano lessons a pyramid scheme. Why Empower Network that works on the same principal?

Pyramid schemes make it impossible to pass the person who got in before you. If my students worked harder than me at getting more students, he will make more money than me. He gets paid for his efforts. The same goes for empower network.

The only problem with using a free wordpress site, rather than a paid one with hosting, is that if wordpress finds out that you’ve been using the free blogging version for BUSINESS, they will SHUT IT DOWN and take all of your content with them.

That is 100% bullshit: for your business
What’s free?
You can be up and running at no cost and with no hidden fees. All of’s functionality is yours for free, including 200 themes, sharing to social networks, and rock solid, secure hosting.

The rest of your comment has nothing to do with the business model or “payout structure” of EN.

I actually found this blog trying to prove a friend of mine wrong because he posts on FB all day long about how such and such just made $250k, and he is now killing it(mind you I personally know that guy and he is broke), and taking every opportunity to call people a Wussy or scared for either working legit 9-5 jobs or realizing this isn’t in the arena of legit online businesses. I’m not even a fan of MLM, but there is nothing wrong with it. Empower is flat out a pyramid scam. I’ve seen all their highest priced videos and if those are what you have to convince yourself are products to debate the pyramid accusation, then good luck. I really feel you have to be deluded or completely at ease with lieing to people because deep down when you are just spamming your friends, spamming search engines, or using a bait+switch on job postings to make people believe they are looking into a real job….DEEP DOWN you know its bullshit.

There is a lot of free common sense posted in this blog. I hope it stays high in the search results because it just is sickening for me to watch people get duped (who probably have common sense) when the allure of riches catch them at a bad point in their life. It should be a crime. And after all, if you take part in this company you are indeed taking part in a crime. I said the same thing with Zeek rewards and watched friends fall victim to that. If you aren’t comfortable with defrauding others because you realize its the only way to make $ when you see you were defrauded, DON’T JOIN.

I decided to look at the EN page of Pat Davidson, the person who was on here defending EN so much. His EN page is no longer available. I guess he got tired of losing money.

Thank your for your insight. I am with Empower Network. When I joined, I spent the extra $100 to upgrade to the Inner Circle. I found that the training videos we NOT training but mostly hype as to how much money you can make if you get into the right mind “zone”. The team leader that I joined under sent me a Welcome letter with a copy of her earnings……She called it the her list of “13 things to do”…….such a joke. I have not heard from her with any training etc. You actually learn more on You Tube than you learn on their web site. I’m following “newbies” and enjoy learning about Internet Marketing.

Thank you for this article. Being new to blogging, you used a few terms I had never heard of, which meant I didn’t understand some of your points. Fortunately, the comments by those supporting Project AWOL truly convinced me its a scam. Thank you for leaving their comments up and responding to them in a reasonable manner. As a new blogger, who hates technology (but it turns out I’m quite fond of writing a blog), wordpress is the easiest domain/blogsite/thing to use. See, I don’t even know what it is and I can use it.

Lis! I simply LOVE the fact that you are slicing through the EMN BULLSHIT and telling it like it is! Empower Network encourages people to just “jump right in” regardless! They only care about making their pockets fatter with EMN fool member’s money! The “big dog’s” in their MLM pyramid scheme are throwing 20-40 thousand a month down for marketing advertisements! Newbies stand NO chance at all! Now they have added teams to help SUCKER more fools in! To even compete one would not only need to be a marketing pro, but one would also need to throw thousands of dollars away on marketing the EMN “products”…..So sad indeed! People are still getting sucked in this Empower vortex of filth! I never was a member, never joined! Dave Wood(the “poor” van leach never was even homeless)! Dave wood was a Amway marketer. Living in a van (uh huh, sure) and borrowed his wife’s credit card to buy a laptop to join EM and begin blogging…..LOL I can smell the bullshit a mile away….Phewwww it really stinks! I do not know much about Dave Sharp(who claims he was a drunk living in a shed with his daughter)….Where was CPS to intervene??? He talks about this freely as if he has no shame cooping his daughter up in a shed/shack getting drunk all day…..Both stories are ‘B’ movies at best…..Ok, I have given my $1 worth. Oh the poor brain washed EM affiliates….LOL

[…] Anyway, a couple of reviews: Internet Scams and Site Reviews: Empower Network – Scam Review Empower Network Scam or Legit? | Adventures in Self-Publishing & Making Online Income (Important for people who want to sign up or have signed up already: read mariepharaoh's helpful […]

Hi Lis, thanx for the info on EN.
I get at least 4 e-mails a day from different individuals promoting EN.
That’s how I know it’s just about getting people in.
I am new to the internet (only 7 months) and the first thing I saw was this Dave guy all over the place talking about EN.
After watching about 7 minutes of his video, I ran for the hills.
If he makes that much money, he’s not gonna give away any real info on getting were he is financially, if anything, he looks like he’d ne more than happy to take my money.
Thank you for letting me know my instincts were right.

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