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Right Keywords + Right Platform = Cash!

Who needs new keywords then?  Well any of us who want to make money online in my experience. As I mentioned recently, I’m using Wizzley to make some fast cash – though this approach will make you money regardless of the platform – so long as the website is in Google’s good graces. 

So does it work? Let’s see – I was aiming for 7 articles/day on Wizzley – hmm not quite – I’m up to 17 articles on my main account on wizzley – so what have I have I earned? 

As as of 13 Jan – I’ve made $46 from Amazon and  as of 15 Jan $30 from Adsense, that’s not bad given the age of most of my articles and how few of them I have.  

I’m also getting a 10% order rate ie from around 450 clicks – I had 45 orders – I don’t have a huge amount of Amazon data to judge this by – but to this looks like a pretty darn good conversion rate. 

Gum Digger with His Tools - (Kauri gum made some people a lot of money in 19th century NZ - if they looked in the riight place) Dargaville

What I am doing with Wizzley is a slightly new approach to me. As some of you will know most of us have been continuously frustrated with Google’s Adwords Tool inability to provide long-tail keywords. I’ve pretty much given up on it myself for long-tails. 

Instead what I’m using is a tool which scrapes queries from Google’s autosuggest feature – Keyword Researcher.  Basically it takes a few minutes to basically give me 500-1000 suggestions on everything I’ve tried it on. 

Now KR won’t give you either competition or numbers searched. But obviously if a term is even in KR it must be searched for more than once (which is by some stats I saw ages ago is about 40% of all Google searches). 

Basically for the length of time it takes me to write a Wizzley page – I’m not too worried about how many searchers there are either.  

  1. I basically throw a seed keyword into Keyword Researcher – and let it do its thing (incredibly fast I might add)!
  2. I add all the keywords I  have into Keyword Strategy tool and sort by search volume – you will see a lot of zeros ie no search traffic, but the term is from Google’s own “auto suggest” –  Google lies – proof positive! 
  3. I basically start at the top – focus on the terms with the most searches and create about five pages – all targeting different, but related keywords. I create exact match urls with Wizzley and I interlink these pages. 
  4. Anything that raises its head in the  top 100 – I start sending links to from SEO Cobra (using a link wheel at the moment – which seems to work great!) . Eventually they will all probably get backlinks – but the ones that show most promise get prioritized. 
  5. Rinse and repeat as they say. 
  6. Wizzley is not my site. They could go away tomorrow – I’m using them as a supplement to my income – they are not my main focus long term.  If I find some nice new keyword groups that I think I can rank – I’ll build my own site and use the Wizzley pages for backlinks and traffic funnels. 

Its nothing new – in fact its almost exactly the approach advocated back in the day when Court from the  Keyword Academy – got excited about Hubs. (well except he was using Postrunner for backlinks and Hubpages not Wizzley) – it works. 

Doing exactly the same thing will work on your own site – it will work faster  if it has authority.  How do you know if a site has authority? Easy, does an easy keyword rank with little or no backlinking? In fact its a perfect tool to use to build out a niche site to be a larger one – you really will have too many keywords to deal with! 

Would I go out and buy Keyword Strategy just to get the search volumes easily?
Probably not – you can get them (about 75 at a time) – using Google’s Adwords Tool – or you can just figure out that if you are going after a competitive term like weight loss – is going to take a while and a lot of links, while going after “travel to Burma” – not so much!

If you are doing a competitive niche focus on 3 or long word phrases. Google will tell you there is no searches of course, but my stats beg to differ, and so does its own auto-suggest tool!

Do You Need Backlinks?
I rank #1 for “wizzley review” and “wizzley scam” . I haven’t built a single backlink for those terms – but this site has lots of authority for “review” and “scam” because of previous backlinks.  For “empower network scam” –  I started at #8 but dropped to #14 – so now I’m building links and I’m back to #11 –  this is a competitive term – some people are making a lot of money with this scam. 

So if you are using a tool like Keyword Researcher to find long tail keywords – you may or may not need backlinks depending on a) how competitive the niche is and b) how much authority the site you are putting content on has. 

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Lis, if you have and use already Keyword Strategy, you don’t really need another tool to find these elusive long tails 😉 Just use the ‘get keywords’ button a lot, KST uses more than just Google’s normal keyword data to find them. Have to run now, later more 😉

No I disagree with you on this one SY – I get a lot of “noise” from KS – kws aren’t nearly as focussed as I’d like – and they are generally around 3 words – while I’m getting much longer phrases with KR. Try it (you can try it for free on the website). Also KS isn’t going to give me terms that are in a totally new niche – only stuff that relate to my existing terms. I just tried KS suggest on Myanmar travel (which I’d just run with KR) – and got a lot of unrelated terms including Brunei travel and Borneo Travel and Bhutan Travel – just because Myanmar is closed associated with Burma doesn’t mean that I want to travel with “something beginning with “B” “.

The Keyword Research tool in contrast will ONLY return phrases that include “Mynamar travel” – including some things i’d never have found any other way such as “can americans travel to myanmar” and “travel to Myanmar from Singapore” – both of which I think and go and write something on!

Ok, Lis, A suggestion, just to prove you that it is user error 😉 I am running a project ‘Myanmar travel’ for you in KST, I’ll send you a nice list of keywords by email when I am done 😉 And yes, I will use only KST to do this, promised 😉 SY

I have to agree with SY here. We have a database of 125 million keywords bolted onto KWS, as well as a feed to SEMRush and the Google Adwords Keyword Tool – even Google Suggest, which is what Keyword Researcher is based on.

Every time you press “Get Keywords”, we deliver approximately 1000 related keywords from all these different sources.

I think you’re looking at the keyword suggestions that come from your existing pages, or from Google Analytics. If the keywords aren’t longtail enough, just set your minimum monthly search traffic down to 0. You’ll get as many as you can handle.

I just think you’re not pressing “Get Keywords”.

You were right – Fraser – I wasn’t – but I just did – and got 444 suggestions on “myanmar travel” however a lot of them were silly like “asian trips” – but more importantly its missing suggestions like “how to travel to Myanmar” or “travel to Myanmar from Thailand” which are good long tails which I got from Keyword Researcher – I don’t see it as an issue as its easy to add these terms into Keyword Strategy

I agree, I’m a total keyword packrat, so I want to get as many keywords as possible from as many sources as possible.

I still think you have your minimum monthly traffic settings too high. Set it to 0 if you’re feeling brave and run that query again.

Its at zero – I am the queen of the “zero traffic” keyword – they make me quite a lot of money – all those non-existent searchers !

Thank you Lis for this article you have posted. I think you don’t have or it isn’t necessary to get the Keyword Strategy to get what you really want. I maybe mistaken but as far as i know it is really not necessary.

It is if you want to see the searchs and competition for the terms – a lot of people obsess about that- myself – not so much

Yes Tony – the first 5 or so articles your links are nofollowed – but they go follow once you publish your 6th! Because its easy to rank your pages on Wizzley – you may even outrank your own site – which is fine because it give you a great link (and you still earn with Wizzley)

I haven’t done enough yet to have a solid sample of work, but even in my short time there so far I’m pretty happy with the early results that I’m getting back. The next month will be me moving all but about 15 hubs off of HubPages onto Wizzley and seeing how quickly I can rebuild some of the lost income from last year. Early signs are pretty good so far, IMO.


Off topic!

How do you get that little ad “You may also like-” to pop out when you are half way down a page?

Is that a plug in or custom coding?



Lis – how is your wizzley strategy going, I’m curious about how many articles you’ve uploaded, how much backlinking you’ve done, and how much you’ve earned?

First off I want to say terrific blog! I had a quick question that I’d like to ask if you do not mind. I was interested to find out how you center yourself and clear your head prior to writing. I’ve had
a hard time clearing my mind in getting my ideas out. I do take pleasure in writing however
it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes tend to be
lost simply just trying to figure out how to begin. Any recommendations or tips?
Appreciate it!

ONLY the first 10 minutes – some days I struggle for hours to focus. Now I’m trying just doing it first thing with all the email and SM sites turned off!

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