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Freelance Writing Really Taking Off

Is it just me or are there are freelancing writing jobs all over the place at the moment? I just picked up another on-going writing gig. In fact its my first as a “normal” ghost writer ie. I am given that article’s title and write a piece based on the title.

Writers Block
Writers Block

Its a lot easier than coming up with new blog posts all the time and making sure I am not repeating myself or neglecting part of the topic area of the blog!

Again this was a job I got not from advertising or via my under-developed portfolio site. It was someone looking for writers at HubPages. The initial job wasn’t that exciting pay wise but I have since got better paying work from the same person.

Getting paid to produce a service be it writing or something else on the internet is the same as in the real world. If you can prove your ability (in my case I have nearly 100 hubs at HubPages) but possibly even more important prove that you can communicate and deliver then you will get work and you do NOT have to work for 1c/word on the crappy freelance bidding sites.

How do you prove you can deliver:

  • respond promptly and clearly to emails;
  • either accept the job as given or negotiate the price;
  • communicate clearly as to the turn around times and meet them;
  • if there is a problem – let the agency or buyer know – don’t go into your hole and not communicate.

Its not rocket science but I suspect that its done often very badly on the internet. It seems that a lot of writers really have poorly developed business and social skills. You don’t have to be a fantastic Writer to make money freelancing – I am proof of that. You do need to know how to write for your audience and behave professionally and it seems to be paying off for me!

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You hit the nail right on the head. It’s not necessarily how well one writes, it’s about writing to the target audience and being responsive to the client.

Nice blog.

Sounds good. If you are interested in doing some travel articles, please send me an email with your rates.

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Hi Lissie!

Great to see another Aussie doing so well in the freelance arena. I see you’re in Perth. I’m in Melbourne 🙂

I’d love to know where you’re finding your freelance work. I already have a few ongoing clients in the US and Australia who keep me busy, but you said in a comment on my blog that you work for an agency in the UK as well? I’ve been dying to get into the UK. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Your blog is great. I’ve been browsing around for a while now and you’ve done a great job with it.


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Thanks for the comments everyone – I really appreciate it when people take the the time to comment.

Mike – I’ll send you an email.

Bianca – and guess where the clients for the UK agency are – in Australia LOL and the pays in US$ – really totally bizarre. It gets even odder: I avoid Australian clients because then I would need an Australian ABN and all the paperwork that goes with it!

Hi Lis,

Congrats on your evolving career. It is always great to see new writers build their business.

@ Bianca: Your tax accountant is correct. If you bring money into the country (and you probably would if you get paid in PayPal and have it hooked to your account) you will have to pay taxes.

I am grumbling with the same issues here and by golly gosh I will do everything possible to look for an offshore account once I earn my millions. LOL. Until then, I guess I just toggle along *grumbles and pay my taxes.

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Hmm I might have to look into it again – most of income goes to a NZ a/c but I have just opened another paypal a/c in Australia to give me access to some of the money – but maybe I’ll loose it again if it gets me into the whole ABN rubbish! At least in NZ I just pay tax on my worldwide income full stop – its a lot simpler!

Thanks for visiting Monika

I have noticed that there are tons of freelance writing jobs out there. Just check out craigslist and you will see tons! Its nice to see that you are succeeding in your freelance career. You are right when you say that you do not have to be a spectacular writer, coming out of university with an English degree. Its just important to know who you are writing for


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