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Yes: We moved! Welcome to the new url

Now I think I have brought everyone with me – I hope! There is a redirect on the old blogspot site which should bring you straight here – but you may want to update your bookmarks anyway: Journey of 100 Sites is now at All the posts and comments came across easily, the WP import feature really does work! The RSS was find too as I already was using feedburner so you RSS Readers won’t see anything different.  The redirecting the individual posts and of the high level domain is all thanks to Blogger Bloke’s excellent tutorial on how to move from blogger to WordPress

Why did I leaver blogger? Well they annoyed me and broke the comment feature on the theme I was using. There just isn’t the depth of independent developers for blogger: and its probably because blogger (Google) can change anything they like on a pretty random basis and it leaves the developers scrambling. Even finding how to redirect the posts was hard because that seems to have changed completely in the last few months: Blogger Bloke’s code works because he uses .htaccess rather than mucking with Google’s code.

Also I am kinda feeling the need for a flagship blog – and I guess this must be it because some people actually seem to stop by and read it LOL, and even odder subscribe to it! I had the domain lying around doing nothing so this seemed the logical thing to do with it!

I know it doesn’t look very pretty around here at the moment but I am tired with fiddling and need to get some work done: this is a very cool theme – but it has a whole lot of options which I don’t know how to use yet!

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Thanks Mike: I guess its important to use feedburner for feeds for the same reason that gmail is good: if you move your url you don’t loose your subscribers you just update the feed’s location!

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Glad to see things are working for you. Blog on!

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