How did I start Blogging

Sharon over at Get Paid to Write Online asked how I started blogging: here’s how.

I started blogging on blogger – then I moved everything over to my own site continuing adventures and now I am back writing on blogger -why you may well ask?

Well Continuing Adventures was started when I was trying to figure out how to escape my corporate IT career and planning a camping trip around Australia. I started blogging in August 2006 and from March to September 2007 we were on the road around Australia. I already had my own static site: Midlife Travel but of course found that blogging was so much easier to keep updated. These sites were of course supposed to make me money and keep us travelling – well it didn’t quite work out that way – first off we got tired of camping before we could afford the $200,000 motorhome to make it comfortable. Oh and of course my sites never made me any money either – not even enough to keep us travelling in Asia never mind Australia.

Continuing Adventures was basically a journal with photos – don’t bother looking the photos are MIA since I moved hosts – it was unfocused, random and basically un-monetizable. I did some paid t-links and that was the end of its page rank too.

In the meantime I started to make pocket change from HubPages and started to understand what I could get paid for and the length of time required.

Along the way I have somewhat accidentally become a freelance writer though I am still developing my own niche sites too.

This blog I started along the line’s of Grizz’s Make Money Online original blogger blog – and to develop a more technical blog which I could write about in more detail than friends and family reading Continuing Adventures really wanted to hear about. In a similar way that no one ever wants to know what happened on your 6-month backpacking trip through Africa, no one really wants to know that you have made $20/month with Adsense either!

The reason this is a blogger blog check here and yes I still am not very keyword focussed!

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Thanks for sharing, Lissie. I’ve added your post to the list. BTW, this is one of the best Blogger templates I have ever seen.

Thanks Sharon – yes its a lovely template isn’t – not mine – I am design challenged – the credit is in the footer. I haven’t found something I like as much for wordpress in fact!

Hi Lissie,
Great to hear more personal insights from you. I never realized that we have so much in common. Like you, I’m a travel nut and have traveled extensively both world wide and through Oz.

Even done the caravan trip and the camping trip too. Our dream is to live in a caravan and make this our mobile office one day.

Then in years to come even travel the world again. Can’t wait.

We even got to Yeppon – a very pretty spot: we got cold in Alice Springs: so drove east – and Yeppon is where you come out – had to see the sea again – hadn’t seen it since Melbourne 🙂

That’s an interesting journey from corporate IT to traveling on the open road and blogging! We do have to give ourselves credit for at least attempting things instead of sitting on the sidelines.

Here’s my entry into this writing project: Surviving WritingUp.

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