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RevResponse – A different Type fo Affiliate

I have a confession – I am not very good as an affiliate marketer. For one I won’t promote anything I don’t actually use myself – and for two most of the stuff I use is free – so no commission – like Q10 Retro Text Editor.

So its taken me a while to check out RevResponse – and I only really have because I saw a write up from people like Terry’s – Make MoneyOnline and Grizz’s Make Money Blogging In fact when I clicked through I realised that I recognised the site – I had used it before as a consumer so it must be good!

So what’s RevResponse and why do I like it? Well is different, its useful – and its FREE! How good is that? Here’s how it works – RevResponse has a wide range of business and professional magazines on offer – for FREE – yes no catch. You do have to fill in all the contact information and for some offers you have to reside in the right country, but if you are eligible you receive the magazines free.

For you greenies: no trees dies – these are e-magazines – so they are delivered straight to your inbox in pdf format. And the range of topics is impressive not just finance and business but utilities, food and beverage, packaging, to transportation and travel. They really do have a full-range of options.

For those of you not resident in the US check towards the bottom of the main pages on the left for “International Eligible” to avoid frustration.

And yes: if you do click through and sign up I do get a small commission – but you’re not paying it so its all good!

3 replies on “RevResponse – A different Type fo Affiliate”

Actually, the fact that you won’t recommend anything you don’t use is a sign that you’re a GREAT affiliate marketer.

Trust me, if you only promote those products you actually use, you’ll do better in the long run.

LOL Kathy – I guess Im lucky my partner is paying the bills in the meanwhile – I will endevour not to give up in the short run – have you got a timeframe for that?

I think a key thing is choosing good quality products to promote.
A lot of products on the smaller affiliate networks you wouldn’t buy yourself or recommend to friends, ever.

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