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Keyword Academy Price Rise 6 April

UPDATE 21 July. The price has now reverted to $33/month. If you are paying the higher rate contact tka support to have your subscription reduced to the $33/month rate.

I did warn you that The Keyword Academy was increasing their price!  Well the bad news is that I was right – the worse news is that the price is going up on the 6 April – which is also the anniversary as TKA celebrates their first birthday.

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I have told you already why TKA works for so many of us – I’m not going to repeat myself here, again – that and I just got back from a few days away and I was on my way to  bed before I saw this in my in-box. Bottom line – not sure – signup now – it will cost $1 and you lock in the $33/month for life – sign up on the 6th – and you will be at the new higher rate of $67/month. Either way you still have the 30 days to figure out whether the program will work  for you.


Here’s why the price is going up – in ther own words:

It’s hard to believe that an entire year has passed since we announced the launch of our paid members’ area, and the program has come quite a long way since April ’09.

What started out as a program that offered only guidance and support has become a full blown internet marketing system. We still offer a thorough step by step method for building low maintenance internet income and we still support new members with ongoing webinars and an extremely helpful forum.

But we’ve taken our program beyond information and support, and built tools that save our members huge amounts of time in their pursuit of a bigger online income.
More than Just Guidance and Support

“Tools” is a term that gets thrown around pretty liberally in the internet marketing world, so let me be a little more specific about what you’ll find inside TKA Pro:

First of all, you’ll get unlimited access to the Niche Refinery, a keyword research tool that will allow you to sort through tens of thousands of keywords to find those with plenty of income potential but without overwhelming competition.

Ask our members, and you’ll hear Niche Refinery called “as addictive as drugs.”

Niche Refinery makes the keyword selection process fast and easy. Whether you’re brand new to making money online, or already bringing in a steady income – you need more keywords, you need better keywords.

The only way to get a good look at Niche Refinery is by taking a 30 day trial of TKA Pro.

The second important tool you’ll find inside TKA Pro is PostRunner (called the Guest Posting System until a few days ago; PostRunner was the subject of Court’s most recent post on the blog). PostRunner is a tool that makes it incredibly easy to acquire contextual white hat links that will make a big difference to your search engine rankings.

PostRunner is not a spam tool; we mean it when we say these are white hat links. We’re not going to talk much more about it here; all we’ll say is this: if you want search engine rankings, you need links. PostRunner will let you get the number and quality of links you need to rank well.

The only way to get a good look at PostRunner is by taking a 30 day trial of TKA Pro.
How much has your online income grown in the last 12 months?

If you’re a normal aspiring internet marketer, you’ve read a lot of blog posts in the last 12 months. You’ve probably bought at least a few domain names; maybe you’ve even set up a few websites. But the question isn’t whether you’ve been working on it – the question is how much new income have you created in the last year?

I can make a pretty fair guess about how much you’re earning because I’ve surveyed many of our readers. Here are a couple of interesting stats: over 96% of those responding to the survey were making less than $500 per month online, but over 50% of them had been working at it for more than a year. So you have this relatively big group who’d been working away at it for more than a year, but didn’t even have a few hundred dollars per month to show for the effort.

When you sign up for TKA Pro, I guarantee you’ll see a clear path to consistent income. It takes hard work and patience, but it works.

Every day when you sit down at your computer, do you know what you can and should be doing to increase your income? Do you have a set of proven steps and to follow and the tools to help you follow them?

If you’ve managed to create some income online, do you know exactly how to replicate that success and add zeros to your monthly earnings (or just get your monthly earnings past $0)?

If you can say yes to all those questions, congratulations and more power to you.

If you can’t say yes, and you find yourself wandering around the web for weeks at a time, wondering which of those over-hyped sales letters might actually get you where you want to go…

…do yourself a favor and take a 30 day trial of TKA Pro.

If you register for TKA Pro before Tuesday, April 6th, you’ll get unlimited access to our step by step video instructions, our members’ only forum, and our keyword research and link building tools for 30 days, and it will cost you $1. If you decide to stay subscribed beyond the 30 days your subscription will cost $33 per month – and never increase.

I’d strongly recommend getting off the fence and taking us up on this offer, because Court and I are giving ourselves a nice birthday gift as TKA Pro turns one year old:
We’re Doubling the Price

As of April 6th, ongoing Premium Membership to TKA Pro will run you $67 per month. We still believe the program will be a great deal relative to its value at $67 per month, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s more than double the current cost of a monthly subscription.

We’re not increasing the price so drastically just for kicks; this isn’t the same program we launched with a subscription of $33 per month. By adding Niche Refinery and PostRunner, we’ve put TKA Pro in a position to take the place of other keyword analysis and link building tools whose combined cost would be a few hundred bucks a month.

This is the bottom line: our members love the program, and it’s working for them. We now have over 1,200 active members, and every week we get more reports of big gains to their income. If you were ever going to take TKA Pro for a test drive, I’d do it now before it gets a little more pricey.

Oh, and just one thought about the whole subscription thing. I know you hate subscriptions. I hate them, too. I won’t keep a single subscription to a tool or a program that doesn’t absolutely justify itself and give a great return on investment.

So if you take a trial membership and decide it’s not for you, canceling is as easy as logging into Paypal and clicking one button. Or, you could just send our student support an email and we’ll cancel the subscription for you without hassle or hesitation. And if you forget to cancel your subscription and we charge you $33 accidentally, a quick refund is just one email away. We won’t bug you about it at all. With over 1,200 happy members, we don’t have to fight with anybody over a $33 refund, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Hope to get to know you better on the inside.

– Mark

26 replies on “Keyword Academy Price Rise 6 April”

OK! You’ve convinced me, I caved in and signed up (using your affiliate link). I won’t really get to check it out for a couple of months but if it’s as good as you say then I’m sure it’ll pay off in the long term (n_n)

Wow, I knew nothing of the price increase to $67, but since the advent of Niche Refinery and Postrunner it definitely seemed like something that would take place. I guess I’m glad I took the leap a couple months ago and signed up for the Pro membership.

The Niche Refinery tool alone will keep my membership intact, and as I start to take advantage of Postrunner (little by little) my sites are getting more juice. Also, I’m registered to a link exchange group in Yahoo that is only available to TKA members, although it isn’t run by the creators of that program.

In short, TKA finally gave me the direction I lacked early on as an aspiring IM’er.

Good luck…

Sounds like its working for you Bizz – nice one – the price rise doesn’t apply to those already in the program of course

“HONKING BIG BUY IT NOW OR I WILL EXPLODE LINK” God, I love it, great “Call to Action” 😉 I also broke and signed up under your link at the moment I am busy preparing little Postrunner articles for all my sites out there. The system really does work like a charm! Not sure if I will use Nichrefinery much, I have already more niche ideas then I can realistically work on, but you never know! SY

Is it subtle enough do you think 🙂 Yeah tell me about having the way too many niches sites !

Yep, just doing finally a stock take on all my niche sites / hubs / lenses / infobarrel / articles / blogger blogs / other free blogs / sites and so on. All nicely with earning potential and current ranking for keywords, rofl. At least by tomorrow morning should I know which sites are really worth promoting and which just a waste of time. So much ballast from the time I hadn’t an idea about keywords, but some hidden gems also 😉 SY

Yes it gets a little out of control doesn’t it! There seems to be a ready market in the TKA forums for sites which are earning a little if you are bored with them!

I might try that, but the sad truth is that the low-earners are the sites I love doing and the high-earners are kind of real work, but also money 😉 But yes, sooner or later i will need to throw some on the market, there are some sites in my portfolio I couldn’t care less about and that is bad. Or outsourcing the content writing, decisions, decisions, SY

Outsource the boring ones that make money – seriously – when I started doing that it made life so much easier! Now I purely look at niches with “can I make money” – not “will I slit my own throast if I have to write about that topic for a month”!

I was using textbroker – but they were a bit slow at times – now I use The Content Authority actually started by a couple of the TKA members – usually takes about 2 days for articles to come thru – and they are pretty darn good quality for the price I pay (1c word)

Seriously Kevin? Where you planning on subscribing and actually taking action or just subscribing? You do still have 30 days to try it out for a $1 – if you can’t see the value in that time cancel the sub

I was planning on taking action. I am serious and did not want to go in thinking that I will be out in a a month after reading what you have discussed with TKA as well as comments from other sites. Also it takes atleast 6 months to know where you are and $1 for just a month is not going to give you the results you are looking for in a month.

I was planning to go to Site Builder because I did some extensive ground work. But I started reviewing the blogs on TKA just a few weeks back after I came to your site based on some negative feedback from Site Builder folks.

But sadly I missed the bus.

Kevin if you follow the program at TKA and so some serious work on your business then you will understand that the value of the program is worth a great deal more than $67. For example most link networks range in price from $47 to $147 / month – Postrunner (part of TKA) is probably better quality and its free. Again the niche refinary tool is included in the package but I’ve seen offerings charging over $50/month just for keyword analysis tools (or up to $500 one off to buy them).

Do you know another business that you can start for $67/month (plus hosting and domains)?

Kevin, if you put all your energy and time and effort into the first month (1$) of your TKA subscription, you will make much more of it then you need to pay for the subscription for the second and following months. I give you a hint: Use the nicherefinery to find low competition, yet profitable niches, write infobarrel articles and hubs about it and promote them with the postrunner system. If you turn out only one infobarrel article plus one hub a day you will have at least 60 money making mini sites after one months. Plus you are going to keep the long list of green keywords you have created with Nicherefinery! At 1$ for the first month it is an absolute no-brainer – if you are willing to work hard, SY *steps of soap box and finishes the pep-talk*

I guess I am going to go with Site Build It. Its a monthly plan with hosting and all the features of creating niche websites. I have been working with it, but when I saw TKA I started my research by looking at review instead of joining it. I know that for every website you pay site build it and so in the long run it is cheaper going with TKA. But at this stage for me price matters along with quality and I have a learning curve for which I cannot take chances

Kevin B, before you spend money on Site Build It, you might want to read Lissie’s review of them here: Don’t miss to read also the 500+ comments this blog post has created. SBI always reminds me of the old saying “Give a man a fish and he has to eat for a day, teach him to fish and he has to eat for his whole life.” TKA teaches you to fish, not so sure about SBI, SY

Hello hospitalera

I have read the link, but now I think that TKA is doing exactly the same with their price hikes as Site Build it had before when you had to spend 299. I do not want to compare apples and oranges. But you dont give your self a birthday gift by hiking the price by 200 percent. I know that I will hear many comments regarding why this price hike, but I will not buy into it. You mentioned about $1 and 60 niches that you are working on. You are experience and I am not.
Therefore there is a lot of dynamics in the learning process. What fits you will not fit my learning curve. I have read Ken’s Site Build IT. I am a slow learner and I know many have had issues with it, but many of the problems like in the difficulties of looking for what you need. I have read it several times to understand it. So I will continue to read Lis website for information and tips but will not buy into TKA because of this price hike. There is no explaination to this hike theory no matter how great their service are.

Well the maths is they upped the price 100% not 200% 🙂 From what I’ve head re SBI’s materials most people find them long-winded and confusing – I wouldn’t beat yourself up over that. And frankly some of the new concepts I’ve learnt over the last few years has taken way more than 2 times for me to “get it” 🙂 Take marketing for example!

Its a long learning curve – but the one thing that I have learnt is that most people quit before they have a chance to succeed so best of luck Kevin and I hope you keep reading – I’m not always trying to get your to buy something!

Lis it was my mistake. It should have been 100%. I fat fingered the keyboard. Not good at it some times. Thanks for your advice and this is why I am visiting your website to learn because you are not always trying to sell. I am not a quitter and I have patience to be successful and am willing to go the extra mile. I have read the negative comments about SBI and I understand. I already have few sites that do make money for me. It is not a one size fits it all. What may work for one may not work for another. I would have paid for the $1 to just join, but when I have made up my mind to not agree to pay $67 per month which is too pricy there is no point to even try it. May be if I did not know the original price, I would have ended up joining TKA.

I will continue to visit your site as long as good information is available. Thank you for your wishes.

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