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The Keyword Academy Video Course – A Scam?

The Keyword Academy is the best program I know that teaches how to build a sustainable online business – however if you want get rich quick look elsewhere.

Another update – in 2011 The Keyword Academy have released version two: check out my most recent  Keyword Academy review.

UPDATE: A year later this post still gets traffic and sign ups so I thought it might be time to update it! Short answer is that TKA just keeps on getting better – that’s why I am still subscribed to it! Updates in bold below

Now I can teach you some stuff but I prefer to send you on to an expert – and my experts were letting me down!

I have two main mentors that I have mentioned over and over. Grizz provides great information for free – but even he admits that his sites are designed to bring in search traffic – not necessarily with sound coaching and teaching principles in mind! The information is there but you have to dig – and some people don’t learn like that. UNFORTUNATELY GRIZ NO LONGER POSTS BUT HIS ARCHIVES ARE WELL WORTH READING

Vic – is not everyone’s cup of tea – some people can’t get past the foul-mouthed persona – which is really their problem not mine or his. But more importantly Vic has closed is private forum until further notice as he is busy on a new business venture – which meant I couldn’t refer people to the place I get a lot of my information from.

Now – today – finally- I have a solution. The third person who has provided me decent, quality information is Courtney Tuttle. He started off with a free site – discovered that people don’t appreciate free and went to a coaching/mentoring pricing monitoring. Now to be honest mentoring is not really for me – I just don’t learn that way very well, and of course the time zone difference didn’t make life any easier. Mark Butler, Court’s business partner, now runs the Keyword Academy.

Now Court has, I am pretty sure, a background in consulting and/or coaching in the real world, and he and his partner Mark take a much more formalised approach to teaching the business of making passive income online than either Griz or Vic.

But, and this is the important thing, they are all basically telling the beginner the same thing in terms of doing keyword research, setting up websites, building back links and making money. Its all very professionally laid out, there is no bad language involved, and more importantly the information is good.

The Keyword Academy Membership Site

Court and his partner Mark have launched a new payment membership site: Keyword Crash Course Video Series . The site is new and the main information currently available are 10 videos taking the beginner step by step from doing keyword research, setting up a site with WordPress, adding content, getting backlinks, article marketing, Adsense setup and statistical analysis of your site visitors. Each video is around 40 minutes long. There is also Q+A associated with each video and a full transcript so you can find the bit you want again!

Now this set of videos by themselves could easily be sold for hundreds of dollars. But they aren’t charging hundreds of dollars, or even $100 dollars.  Now its free for the first month – insane!

UPDATE: When TKA launched that was all there was – a course and a forum – but over the next year they added a tool to further automate the finding of keywords (NicheRefinary) and a way to make Guest Posting waaaay easier (Postrunner)

What’s the Catch?

Is there a catch – of course there is! After the first month you get charged an ongoing rate of $33/ month (premium includes access to the forums – only way to go in my opinion). Ahhh you say – so how many months does it take to get access to the videos – 3, 6 or 9? No the initial 10 videos are available to you immediately – as  soon as you confirm your subscription – yup you have full access for 30 days before you pay anything!

What about the subscription – yes you sign up for an ongoing subscription – can you cancel it? Yes as soon as you gain access if you want – though I wouldn’t recommend it. If you use paypal to subscribe all you do is go to Paypal and cancel the subscription – you don’t have to contact Court and Mark at all.

Why do I say you shouldn’t cancel immediately? Well because the Internet is a dynamic place – the business model that worked 5 years ago or even one year ago may not work now – having access to updated information and support is one of the most important things you need to have to go forward in this business. What I do say – is leave yourself a note and evaluate whether the product is working for you after 25 days and decide whether to continue on with the subscription.

Ahh you say, having been scammed one to many times, you can’t follow the videos without the fancy software right? No, really, the main software used in the videos are:

Keyword research: Google’s free adwords tool

Excel – but you can use OpenOffice – its free

Competitor analysis – SEO for Firefox – free

Statistical analysis of visitors to your site – Statcounter – free and highly recommended by me!

Setting up the site: you will need hosting and your own domain name using the Keyword Academy approach, you can do it for free – but if you are completely new to this I’d advise not to mix and match.

Hosting Hostgator $5/month if you only want one site, $8/month for unlimited.

WordPress – free, recommended themes and plugins – free

Domain name: $0.99c for an info $7.49 for a .com (from godaddy) -cost per a year.

Link building. They mention a bunch of free methods but also recommend that you use Unique Article Wizard  for article distribution – this costs $67/month.

With the addition of Postrunner – the additional UWA product is no longer really needed

Will Keyword Academy Work For Me?

I don’t know where to start – I don’t know how to create a website – will Keyword Academy work for me?

If you are a beginner looking for a step-by-step approach to building an online business, if you are prepared to put the work in (Court recommends 8-10 hours /week) – then this will work for you.  The program will teach you how to develop sites optimized for Adsense.

I have information over-load – I don’t know where to start – I need to start reading and take action.

Know how you feel – if you are looking for a step-by-step program – check this out and ignore all the other sites for a month or two.  Don’t just watch the videos do your homework and create your first site, or first money-making one, and move forward.

I don’t do Google Adsense – I want to sell affiliate products or my own products – is there any value here for me?

Regardless of what you want to sell you need organic traffic to your site. The Keyword Academy will teach you how to do keyword research which will work regardless of your monetization method.

I’m an experienced Internet Marketer – will I learn anything?

Grizz, Vic, Court all have slightly different approaches to making money online – but all work for them. What works for you may be an exact copy of one their models- or a mash-up of your own – but these guys won’t put you wrong.

I learnt several things that were either new to me or I had been muddled on by skipping through the videos. The final video on how to flip websites was all new to me and well worth the $1  in my opinion!

Anyway you are already probably paying for link distribution services – TKA will probably save you money with the Postrunner system!

Bottom Line: Is Keyword Academy a Scam?

No its not. You are committing nothing to signing up for the video marketing course.

Try the videos and forums for a month- you may find they don’t work for you, you don’t want to make money this way, you don’t have the time – whatever  – you have lost nothing. Sign up for the forums options so that you can ask questions for a month – you may not like the answers – you can can cancel it cost you  nothing.

Will following the videos guarantee that you will make money – no it won’t! Nothing in life is free – and free money doesn’t exist. You will have to do some work. Most of us value our time so this is going to cost you some time. It is going to cost you some money for domains and hosting. But if you are flat broke you could still try this out by developing a site on for fre e…

Why Am I Recommending Keyword Academy Video Series and Membership Site

  1. It will work for people who want a structured learning environment -the cost is reasonable, there is no long-term contract the pricing model is transparent and fair.
  2. The principles taught make me money – they work.
  3. They will make you money if you put the effort in.  I am strongly recommending that you sign up with the premium version because most people need access to a forum for on-going support.
  4. There is an affiliate program – if you click on a link to sign up with the Keyword Crash Course Video Series for free I will get a commission. I will happily take Mark”s money for introducing you.  Oh and you already have to be a member to be approved as an affiliate so anyone promoting the product has seen what they are selling.

69 replies on “The Keyword Academy Video Course – A Scam?”

Great information and review Lis. I don’t have the keyword academy videos but I have followed Court and Mark for a long time (especially Court) and I can testify to their knowledge of making money online. They definitely know what they are talking about. I have no doubt that these videos are full of great information and more than worth the price!

Thanks for commenting Trent – I am listening to their website selling video – really interesting stuff.

Hey Lis

is nice to see people posting a real post without all the affiliate links, etc.
I joined the course and I plan to continue for 30 dollars per month. In a funny way I simply enjoy their way of explaining. I don’t love all the ideas, like blogroll exchange… but at least they don’t call people n00bs and the videos are delivered in a very professional way. Now for the price, it is worth it

Yes I am little surprised by the blogroll thing to – but I think I see where they are going with it – remember they are talking about new domains- I usually buy pre-owned domains these days, so they are trying to avoid the sandbox and look natural so I can see the blogroll exchange working for that.
Their style has always been very professional, straight down the line and that suits a lot of people.

Great review Liz,
I received an email yesterday (well I think it was yesterday it might have been two days before tomorrow with the time change) anyway I was going was about ready to signup when I saw you had a word or two to say and I read your post. I’ll use a link above.

agrande’s last blog post..Zero Carb Foods and Glycemic Index

Thanks agrande – sometimes the time difference down under works to my advantage! – manged to review this why most of North America was asleep!

Hi Lis,

LOL, I had to laugh at the title of this post. You obviously learned at least one thing from the SBIers, and their fake “is it a scam? review sites”.

… the difference being, your review is real, and Court and Mark’s site is definitely worth checking out.


Hi Lis,
when I first saw the post title in my RSS reader I got ready to put my boxing gloves on again! LMAO!
I have to agree that The Keyword Academy membership offer is NOT a scam at all. In fact, Court is a really good teacher (Mark Too)

I paid to be a part of one of their keyword webinars a couple months ago (which is now part of their training series) and I must say that it was very organized, easy to follow and did contain a lot of pointed information that I was able to use immediately. Mark and Court also took extra time to answer every question during the webinar, which was cool too.

I think that this series would be great for beginners and advanced-beginners for sure.

@Matt – I hadn’t realised they kept adding to the webinars- very cool.

@Todd- well I have a fondness for the term now! Actually I used to search for “XYZ is a scam” when I was trying to decide whether to buy something.

@Allyn – sorry to disappoint 🙂

After a long absence from MMO, I signed up too. I always knew the basic steps but what Court and Mark did for me was it forced me to be organized and brought out the quantitative measures for me. Before, I always did the keyword analysis in my head. Their formula now gives me a basis to shoot by. So does their link building goals.

I mean, is it really all that different than what Griz and Vic say? Keyword analysis, build links, build links, build links. I’m sure there are more tricks coming up in the next few months to streamline the process. I’m also hoping that the forum becomes a place where we form relationships to help each other out. So far so good, can’t complain about the $1!

Mariam’s last blog post..Would Google Acquiring Twitter Be a Bad Move?

@david I like reading too so its good that they have both – its hard to find what you want to hear again with videos!
@ Mariam no there is very little different – all 3 teach very similar principals – there is some variety -Vic is more into $7 sales and affilites, Grizz focusses on blogger blogs but they will all get you to the same place. The real difference is the teaching style not the substance

I signed up for a dollar, how can you loose? I think I’m different from most in that I’d rather read than watch a video though. So I think it’s nice they have transcripts you can read through if you like. I was a little curious about the blogroll thing myself, they mentioned it several times and very specifically. Still, it’s solid information, well presented step by step, it would work for basically any platform although they seem to like the self hosted WP.

David’s last blog post..Music Keys Chart: I IV V in Different Keys.

Hi Lis, I have to say I was totally stoked to see Court and Mark make this offer and move to a monthly membership model. If I’m not mistaken, this course is the course that they have originally been selling for between 500-1200 dollars I think. I’m not sure, can you confirm?

Anyway, I was strongly considering joining and had just entered Mark’s phone numbers into my cell to call about it when i saw the offer in the latest blog post.

I joined thru the premium link and have just gotten thru the 1st video. Definitely good stuff! I wouldn’t imagine anyone would pass this offer up for a measly $1, but if anyone has considered simply blowing it off, you’d be a fool.

That’s my two cents, anyway, thanks for the heads up for everyone Lis.

wu yi’s last blog post..Where Do I Find Wu-Yi Tea?

@Wu – I don’t know if its the same course they were originally selling for the higher price – I think the the higher price included 1-on-1 coaching as well and the monthly membership doesn’t but I don’t know as I never had the cash for the higher priced option 🙂

If I’m not mistaken, this course is the course that they have originally been selling for between 500-1200 dollars I think. I’m not sure, can you confirm?

It’s essentially the same, Wu. They have made a few changes to the program, such as requiring members to build something like 10 sites to start out. There are a few other minor tweaks, but for the most part, I would say that they have only made the program better than ever. I’m not sure what the deal is regarding one on one with the current setup, but that is what they were doing with the big one time fee course.

Fiar | Political Humor’s last blog post..Top 10 Reasons Why Obama Has a Bucket Stuck on His Head

The current setup there isn’t formal 1on1 AFAIK – there are a couple of phone in times each week- though -I’m not sure if thats the same thing? The 10 sites to start is right too.

Hey Lis,

I just signed up and I made sure to go through your link in order to do so — not saying I’m gonna stick around past the first month — who knows? But I’ve read a bit of your stuff and I wanted to (possibly) throw a little money your way.

Keep your head up. Remember, most people give up right before the dawn breaks.


nat’s last blog post..Top 10 Stocks to Buy: Part II

Thanks Nat – I seem to be retaining most of the people who orginally signed up which suggests that they are finding value in the program.
Yeah the dark before the dawn is hopefully where I am at at the moment LOL

Wow Lis,

After I read your hubs on earthquakes and looked them over I don’t know how you do it all. Do you outsource any of these at all? I had to come over and check out your flagship site again.

I need to learn to be more interacting online, I have left an entire 10 comments or so in the last year.

I joined the Academy Training early on before the first 50. My full time auto biz takes all my time and it is just outright frustrating not to have the time right now to do the projects as fast as I want to.

The Keyword Academy is hands down the best structured training program online. I have purchased several, I’d even like to complain about a couple of them but I will leave that for another time.

Lis, your a hard producer to compete with, I classify you right in with Griz, Vic, Court and Mark.

Thanks for all the great tips.



Dirk’s last blog post..How To Make money On The Internet

Hi Dirk – I really am a geologist – and know a bit about earthquakes and have lived with them for years -those weren’t hard hubs to write! I do outsource – but “lissie” and this blog is all my own words – it actually gets easier as you get more experienced writing! I totally argree the KWA is the best structured training available online – but you’re wrong comparing me to GVCM group – they make serious money – I don’t, yet!

Hey Lissie, I was not referring to the make money part, I was speaking of the helping other people part, so I believe I was totally correct in comparing you with that group, making money is just a major bonus!

Dirk’s last blog post..How To Make money On The Internet

Hi Lis

I have been looking for a way to set up a internet online business for the last six weeks and only became disillusioned with all the apparent scams that exist in the market. Luckily i came across your blog and for the first time i feel confident with your recoommendation of this Tuttler guy in keyword academy. Their site came over as hones reliable and nor pushing. What i like most is that they are willing to give you basically a free test period to decide. Love it. Thanks for the advice

Hi Lis,
I’d first like to thank you for starting a controversy with Site Build It. I posted a comment that was non vulgar and straight forward when you went for Dr. Evoy’s cult (in your opinion). My SBI Child Obesity site has received a ton of traffic from your blog thanks to you.
One of the best lessons I’ve learned from SBI is creating multiple streams of income which brings me to my other thing which is attraction marketing. I know you have heard of Mike Klingler and Ann Sieg. Well I’ve been in business with Ann for over a year and now am immersed in their Renegade Professional tutorial training program. There is a huge demand for training and their program is loaded with value. Over 100 hours of on screen training plus webinars. Mike is a natural teacher and does an awesome job. They get you into action creating a web of content and linking your content. Plus article marketing, social networking, YouTube, building a blog, etc.
It is more pricey Fifty bucks a month but it pays for itself and the University is totally free just to get a taste of the pot of gold.
Oh yes, the language is clean too.
There is plenty of room for trainers in this market, as a matter of fact, there is a shortage.
My philosophy is (and I hope it never changes) to always make early contact with my referrals and be there for them. This is how you build working relationships and trust. People like to do business with those that they trust.
If Courtney is working this same model I have no doubt that all will succeed with some work and motivation.
.-= James Rouse´s last blog ..Trust Builds Business – Tips To Help You Build Trust Online =-.

Curious that SBI alone didn’t make you a fortune so you are now using the next popular model? I am sure you did get a ton a traffic – the question is was it useful- did your income go up? Yeah I’ve heard of them and it took me some effort to get of their lists as well I seem to recall. You miss the point of my business model completely – I don’t want customers, I want passive income!

Actually no. I found SBI through the Renegade Network Marketer System. So this model has been in my arsenal all along. My SBI site is totally different from my blog and the training. SBI never did and never will proclaim to be a get rich quick software package. But since my site is self serving it allows me to explore other opportunities. Didn’t you say something about passive income? No I did not miss the point.

The Renegade Professional, University, and Network Marketer are not only about creating a web of content to attract targeted business. They also are passive income models. You may have missed that part. In the back office there are over 40 different affiliate programs that you should sign up for. When a referral purchases a product you earn money plus its 2 tiered. So while you are concentrating on your main business the back office keeps putting money in your pocket without you even doing any promotion.

What I like about SBI is the SEO tools. They have the best keyword research and page analyzing tools on the planet. Plus monetization modules, PPC modules, content building modules, and value exchange for finding link partners without you having to go through all the work. And that’s just for SEO.

Some software packages charge up to and in excess of $500.00 just for this kind of Search Engine Optimization but SBI’s whole package is $299.00. What I do is run all of my online content through SBI’s Analyze It tool. Then I know its ready for the web. It’s not surprising that my content is listed on page 1 or 2 of the SERP.

Earning passive income is awesome but its more than slapping a text link or banner on a page and counting your money. You still need to pre-sell the product by writing valuable content that addresses the concerns of your target market. But you already know that.
.-= James Rouse´s last blog ..Trust Builds Business – Tips To Help You Build Trust Online =-.


Dear God, these SBIers do love their long-winded comments. Now if you can just get them to keyword target all of the free content they are giving you 😉

Well written article on TKA, by the way.
.-= James @ GH5 Cheats´s last blog ..Whats New In GH5? =-.

Are you saying that Lis needs all the help she can get and now she’s relying on SBIers for traffic?
.-= James Rouse´s last blog ..Trust Builds Business – Tips To Help You Build Trust Online =-.


I followed you from hubpages to this post =). I am definitely, definitely interested in this site you recommended. But I need to find that one month where I can listen to all those videos LOL. I bookmarked this post so that I can get back to it later when I have the time. The $1 is a non-issue for me because you’re right, it is a great deal! Thanks for your post and your tips.

No problem emievil – yes definitly don’t bother signing up until you have a bit of time to devote to it – did I mention it does actually involve quite a lot of work!

I have heard good things about the keyword academy too. Those guys know what they are doing and they are helping a lot of people make money online. Aside from reading Courts blog I don’t have any personal experience with the keyword academy but once I get some free time I will enroll and check things out.
.-= Internet Marketing Coach´s last blog ..Hover Wizard Review =-.

@emievil, Liz & all others who have tried or are thinking of trying the Keyword Academy.

This is a fantastic structured learning program!
Can’t wait to race through the rest of the videos.
It is positively addictive.
You don’t get hype or promises of instant wealth!
You get structured, methodical, informative lessons.
Thanx Liz for the recommendation!!!

i’m so pleased you are having fun adpc! You will have to race thru to the end and then work your way thru methodically 🙂

Have you noticed a difference in comments since you’ve been using Keyword Luv? I was considering installing it.

Hey all!! I’ve been looking around and doing research on all these online money making scams. So far I haven’t found anything proving The Keyword Crash Course to be a scam. I’ve read all the good comments written by everyone. So I’m thinking about trying it out. But I know very little (really almost next to nothing) about building websites, lingos, and so on so forth. So would this be good for a beginner like me, or is there something else out there that would fit me? Any input from anyone would help alot. Thanks.

I’ve seen the keyword crash course over the last few months take many beginners from where you are not to making their first $ online. It does involve quite a lot of work on your part – but most things do! My best advice is try it – signing up will cost you a $1 – you have access to all the core course videos and materials. If its not for you cancel within 30 days – all you will have paid is $1 (all you do to cancel is cancel the paypal subscription – one click, no argument from anyone)

JB, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know all the lingo/terminology. The process they will guide you through is pretty straightforward, and from that point on you will essentially get out what you put into it in terms of effort. As far as the things you will need to learn, all the instructions are simple and easy to follow. TKA is a perfect system for beginners.

My best advice. Go with your gut.
Think about what you need or believe you will need for additional tools. If they are included. All the better.
If your site going to need a lot of photos be sure that there is enough storage. Check into the bandwidth. is it unlimited? Do they have a good support system? Are there any hidden fees? Domain name registration, tracking, SEO tools, on page analysis, etc.

Hello Lis,
I wanted to tell you that last week, I clicked from this site and joined TKA. So far, so good. The videos are well-done and I’m enjoying them.

As much as anything else, I am getting a kick out of the two partners’ personalities — that is, Mark and Court. Although I don’t know what Mark looks like, he seems like such an earnest type. He comes across as very sincere. And I do believe that everything he has written on their web site is meticulous and painstakingly accurate. Good for him. Fun stuff!

Hey Lis. I hear about this Vic guy but the only site I have seen of his is hasn’t been updated in a year. Point me to a site he runs? I agree with TKA review. Its a nice community. Unfortunatley I had to unsub for a bit because it was more of a time sink than I was getting out of it atm. Totally my fault not theres. Sometimes I need to take some massive action instead of massive reading ( a lot of times actually)

Hello Lis:

I learned more about keywords in the three months I was with them than I did in the previous three years.
I built sites and got ranked! I even fell into the sandbox which I think wasn’t adequately addressed at the Academy.
Mostly very good though – you gotta hand it to them!

Riley West – An Internet Marketer In The Making

Hi Lis

I’m looking at signing up with WordPress to supply a domain name and hosting service. Looks like a good starter deal for $3.95/mth for the first year. But in the terms and conditions it says:

5.9. If the IP address we provide to you is blocked because of SPAM originating from the Services, you will be charged a $100 block removal fee for each affected block, and $100 an hour, in hourly increments, for each hour we spend attempting to resolve this problem.

Do you think this a potential pitfall? Who controls the SPAM and could I get caught out.

I’d be interested in your opinion and grateful for any advise you could supply.

Many thanks


I’ve said it before but it never gets old – never have your domains registered with the same company that provides your hosting – it means if there is any dispute they can hold your domain name to ransom!

I don’t like the sound of that clause – you obviously don’t intend to spam but if you site got hacked – which is more about their security than anything you do – you are looking at a lot of money. I’ve no personal experience with wordpress as a hosting company though I know with their free site they are quite quick to shut down sites which theyinterpret to be in breach of the their TOS – no right of appeal

I think the dollar is really worth it, it just proves their credibility and the quality of the course. Will definitely try this one. I would post again soon for an update of the things that I’ve learned.

Hi Lis,

Does TKA work for people who doesnt have any ‘business idea’? or any writing skills?

Hi Mirage – yes TKA will work even if you don’t have a burning business idea or concept. Writing skills – it depends – there are people doing well with it who are English as a second language speakers – but you do need to either write a lot or pay for outsourcing. We are talking about “being a writer” here or even being grammatically perfect – you just have to write factual articles – anyone who managed a couple of years at High School in an English speaking country (or has English at that level) – should be fine


I’ve just set up a website that sells men cosmetic products in Spain, and i wish I had more traffic.
So I have a few questions about TKA:

– Is relevant for website selling products or is it just for people having blogs?
– IS it relevant for a website operating only in Spanish or is it only for English speaking people?

Thanks for answering

Hi Axel. As far as your site being an ecommerce store rather than an informational site – that’s not a problem – their system is based around Adsense in the sense that they use a the Adsense CPC to calculate potential for a keyword. Obviously TKA forums etc are all in English – but there are quite a number of European and other non-English native speakers there. The issue is that with article marketing you will find few places that accept Spanish language articles – ezinearticles don’t and neither does the TKA Postrunner system – the principals will work just fine though – its just a matter of finding suitable places to post articles.

What’s the size of your market- the products you are promoting seem expensive to me and I know Spain is going thru tough times at the moment

The course is brilliant.
The brilliance is in the simplicity.
I agree with the comments about ensuring you have the time or application, although the videos and everything within the Keyword Academy Course is set up to make it as easy as it could be.
The methodology can be used over and over again.
Regarding the earlier comments on writing and talent, this comment struck a responsive chord in me.
I think you have to be disciplined, but of a bit of creativity don’t go astray.
Breaking bad habits can be tough.
Procrastination has been a bad habit for me.
No course, in and of itself, will ever overcome bad habits. That is up to you. But the Keyword Academy makes it that much easier for someone trying to follow a plan who is prone to distraction.
If you are used to writing in 5,000 word chunks you have to learn to re-wire your brain for article writing. I think I could overcome that challenge.
However I am beginning to wonder whether there is a point about creativity and imagination in relation to the keyword research. The keyword academy approach tells me that there are infinite number of possibilities when looking for appropriate keywords to target (green keywords). The principles and methodology are all set out so clearly in the course, videos, and forums. So are different forums for trying to unleash your creativity. As much as I enjoy running keywords through google, I suck at finding decent keywords!!!
I think I could get by with little outsourcing in the article writing department.
If only there was outsourcing for finding green keywords!
Keyword research is no doubt an essential skill to have, so that tells me I have to learn to get it. Having said that I get stuck at this point and havn’t moved forward.

@adpc there are several people offering just such a service on the TKA forums – I know joshb does it. The point is that’s the heart of the business – everything else I’d happily outsource (particularly the the writing) – but the only way to get a feel for keywords is to try lots and bluild on the winners

I joined TKA a few months back, and I’ve been focusing on the keyword selection tutorials. I still haven’t figured out how to play the videos, some incompatibility with my computer – but I really appreciate that they have taken the time to provide a written transcript. I’m going to upload the PostRunner plugin tomorrow on a few of my sites that I’m serious about. I wish I had known about the keyword selection ideas before I launched several of my sites. I definately recommend The Keyword Academy as a sane place to get good info. Much better than “The Rich Jerk” for example!

Penny – I have the same issue with the videos – try gozilla (google it) – it solved my problems – and its free (so far not sure if its gonna demand money from me!) – but well worth a try!

Agree you can get around the video issues.
Smart move in more than one way to have the accompanying text.
I like text better but the beauty is that you can use the videos where needed.
The text is also great for revision.

Im,e New at this & coushes,I just retired & now I would like try to make money online. But ime not sure, Ive have ran in to several scams befor. & so I have had know luck. Ive work hard for my money & i dont inten to louse it.

Greg to clarify – this is not an investment for your savings – its a teaching course which trains you how to make money online plus provides some useful tools which will save you a ton of time! If you want to earn money online to supplement your income then go for it – but do NOT look to invest your assets online with the hope of a fantastic return – you will just lose them !

I’ve just joined the keyword academy and there’s some good stuff on there. I like the forum. I don’t use wordpress so the link sharing won’t be any use. The videos are OK but they’re a little slow if you already know some of this.

Yes, Im a newbie, my brother calls me an investment advisor with the heart of a teacher. So I spent three days looking for REAL information on SBI. I have to tell you, there marketing methods are very compelling, but in the back of my mind, I sensed something was wrong. So I continued to search until I found your Blog. I must say that I sensed that there might be some foul play in their “XYZ is not a scam blitz”

Anyway, thanks for your candid comments, it certainly takes courage to take a stand against such a Tsunami of misinformation.

I will be back to signup with keywords when I have my E-book complete.

I cant wait to get started for The Keyword Academy …. I have so many affiliate programs that I want to sign up with, but I dont know how to monetize my account with the tracking number and the html and all of that stuff.. I cant wait to get help so that I can get Paid.. gosh.. I came to this website yesterday or the day before..and I cannot believe how quick you have updated this site.. I write for…. I am curios Lis .. how long did it take you to make a solid income so that you actually quit your day job.. ??? by the way .. so much good information on this site.. I love it.

I am yet to replace the same level of income that I had was an IT consultant – but I was earning a lot of money doing that. There is a timeline of my earnings here

Hi lis. I am working for a company as seo and mostly use Google for the keywords research. I have read your review for TKA and found it useful. Though i am having some doubts, but hope that the free versions could clear me of all of it.

I’ve been a member for over a year now, and I feel it’s well worth the monthly payment. I get lots of free content for a number of my blogs through their PostRunner system to accept guest posts. I can also post articles to other owner’s websites and that’s good to have too.

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