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Twitter for Backlinks and Passive Income

I previously posted about using Twitter for backlinks and I thought it might be time to do a bit of an update.

I previously posted about using Twitter for backlinks and I thought it might be time to do a bit of an update.

twitter-backlinksI still am not terribly convinced by twitter – but I still get do-follow backlinks from my twitwall – so why not? I also find it quite a good place to keep all my actual legit blogs linked to in one place – there are one or two deluded souls (usually related to me who) who ask me what I do all day playing online so I can point them in that direction.

I found a few apps which are actually useful. There is a search function in twitter not obvious but here:

that’s why Google is interesting in throwing large amounts of cash at twitter.

Another new one is HootSuite which allows you to manage multiple tweeter profiles from the same place, but far more importantly for me – it allows me to automatically tweet when I update a hub because I attached the rss feed to the dashboard – it doesn’t like this blog because I have no dates in the urls – but its happy to auto-tweet my hubs – which have no dates in the urls either, so its not perfect – but going in the right direction. Also – and this is the killer for me – it allows you to set up tweets to go out later – like post-dating blog posts – after all the main reason I un-follow people is that they bombard me with a whole lot of tweets at the same time. But I only go on twitter every now and then and this gives me a way to space out tweets.

Now twitter is a bit old hat though – you might want to check out flutter – the new twitter:

Maybe flutter is the way to create true passive income: you just think and then you flutt…

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I’m still not sure about Twitter. People are now saying its a link killer. People will not link to you, they just tweet yoour page instead!

Most people won’t backlink to you anyways or won’t do it with the proper anchor! The twitwall definitly gives you backlinks but I think twitter itself is more about viral marketing than backlinks

I haven’t tried flutter. Does it give backlinks , Or just take your comments for their own personal gain ?

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