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OK this was going to be an e-book but in the end I decided their was just too much information out there, and too little profit potential  to bother charging anyone for it!

I am lissie on HubPages
I am lissie on HubPages

So I have published the contents as a series of  hubs – and put together this page  to give the structure to the detailed information.

If this guide is useful to you and you are not already signed up with HubPages – please sign up via my hubpages profile page I get a small % of the profits – not from your payout – but from HubPages percentage – I think that”s a fair deal if I what I have written here is useful to you.

I’ve set the hub’s referenced here to open in a new tab/window for easier navigation. Have fun reading!

Hubpages Scam?

Is hubpages a scam? What are the pros and cons for using hubpages for making money after the Panda update?

Writers And HubPages

HubPages attracts a lot of people who dreamof how to make money writing – regrettably the reality is a little different from the dream! That said I have picked up freelance writing gigs via hubpages – there are worse places for an on-line portfolio.

HubPages and Your Own Site

Develop Your Own Site – Or Write at HubPages where to start?  I started my own blog – got it slapped for doing the old pay-per-post scam (you get paid as the innocent writer – Google takes all your PR away for selling links – even though most bloggers don’t know what a paid link is – I didn’t). Then I started writing at HubPages and really enjoyed the experience, my writing improved a lot when I participated in a topic a day competition there, but at that stage I’d given up on being able to make money on-line ethically! Instead I had fun writing and being part of the community while continuing to make my 5c/day!

This hub looks at pros/cons of adding content to hubpages rather than your own site.

HubPages and Your Internet Business

Then slowly I discovered that I could earn a living on-line without selling my soul. I had a “lightbulb” moment when I realised that I had developed a great list – all my hundreds of fans at HubPages – and hadn’t had to collect a single email address or spam any of them!  That was when I finally started this blog about my on-line journey, because I wanted to be able to do my own thing. Oddly it worked – I even had the odd person who followed me from HubPages and actually read the blog – amazing! I’d learned a few things about on-line business and HubPages and hubpages for me was a very useful stepping stone on the way – and are still one of my favourite online communities.

HubPages is great for backlinks to your other sites but there are a few other ways that you can use the site to your finanical benefit too…

HubPages and SEO

Anyone who wants to discover the secret of my on-line success should study my hubs carefully – NOT.  Well certainly not the early ones! I’ve learnt a lot and some of my earlier hubs I know are a waste of time.

So this hub is about how to  rank your hub in the search engines and is what I do now not what I used to do! There are a few tricks which I have developed over time which seems to work well to get a hub quickly indexed, ranked and with a good page rank.

Making Money With Adsense on Hubpages

I make most of my money on Hubpages from Adsense. You don’t have unlimited options about how your Adsense layout works on Hubpages – but I think I have the best Adsense Placement for Hubpages.  I am getting a significantly higher click through rate using this format.

Seriously – HubPages are a great place to start if you are looking to make money online – but remember that making money on the Internet is not something that happens by chance – it involves a lot of hard work! If making earning $1000 a month from Adsense was easy  – everyone would do it!

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Niche sites are ultimately the way to go of course. eHow isn’t available to non-US writers -which is quite common for a number of the similar sites. HubPages – because you can see exactly where your income is coming from – taught me a lot – even when I wasn’t listening LOL

Hi Lissie,

I discovered your blog via Grizzly’s Friendz page. 🙂 I’ve been studying Griz along with Mark and Court over at the Keyword Academy for a while. I’m more familiar with Squidoo than HubPages but once I build up my arsenal of niche blogs I’m looking forward to learning more about how to make money with HubPages–or at the very least–how to build backlinks to your blogs using HubPages. Nice to meet you!! 🙂 Amanda

Hi Amanda -nice to meet you to! I thought Id been wasting my time with hubpages for a long time before I realised I had all these potential backlinks lying around! And they pay me a bit too! Nice to meet you to

Great topic Lissie. I love HubPages. It really gave me wings to write and now I am finally starting to see a monthly income. Small but growing by the day. You have always been an inspiration for me. Thanks for sharing!

Dorsi I took the liberty of editing your name so that you get the keyword link back to your site 🙂 Yes I will be forever grateful about what I learned and the people I met thru hubpages

Hi Lis

I’ve been meaning to thank you for about a month now – about a month ago I was looking at setting up a website (more or less the first time) and SEOing it. So I came across SBI and was considering it until I saw your post on it. I then read a few of Griz’s comments which led me to his sites and started reading voraciously since then – every chance I got. Might also give the Court video series a go (when I find the time – my wife and I just had a baby) – if so I’ll use your link. Thanks for the do follow too – but doesn’t this drain your link juice to your disadvantage? I’ve already signed up for hubpages and have six so far in the last 8 days – I’ll sign up as a fan. Also nice to know there’s another Aussie in internet marketer our there. Cheers, Jeff.

Hi Jeff – I edited your address so the keyword luv thing would recognize it -you have to use the @ symbol not the word. Yeah combining Grizz with a baby would be tough- good luck with that LOL.
Yes the dofollow does dilute – but I get all the free content from the comments – so possibly equals out…

Lis, great post. You may want to check out Court’s post over at he’s doing something similar to make money with HubPages.

Hi Lis,
I can see that you were in Vietnam in that picture! How was it there? I was about to make a hub on Hubpages and trying to add HTML tags to it but it seems to be impossible.
In this case I like Squidoo better, you can do anything with your lenses.
Have fun travelling Lis!

Well spotted – yes its Saigon – it was a few years ago now but i love Vietnam great food and people and cheap as. No you cant use html in hubpages.

Hey Lissie, thanks for the tips, just had aweek at Hubs -my first one got delisted coz I put too many self serving links in the text.Any way, up and running now and learning more as we go. Will follow some of your brilliant advice

Hmmm! HubPages certainly sound like something I should take a much closer look at. I’m so glad I stumbled on your blog and appreciate your fabulous advise. Thanks a million!


You were one of the big reasons that I signed up for Hubpages, I don’t know if it was through your link or Court’s but your insights on the site have definitely been helpful. I will definitely be taking some time to develop some content for new hubs in the upcoming weeks. It will be different than writing for Squidoo, but I’m sure I can get the hang of it.

Glad to be of help to you Bcarter! Its been interesting seeing Court really point out the money making potential of HP- I must admit I had never realised!

Hi Lis,

Today is my first time come to your site (follow link in Griz), and I have stayed read your posts for 2 hours. I like your site very much. The site is simle but very useful to me. I am planning to write on HubPages.

Thank you and your nice site!
P.s: I’m from Vietnam (in Hanoi), and very happy to know you was in Vietnam some time ago.

Hi David – you are my first commentator from Hanoi – welcome! I love your city – the old town and the lake were so beautiful and the food – the little picture that I use next to my comments is me ridding on a cyclo in Ho Chi Minh city. The photo at the top of my is from Ha Long Bay – not far from you! Welcome

I’m a 41 year old man who’s back in college finishing my degree and after taking a couple of english comp. classes I’ve found I enjoy writing very much! Is there any tips you could give me to make enough money at this to pay for my books, I have been told I’m an excellent writer and already have 1 hub page my friends and I are working on but I need guidance any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. Excellent site btw !!!

Hubpages used to be really good. They’ve unfortunately made their sites no-follow now though until you get to a certain “score”. Due to the amount of spam that marketers were putting on hubs (just creating hundreds at at time) they have become extremely strict as to what you can talk about now. If you write good content, as it seems you do, then you will be fine though.

No Hubpages has always been no-follow below an authorscore of 76 -that’s not new – its not hard to maintain – I have identitites there who haven’t posted for 6 months who still are dofollow

Hubpages are great for a lot of things! People can simply write about topics they love and share them, or even make money with affiliate marketing. I like to build a Hub and a Squidoo lens based around a tight group of keywords, then link them to my blog and website. Google loves both, and it’s fairly easy to rank highly, especially in niches that aren’t overly competitive. Thanks for the post – great blog!

Hey, Ive been using HubPages for a few years now – not to make money as such but to build powerful links. In my experience HubPages is far more powerful than similar platforms like Squidoo. I seem to get rally good rankings in Google each time I set up a new Hub Page!

So I signed up for Hubpages but I may be a little confused about it. I think the trick is also to find topics no one or very few write about. I looked at the hubs that are the most popular, then did a search for things I could talk about. Also, in one of grizzes articles (i think it was grizzes anyways) he wrote to put back links inside your articles? and you are saying to play and have fun in the forums because you will make friends and fans.

Okay I can do those! I am still a little confused, but hopefully I will figure all these things out!

Thanks for your post!!

Lissie, I really enjoyed this article as well and reading your responses to comments made. I love your personality and I look forward to reading your other hubs. I am new to hubpages so I have many hubs to read that you wrote already .. but I do look forward to your future hubs! Reading this hub gave me an idea for a hub of my own – I had to relocate to Brazil because of my husband’s job, which meant leaving my great job and recently I’ve started feeling ‘antsy’ so that’s how come I joined Hubpages – to write and earn some money too! Maybe I’ll write on my moving here. Thanks for the inspiration!

Leandra hi and welcome – hope to see some hubs about living in Brasil – that would be cool – difficult language though – I was working for an Australian firm with Brasilen interests and scored some free language lessons – but it was tough!

Finally someone who thinks so!!! I have been here since April 2009 and I am having a tough time with the language. Today I decided I will do an online course to get certified to teach English 🙂 even though I have a Masters degree and English is my first language – I don’t know if I could teach it! So that’s more time spent not learning Portuguese. Hey I am not sure how to use the keywordluv thingy.

My language skills are bad – but I have enough Spanish to get around the rest of South America – I thought that would help with Brasilian Portugese – it didn’t just confused me! Gave the instructer (who was native born) a few laughs though!

Ok cool,

did you know that today is now sharing adsense revenue 50% with users? I dont think its 50% of the impressions like hubpaes.

Also, I am getting about forty to sixty page impression on hubpages each day and no clicks. I made a small bit one day, but it is really messing up my ctr and I feel like I may get smart priced. Do you just delete hubs that arent converting?

I am also having trouble getting backlinks to my sites. What I do is write articles, wait untill my hubpages get ranked and link them to my sites, and post a link on dig when I write a post. I mean, you people are competing in niches with 40,000 monthly searches. I am trying to get my site first page for “diabetic desserts” (14,900 monthly searches) and number one for “easy diabetic desserts” which has like 390 monthly searches lol. I feel like I did everything right by Griz’s and your principles and its just not panning out. It is a pr 2 and I have two more pr 2 diabetes sites. Which is impressive in my standards for about six months of work and going to college. My goal is to get to $20 a day. I am serious as a heart attack about putting the effort into this “time pit” because the rewards are worth not having to put up with a boss everyday.

Is there anything that you can tell me besides to keep on truckin and with time I will get there?


“easy diabetic deserts” looks like you should get there -particularly with the exact domain match with a dot com – the competition is not that great postiion #1/2 is a SBI site in my data centre, 3 is a which is tougher (lots and lots of authority – but not optimised ) and then you @ #4 Your main problem is your site’s not very old – I’d keep on getting it links on a regular, but not frantic basis – I think it will pop up at some point – but only Google knows when. Once you have one kw the related ones are much easier to get – make sure you mix up your anchors too – dont do them all the same.

40-60 visitors is not that many to know what your CLR really is – so long as sometimes somewhere you get a click worth more than $1 you are not smart priced – if you are – it only lasts a week or so – not the end of the world – but hasn’t happened to me yet with HP

Hey lissie,

Quick question – what do you mean no html allowed on Hubpages?
I tried searching the hubpages help but I am not seeing what I am looking for – regarding the no html. For instance in my most recent hub (I only have 3) I provided links to websites that offer scrapbooking freebies – that’s what the hub was about – is this bad/not allowed?

Also I am not sure how to create the backlink here I am apologizing if it comes up strange on this comment post!


Hi Leandraluv – you can’t cut and paste html into hubpages – use the link button in the text capsule to add links – just as you would in blogger or wordpress or use the links capsule itself.

I have been thinking for a while about starting to use hubpages for my marketing efforts. Have read many mixed reviews about using and not using them.

“Google takes all your PR away for selling links”

I think I read somewhere before about this, forget where though.

How would Google know if you are selling links on your site or not, and why would they take your PR away?

I have seen many directories that have sponsored by links and they have high PR. Maybe I am missing something here.

Hi Lis, That’s a great way of making money especially if you are skillful and are staying at home. Thanks for sharing this info.

Thanks for sharing . I will learn and follow you, I wish to get $1000 per month , but with me, I am still a beginner after few months make money online.

Hey Lis, Ive experimented with HubPages a few times but always struggle to get a high ranking…now matter what i do I seem to have a ranking of about 60…is this normal? Thanks for the useful info here 🙂

So long as your authorscore is over 74 and your hubs score over 50 then you have dofollow links. The scoring basically reflects traffic as far as I can tell

Certainly sounds like some great information here with reference to HubPages. It wasn’t something i normally considered using for any of my content writing.

Thanks for the tip with reference to the author score and the hub score with reference to dofollow links. A vital bit of information for my future projects. Thanks

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