Online Income and Dancesport

OK that title got you to click through because a) you don’t know what dancesport is and/or b) you are not sure what the connection with online income and Dancesport is.

So just to clarify – dancesport is competitive ballroom dance and no there is absolutely no way you can earn online income with it – its what I spend my online income on!

It does however fit well with earning an income online because it gets me up off my backside which would be a lot bigger than it is if I didn’t dance about 5 nights a week!

Just to clarify I’m the blond in blue and my partner Paul is the one who bankrolls my lifestyle as well as being my dance partner and this is my very first attempt at a youtube video!

Comments are welcome and YES we know the rhumba is out of time!

BTW if  you double click the video below it will open up on youtube and then you can make it a bit bigger!

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This is quite a nice way of spending your online income, Lis! Funny, I was just talking with some friends the other day about joining dancesport classes, but none of our partners is willing to come with us, which is a pre-requisite for getting accepted. Good luck to you and Paul and may you win lots of competitions 🙂
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Simonne men don’t get it – there is nothing sexier than a man who dances! I remember a 16-year-old boy explained when he got teased at his all-boys school for taking dancing seriously (and the fake tan that goes with a definite negative) – that he’d rather dance around with a beautiful glamarous girl in his arms than hunker down into a pack of smelly boys in the rugby scrum!

Hi guys….
Webcam images were damn fine!!!. Your dancing has certainly gone up several notches from when we last saw you competing. Recovering from nationals which were not that memorable. John put his back out on first night and that put and end to our aspirations. Never mind…looking forward to Melbourne in December. Love to you both

Hey thanks for dropping by guys – yeah these Aussies are all about foot work – pain in the foot but it seems to be working. You better have that back sorted out prior to the all out NZ assault on the Australians!

Lis– you guys look great! I hafta say though, that I was just waiting for someone to come flying in and run into you guys! LOL
I am not a dancer since my days of wearing the Michael Jackson white glove in my living room, but I would say that you and your partner look very very professional!
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Actually we did have a collision in another event I didn’t put on youtube – its happens – seen the odd women nearly knocked out – usually only the short ones!

Which is what most beginners think – actually its quite hard to do – a women is very protective of her feet and we are born with instincts to preserve them- its getting men to lead and women to follow – that’s hard!

Wow oh wow =) Love it! You look amazingly beautiful! I watch every episode of dance, and always wish I could do it in competition!

I’m so impressed!

The competitions are geat – the going to work with lots of fake tan on Monday is not so good – lucky I work at home now LOL

Well, that is very creative post and meaningfull post.

Thank you so much!
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I’ll look for you during next seasons, Dancing With The Bloggers.
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I can’t watch the video right now as my work PC blocks them – I’ve sent myself a reminder to watch it tonight! I like your comment about the 16 year old – there was another one on Strictly Dancing (on ABC TV) who said his usual response was “where would you rather be – with your arms around a beautiful girl or looking at some guy’s bum in a scrum?”

I bought in a fit of enthusiasm, no idea what to do with it now – I’m just a social dancer so not sure I can write much about it!
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The kid I knew had a father who was a rugby coach in Japan – and he was a talented rugby player as well – but had to choose – and he chose dance – took some guts but he was always pretty mature!

You could do a local directory for local dance studios – there always seems to be someone who can’t figure out how to find a dance class and teachers don’t like paying the advertising costs of yellow pages advertising …

Lissie–you and your partner have got THE GLIDE. I’ve always wanted to learn ballroom, but my partners have all been too self-conscious to take lessons with me.

Nice break from keywords, hubs, and backlinks.

Always fun to mix it up – and here’s a hint if you want the google bot to come to your blog – add a youtube video not viddler or any other – just youtube – remember who owns youtube?

I watched this smiling, utterly stunned and astounded.

Where do you find the time to do this?

My awe is threefold–

-You’re both so *skilled* and *talented*.

-You’ve been outside into the other world, and walked amongst the normals (non IMers). Perhaps you have even spoken to them in conversation.

-This all strongly suggests, Lis, that you… have… a life.


Its worse than that JL – don’t tell anyone but that fella I let lead me around the dance floor, I live with him too – and he doesn’t do IM LMAO! Only an IMer could tell a middle-aged, over-weight woman than being a competitive ballroom dancer is “normal” – other people think I should have kids, or heaven’s forbid – grandkids! Seriously I have always found ballroom dancing a good way to unwind from a stressful job – it requires your brain not just your body – and focussing on something not at all related to what you do all day – is very good thing I think. And yes I do have one niche site which is related LOL

Smooth! The ballroom looked pretty foot-perfect to me, too. You have the same problem as me, though – my shoulders creep up towards my neck, even when they’re “relaxed”. Too many hours at the PC! I’ve been having massage recently (not just the back of the neck and shoulders, they MUST work on the pecs too) and I must say, I’d forgotten my shoulders could drop that low. You hold your top line nicely so getting those shoulders loosened up would really set it off!
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Thanks Marisa – yes for my next hobby I am taking up something easy like running so I don’t have to smile, wear high heels or look elegant at the same time as performing LOL But it would be so booooring running! We’ve done a lot of work on the feet – the top line is the next challenge – thanks!

Oops, hope you don’t mind the suggestion – it’s the dance teacher in me coming out! 🙂 Not that I’m anywhere near qualified to give advice on ballroom, but posture is pretty much the same whatever dance style you do.
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Hey Lissie!

This is the first time I’ve been to your online income and dancesport site, but I love it! The two of you are great together. (And I’m sure Grizz could give you some pointers on monetizing the ‘passive income’ part of it).

My husband and I are shaggers (that means dancing over here;) ) and it is great exercise, as well as a great way to unwind.

Jo Ann
(P.S. I’ve never used KWLuv, but here goes anyway!)
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Nice dancing! I love to watch people dancing but too bad for me that I don’t know how to dance, well if I can give a try and try harder that I could maybe I can make it. Dancing is also a good exercise that I can do the whole body moves and that will be great.

Great video!

Regarding making money online through Dancesport, dance-related keywords actually have pretty decent CPCs in Adsense. I’m sure you could put together a website about dancesport, or possibly a blog, and earn income through ad revenue and affiliate sales (dance shoes).

As your skill level improves, you could also put together instructional videos that people can learn from, or create a free website that draws a lot of traffic, and use that to land private coaching gigs in real life.

Just some ideas.

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