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I'm a WordPress geek that considers a website a  means to an end - rather than just a thing of beauty. I combine my background in SEO and digital marketing with my technical knowledge of WordPress to make websites that actually earn their keep. 

This website has seen it all - so if you dig too deep you'll find some inconsistencies, poor spelling and bad language! It is what it is. 

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BubbleWS Review – Is This Really Easy Money for Writers? Or is it a Scam?

UPDATE NOVEMBER 2016 – Yup  BubbleWS is long gone- the only good thing is that I have copies of most of the content I wrote there so I can reuse it. If you are still using 3rd party sites-  PLEASE make sure you keep copies of content!  Yes – I know it’s been a while […]

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Google Authorship – Why It Matters to Freelancer Writers and Authors

So why the hell should you care? You’re a writer, an author or a freelancer, and the question is – where’s your Google Plus profile. The answer is usually like: I have too many effing social media profiles already! Which misses the point. Entirely. But let me backup – What Is Google authorship? This: The […]

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Urgent – RSS Subscribers ONLY – You Need To Read This

If you are not an RSS reader, or have no idea what RSS is, that’s OK, just skip on by, this post is not for you.  If you are reading this via Google Reader you may or may not know, that Google is shutting down the Google Reader platform on the 1st July.  That’s a […]

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